Top 10 PTC Sites That Really Pay 2017

Top 10 PTC Sites That Really Pay 2017

If you were not aware of the location of Pay-Per-Click (Paid To Click Sites), Here’s a brief explanation of this.

Pay per click sites or Acronym (PTC) sites are paid for their members by watching ads paid by advertisers and within the easiest ways to make money from the internet so you do not need to know any technical background. Members receive their money through electronic payment online services such as PayPal, Neteller and Baeza.

In this issue you’ll learn about the best sites (PTC), known by the preprocessing, reliability, commercial, and financial. There are a lot of fraudulent sites so I advise you to join these legitimate sites and have passed the exam and experimentation period.

I have not the inclusion of some of the famous sites due to previously linked sites impostor. Only the best sites are what I’m going Bzla in this Almousua.

Features vary these sites in its handling of the members. Some paid at a high rate, and some have the assignment program (referral program) is wonderful, and others are not is not required to pay a minimum … it is important that there is a common denominator among all of these sites: you pay your money.

All of these sites that I am about to mention are reliable and credible sites large they were paid to its members for a period of not less than 5 years and they all pay the Albaipal (I know it is the preferred option for most of us)

Note: Do not forget that you disable any software that blocks ads and will only be able to see the ads are available.

1. site (CLIXSENSE)

This site is one of the most credible sites to pass the test of time. It runs on the Internet for more than 10 years, and his strength is increasing day after day. Payment of any of its members did not miss That Be sure that this site will give you opportunities to make money and pay you without any hesitation.

Members of the United States obtained the highest profit levels. Other countries such as Britain, Canada and Australia have a profit of $ 1 per day when watching PTC ads to increase the profit of more than $ 20 a week when conducting studies surveys without mentioning the many advantages compared to other countries. In other words, you can earn more if you are a resident in one of these countries (especially the United States of America). This is logical because most advertisers are targeting these countries due to the large number of sales there. If you are not a resident in these countries do not despair, there are other ways to make money from the site.

These methods are reflected in carrying out the tasks, playing games, doing surveys, referral program and publish the site with your friends. You will get some few dollars a day by carrying out studies and surveys, clicking on ads but referral programs such as referral program to the level of the eighth (8-Level Affiliate Program) provides a great opportunity to win big money.

Referral program for eighth level provides an opportunity for everyone to get a regular income from the internet. All you have to do is upgrade your membership for $ 17 (the price compared to a few other sites) with the referral of a few friends. You can get a commission of $ 2 of direct referrals (direct referrals) when upgrading their membership, and a commission of $ 1 from the success levels, down to the eighth level.

Let me give you an example so that you understand what I mean. So let’s say we live in a perfect world where you invite three of your closest friends to register on the site, and each of them has the same friend what you’ve done and so on until everyone can invite three friends with each upgrade membership.

There is a chance to win US $ 9843 per year to invite only 3 people and you’ll get the same amount as the renewal of your friends upgrade their membership (annual renewal).

This means that you will have an ongoing income from the site (ClixSense) because everyone needs to renew their membership every year to continue earnings growth whenever you invite more friends.
But you do not think that it is that simple. We do not live in the virtual world and that’s not all of it calls for Anzmam will accept your offer. However, it is possible. Only you will need a lot of time and work to get that amount.

2. site (NEOBUX)

Just like the site (CLIXSENSE), is considered one of the best sites NeoBux (PTC), which pays for its members, and for some, this site is like a king sites (PTC). It pays to its members on the spot.
There are many ways to make money from (NEOBUX), but the best is the small business (Mini job). You can make money faster way of doing business when compared to clicking on ads. It may take a full month to win the US $ 1, but you can get it in less than a week when doing small tasks. Carry out the tasks takes time, but once you get used to it, it will be easy.

There are at least 30 announcement is available to click on NeoBux each day, mostly ranging list price of $ 0.001. What means you receive $ 0.9 per month. Although small businesses are not available on a daily basis, but the profit is much more. Finalization of the Small Business lined improves your ranking dramatically, and when increasing your ranking, the number of actions brought to you by the site, which will increase and at a higher price.

If you want to increase your earnings increase of the site (NEOBUX), follow this strategy:

Upgrade your account to Gold membership (US $ 90)
20 friends rent ($ 20). Do not Bkra many friends, it would be difficult to keep them all.
Refresh the lease for a period of 240 days (to $ 112)
When profit of $ 132 keystrokes friends (referrals), then Bkra 100 new friend, and then renew the lease for a period of 240 days.
Stop lease when you reach your buddy list to 750. (continue the lease may detract from your earnings due to the costs of the rent).

This is a wonderful strategy to profit from (NEOBUX), but you will need to $ 222 to start with.

Important note: You have to click on the ads every day in order to reap profits from your friends who’ve Bkraihm must.


One of the best sites impetus in this list. It works six years ago and is still paying for its members. It requires the site to follow the specific instructions before getting the money. The site is also great potential because it offers high sums due to surf the Internet sites. The average daily income of (InnoCurrent) is $ 0.2. Top compared Bmnavise.

Another feature adds extra strength of the site is its referral program that gives you 120% commission for each person you invite without the need to upgrade its membership. This site is free. No need to invest in it. You can get a decent amount without paying a single cent.

4. site (BUXP)

One of the best sites in the stability of the sites (PTC). Second only site (ClixSense) in terms of commercial stability. The site contains a number of programs to make money like watching videos and YouTube (Vimeo), clicking on ads, doing tasks, to participate in the referral program. However, it is difficult to earn a decent amount of (BUXP) if referrals directly did not possess.

It may take months to get one dollar from watching ads. At the same time gets things done. The program also contains a referral Unlimited program, which means that users can call as much as you can. You may also purchase referrals, but I recommend you do not do so due to the idle laze and members of clicking and watching the ads. You can upgrade your membership in order to earn more quickly. This feature will double your winnings coming from your referrals. Senior member, you can also replace inactive referrals for free (without restrictions). The good thing about buying referrals is that you do not need to pay monthly fees to maintain them, the rented referrals that drain your pocket through the renewal fees reversed.


A typical site to make money by seeing the ads. The site has other ways to earn money, such as (ScarletGrid), (PTC Wall), and (PTSU). It is similar to previous sites … you can carry out the tasks, answer surveys and clicking on ads. Program (PTSU) is a pay-per-recording, so that will be paid to you after you register in the advertised offer.

Site works seven years without recording any problem with regard to payment of the members. Subscribe to the site does not mean that you will become rich. In contrast will gives you the opportunity to earn an extra amount without spending a dime. After all, you will double your winnings if you have access to many of the direct assignments in addition to upgrade your membership.

6. site (GPTPLANET)

It has existed for more than 6 years. The manager of this site is the same one that runs the site (SCARLET-CLICKS). When launched, many people think that this site was created for promotional purposes complementary “big sister,” but it turned out that the site (PTC) independently. Both sites contain large numbers of advertisers and are based both did a great job on the business level and the financials.

You can make money from this site through the same programs (SCARLET-CLICKS) like watching ads, (GPTGrid), (PTC Wall), and (PTSU). Like what we have in the site (SCARLET-CLICKS), you can increase the rate of earning money from the site (GPTPLANET) if obtained on many assignments, and upgrade your membership.


Another site a credible and offline for more than 11 years without any problem regarding the payment of the members. This site contains tons of programs to earn money, such as reading e-mails contain, click on the ads, the performance of tasks, (Offerwalls), payment of the declaration, payment for registration and payment to post comments.

This site is not characterized by a large rate of pay, but because it contains a lot of advertising and tasks available every day, you can get an average income of at least $ 0.04 per day which is significantly high compared to the location (PTC) again.

In addition, the site includes the assignment of a program can get him commissions contain. Here’s what you’ll get in your assignment the site, which consists of five levels of the program:

Level 1: 10% commission
Level 2: 5% commission
Level 3: 3% commission
Level 4: a commission of 2%
Level 5: a commission of 1%

In addition, the referral program that offers unlimited. This is good for those who wish to refer the largest possible number of people. You can combine programs to get the maximum amount of money.


One of the best sites (PTC) affiliated with the compound (MultiMoneyGroup). This site is similar with (DonkeyMails) in many aspects such as design and the profit made programs. This site was launched one year after the site (DonkeyMails).

I advise you to use the profit from the program during the registration they are an easy way to profit of $ 1 in a few minutes when registering at other sites. This site has passed the testing phase and pays for its members without any problem and so do not need to worry about this aspect.

The only thing that distinguishes this site compared with the site (DONKEYMAILS) is that they do not have a referral program with many levels. You can only get 10% commission from direct referrals. The nice thing is that to whom the minimum pay for a few making it to get your money is simple. Add to that, you’ll see more ads when you upgrade your membership.

9. site (Ayuwage)

Featuring a high rate of pay for the location (InnoCurrent), but less than a commission from the site of the conversion program (InnoCurrent). Other than that, everything is very similar. You wait 14 days to get your money a long time compared to the competition sites, with that did not register any problem regarding payment.

10. site (SUPERPAY)

This site is not within the display ad sites, but there are many important reasons to put it on this list.

Site (SUPERPAY) pays quickly after doing surveys (only 24 hours) with a minimum payment of up to $ 1. Make money through this site is quite easy, and for this I’m sure you’ll like it if you want to do surveys.
Add to that, it is available for all countries, unlike most other sites. The site also features a wonderful referral program you can make money from it in the long run. There are new surveys every day and that you can make money secured every day.

Here we have finished the display this list that contains the best sites (PTC). I hope that you take advantage of the subject and I hope that you get the amount you want. Feel free to ask your questions, your questions, and even suggestions on the subject, the bottom of the comments. good luck.

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