18 Best Way to Make Money Online Fast

18 Best Way to Make Money Online Fast

18. get paid for performing simple tasks

There are many sites that will pay you for taking surveys or provide your opinions and suggestions. But Who wants my opinion?
There are many companies that want users to workout their products and give their opinions about the future of their products, and before him out of the market to reduce the loss on the one hand and increase their profits on the other.

Cash Crate: a great location because it is easy to get the money and by doing a variety of simple tasks. When recording only, the company gives you one dollar. To increase the profit of money, the site provides many ways to get coupons (coupons) and make money when the acquisition purchases.

Dollar Surveys
Opinion Outpost
Global Test Market
Pinecone Research
Permission Research
Test Spin
Clear Voice Surveys
Hot Spex
Survey Spot

17. get the money after making a purchase online

Accurate!! How do you earn from the purchase? Valhra is a loss of money, not gain, are you stupid? Do not worry, you will become clearer idea after reading the rest …
As we know, shopping online has become commonplace these days, prompting many companies and websites to provide a sum of money in exchange for the purchase of its stores. So, if you want to buy something, why do not eliminate your need and Trbouk extra money, and this will be hunted two birds with one stone.
Beautiful, but where are the stores or sites are you talking about? Here are some of them:

(EBates): gives you a gift of $ 10 when you first buy. I like this site because it allows you to shop and choose between more than 2,000 stores, including Wal-Mart (Walmart), Sears (Sears), Altargt (Target), and others. ..
(Mr. Rebates):. You will get a $ 5 free upon registration only. Resembles site (eBates), and for this Date of intelligence at both locations and choose the site that offers the best deals when buying from online.

16. The profit-sharing sites and writing articles

In my opinion the person, considered writing articles of the best ways to get money from the internet. Increase that writing articles does not cost anything, you can start the process in minutes. Despite the presence of books and tutorials dedicated to how to write and attract visitors to meet the needs of visitors and research and choose keywords or known in English engines (SEO), patience and practice and learning will be a great profit in the medium and long term, especially if you are proficient in English .

(InfoBarrel): This Web site is a major source of profit for publishers and authors. Everyone profits vary depending on the topic, address, method of writing … The site sharing airsoft profit rates ranging between 75% to 90%, and also include Chiquita (Chitika ads) and Amazon (Amazon) [more about these companies later]

(HubPages): One of the famous sites that provide an opportunity to share ad revenue. Personally, the best site (InfoBarrel) due to the foot and the continuous evolution, but HubPages remains a convenient option, especially for the construction of external links. Airsoft profit sharing ratio in this site are 60% plus (Kontera), (eBay), and (Amazon).

(Bukisa): site to publish your articles with profit sharing of 60% (Adsense and Chiquita)

(Snipsly): a social site with Adsense sharing profits by 80%.

(Seekyt): location sharing articles with 70% share of Adsense ads and Amazon.

(TipDrop): social sharing site with Adsense ads by 75%

(Best Reviewer): get airsoft profits of 100% have favorite subjects, for example (the top 10 ways to …)

15. social networking sites (Twitter specifically)

Social networks provide a wonderful means for the dissemination and sharing your content, access to observers, and easily keep track of your articles. On the other hand, there are ways to make money through the deployment of foreign articles by your tweets. Personally I do not see this the best way to get money from the internet, but can be very profitable especially if the number of observers is too big for your page

Side note: I tried to find a way to sell Facebook Likes or get paid to share content on Facebook, but I did not find the little thing.

(Sponsored Tweets): such as indicated by the name of the site, allowing you to earn money via Twitter to someone else.

(MyLikes): very similar to the site boundary (SponsoredTweets), but I think remains site (SponsoredTweets) best.

14. Payment for each project (freelancer)

The principle of easy work. The people downloaded a request in one of the sites that I will mention at the bottom, and your role is to complete the work and get your reward. Reward changing workload of course, the more the work is difficult and requires high skills was the greatest reward.

(Fives): Arabic famous site where you view the various services such as design, programming, translation, providing tips etc … and win every service including $ 5.

(Independent): Arabic site where the entrepreneurs presented their offerings and your task is to participate in the completion of these projects Whether you are working alone or with a team and, of course, earn money for your services.

(Elance): a great location for a variety of services and make money at the same time.

(Freelancer): looks like a site Elance

(ODesk): The best option for programmers, as a lot of replies on experienced.

(Microworkers): Earn money by performing small tasks.

(Mechanical Turk): owned by Amazon, this site looks like (Microworkers), but a more sophisticated form.

(Fiverr): Earn money by providing a service or any small task … to charge $ 5 for each task. It looks like a completely Fives site to site as a universal and supports all languages.

(TenBux): make money by offering a simple service 5 to $ 10.

(Demand Media): a great location for publishers, but first must get the approval of the site. If accepted you will also gain of $ 15 for each article you write, which may drag you huge profits if you fast typing.

(Associated Content): Earn money from writing articles and views (despite the lack of money paid)

(Break Studios): writing resembles the Web site (Demand Media), but it pays less ($ 8 each article). On the other hand it can be a shorter length of the article.

13. e-mail marketing

Known for its e-mail marketing as one of the oldest ways to make money from the internet. Despite the inconvenience caused to the majority of visitors, keep a class of people continue to be used as a means of attracting visitors to the different products and make money. I think that e-mail marketing is critical, not only because it is a way to attract visitors to the profit of money, but also be allowed to stay in touch with the people who follow your site, your blog, or your products.

Stream Send
Send Free
Free Follow Up

12. Pay-per-click on advertising (PPC)

There are totally dependent on this way to make a living and daily expense, whether a publisher (publisher) or declaring (advertiser). In contrast, and you can easily lose a lot of money if it is armed with the expertise and experience to design and improve the ads continuously.

Google Adsense (Google AdSense): probably the most common to make money from the site, or Entries way. You can easily add Adsense ads to your site and earn money for every click visitor by clicking the ad does it. Click value depend on your location, targeted keywords, declared price … etc.

Edward Google (Google AdWords): Unlike Google Adsense. You can use Google Edward to get visitors and page Tozabihim to make money. Of course you have to pay money to Google in order to get visitors, but who will earn from these visitors is greater than what you would pay.

Chiquita (Chitika): the same working principle of Adsense, but bidding is weak compared Badsns especially for Arab nations.

Advertising Facebook (Facebook Ads): Edward same principle. Provide money for Facebook to create Vaaspockah ads bring you visitors to your site or product. The remarkable thing in these ads that you can choose custom category of people and thereby increase profit opportunities.

LinkedIn Ads

(7Search): a less expensive alternative to Google AdWord AdWords. But you’ll get fewer visitors.

(Speedy Ads): another alternative. It seems like a great location, although I did not try it.

You do not have your own website and want to set up a website? I invite you to read the subject of how to create a website from scratch.

11. Payment through Views (Cost Per View)

Another way to bring visitors to your site or product. Laws usually allow these companies direct link to the product, which is considered less stringent compared to the previous method. We recommend that you do some research on the companies before payment and benefit from the services.

Direct CPV
Traffic Vance
Media Traffic

10. Pay-Per-Action (Cost-Per-Action)

A great way to profit from your website or blog due to usability in parallel with the two previous methods. Easy way to work, receive money in exchange for visitors to do the work of (an action). Did not you understand? Here is an example Altadhaha: Display may be available to search for persons to their countries or Adechlo Aamaellathm code, the amount of contrast is obtained as a result of this service, which ranges from 1 to $ 10. There are companies may pay more than $ 20 for services such as filling out a short form. You need to know the art of attracting visitors to get the most guests and him the most money.

Note: Most of these sites require selective conditions for acceptance understand Satokon you send visitors immigrants. It will take place a telephone conversation between you and them before allowing you to subscribe and make money.

Newsflash: You have to start learning a series of professional marketing through presentations (CPA) or pay-per-Action. I invite you to follow them through the subject.

(Commission Junction): a huge market of different widths.
CPA Lead
Market Leverage
Offer Vault

9. answer questions and provide tips

This method is especially famous in the Arab world, but there are many sites that allow you to earn money by answering questions posed by people on the Internet (usually dedicated threads). Some sites need to register and obtain approval before you can start to answer and make money.

(Just Answer): a great location, especially if you are an expert in a particular field.

(Kgb): get the money by answering questions that people send via text message from the mobile phone.

(Fun Advice): won points by answering questions and to turn them into dollars.

8. sale of own products

When we speak of profit from the Internet, focus the bulk of our thinking about the sale of programs, marketing of digital products or profit from the WAP own sites. Conversely forget one of the oldest roads classical to win money in everyday life: selling products Bk.qm look in your home, Chamber of sleep, or your garage to find stockpiles of things which are not used for profit the place of destination and get the amount of money the other hand .

(Gazelle): is a great place to sell your gadgets neglected or you do not use (such as iPhone, laptop, etc.) and that the site pays the cost of transport in your place.
(Amazon): You can sell or trade in the tools owned by Amazon and receive money via a credit card as a gift that.
(EBay): the most popular auction site on the Internet

7. Selling other people’s products

Known as marketing Alavillet (affiliate marketing). This method is the most common months and to make money from the Internet at the moment. How it works? Simple, you view the product by placing a link to buy, based on the purchase of the product and take a commission for every purchase. The idea is simple, but the modus operandi is not. Wonderful thing, after the experience and practice, you will learn art of this profession, which allows you to gain a lot of money.

The manner upon which the majority of people are setting up Alnah sites (niche) so that you view and marketing the product through the deployment of some of the articles that talk about the product (its advantages, benefits, disadvantages, how to use it … etc) with the inclusion of the purchase links. But how do I get buying links?

There are many sites that offer this service to you and the commission ratio varies with the product. After all, here is a list of these sites:

(Amazon Associates): When a visitor clicks on a link to Amazon, you’ll earn a commission for every product based buy it within 24 hours.

(EBay Partner Network): won a commission for every person to buy from (eBay)

(Clickbank): – one of the largest markets for the purchase of e-books and other digital products.

(E-Junkie): – looks like Clickbank site

(DigiResults): looks like Clickbank site


6. sale of product design

If you have a talent in drawing, design and does not have the money to realize what you’ve designed on these products suitable for you way. I am talking about simple Mottagat such as T-shirts (t-shirt), magnets, mugs etc.
. Here is a selection of sites that allow you to view digital store that contains various product designs. When people buy a product. You will get the money.
(Cafe Press): product design easily, such as cups, T-shirts etc., and sold through the site virtual interface.
(Spreadshirt): looks like (E-Shirt).
(Zazzle): looks like (Cafe Press).
Shirt City

5. writing comments (Writing Reviews)

There are some good sites that will pay you for writing responses on various products on your site or blog. Some sites require special specifications for acceptance of the subscription, for this it is recommended to wait until the adoption of a website or a blog successful.

Social Spark
Pay Per Post
(Expo TV): your profit by incorporating the responses in a video describing your product special
Sponsored Reviews

4. stock trading and currency

Or what is called the world of the stock market or Forex. If the adventure of the recipe and all your recipes ready to go into the stock market world, what is available and executable at any time. There are many sites and companies that allow you to buy and sell currencies, stocks, and indices. Personally, Backschav Forex I started about a year and I saw a bright future since, Vamkank that turn out to be a millionaire if he has mastered the art of trading, but the contrast could lose money if it does not improve its administration to the head of the owner. For this my advice to learn Forex well before you invest a sum of money.


3. sell images online

There are many sites that allow you to sell the pictures you’ve photographed or their manufacture:

iStock Photo

2. shortcut links sites

An easy way to work, after registering at one of the sites that I will mention, will be short links, and published in your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or via a Email (you can even send it to e-mails). When you click on these links by other people, you will also gain the amount of money. How much money? In real there is no accurate answer to this question because of the entry of a lot of factors as the country it comes from visiting, Advertising type … etc., but on average every 1,000 pressure is obtained on the $ 1. But you can increase your profits by inviting people to register. For more information, please visit the sites, you’ll find everything you want, and I am at your fingertips for each question.

1. Profit by watching ads (PTC)

Another way may take your interest to profit from the Internet. After registering in one (or all) of the sites that I will mention, all you have to do is to click on the ads provided by a certain period of time which is obtained at the price of service. Method is very easy, all you need is a good mouse largest number of ads to click, but the drawback of this method is the low price of a click. Generally bringing the price per click to $ 0.001, which means you must click on the 1000 declaration in order to get $ 1, but there are ways offered by these sites to maximize your profits with ease.


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