3 Affiliate Marketing Immortal Sins That You Shouldn’t Commit

Building an affiliate list among many others are key factors that you need to have to succeed in the field of affiliate marketing. Although there are tons of people who claim to be affiliate marketers, there are only a few of them who actually know what they’re doing to succeed in the field. It’s sad to say but more than 80% of the so called “affiliate marketers” are barely making even at least $100 per month.The things is, if you’re in the field of affiliate marketing, there are “Immortal sins” that you shouldn’t be committing, otherwise, your business will end-up I the gutters. It’s because of these immortal sins that the rate of the people who succeeded in affiliate marketing is disturbingly small compared to the ones that are failing.That said, allow me to share with you 3 affiliate marketing immortal since that most affiliate marketers are committing:

• Not building an affiliate list If you’ve heard the saying, the money is on the list, then I recommend that you pay heed to it.Building your own affiliate list allows you to build relationships and send follow-up emails to the people that are interested about what your product can do. In-fact, they are so interested to the point of them signing-up to your email list.Nurturing a group of people with that level of interest will surely get you the success that you are looking for. Conversely enough, not building an affiliate list is almost a sure fire way of failing. Not only will you leave a lot of money on the table but your chances of succeeding in affiliate marketing becomes close to impossible.

• Not pre-selling your product properly For whatever reason, a lot of affiliate marketers aren’t pre-selling their product properly. It could be because of laziness, not knowing that it’s even needed, or simply because they don’t know how to do it, whatever the reason is, you can bet your family jewels that’s not pre-selling the product properly is hurting their bottom line. That said, don’t ever send your traffic directly to the offer page after they click your link. You should send them to a landing page where you can ask them to opt-in and give them a good idea of what they’ll get if they purchase the product. This helps build your affiliate list AND condition your prospect’s mind to buying the product.It’s when you condition your prospect’s mind into buying when your chances of closing the sale dramatically increases.

• Misrepresenting your product’s features Other marketers (and I hope you aren’t one of them) misrepresent what their products can do out of desperation. They do this simply to “wow” the prospects making them want to buy even more.Don’t ever do this. Not only will your customers feel frustrated but this dishonest way of doing business tarnishes the image of affiliate marketers as a whole! If you want this industry to gain traction, you’ll know that being dishonest isn’t the way to go! I can assure you that you may get sales today if you do this cheap and unethical way of doing business but you’ll surely get refunds. Ultimately, you’ll never succeed or have a career in this field of business.I recommend that you consider the three immortal sins of affiliate marketing that’s mentioned above. If you’re guilty of any of them, you should really change what you’re doing asap! Also, if you have any ideas to share about affiliate marketing that’d help our fellow marketers build their affiliate list or succeed online, I urge you to share it in the comments section below.

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