5 Affiliate Techniques You Should Never Use! « The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide

If you want to make it big in the world of online marketing, you’re going to need to integrate effective affiliate techniques into your game plan. Using current strategies applicable to today’s world of search engine optimization is integral for success. SEO is constantly changing, so don’t be surprised Google’s algorithm starts penalizing your website for using methods which once worked fine a couple of years ago!

1.  Spamming the Forums Flooding random forums with your affiliate hop link in hopes that someone will eventually click on it and purchase the product is a big mistake. The majority of Internet users today is well educated, and is highly unlikely to purchase from a stranger flooding various forums with his or her hop link.

2. Marketing Products Irrelevant to your Niche In order for your campaign to be successful, it’s crucial that the products you promote are RELEVANT to your target market’s needs. If you’re in the dog training niche, then trying to sell consumers PDFs on how to train cats wouldn’t do you much good!

3. Selling Way too Many Products While it’d be wise to sell multiple products to give consumers the freedom of purchasing one that best suits their needs (while simultaneously increasing your chances of making a sale), trying to sell too many products will gradually become counterproductive.Doing so will spread your focus too thin as you try to reap results fro mall of the commodities you’re promoting.You’ll gradually end up seeing minimal conversions from each, most or some of the merchandise you’re pushing towards your markets.

4. Not Testing the Product Prior to Promotion Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest mistakes you could make as an affiliate marketer. There’s no way any individual can effectively promote a certain product without knowing how it works from the inside out.Although you could get results during the early parts of your campaign, your audience will eventually find out that a large portion of the “claims” you’ve made about the product are false. This would then damage your reputation as an affiliate marketer, and prompt your clients/audience to purchase from other affiliates who know exactly what they’re talking about.

5. Creating a Landing Page that’s too Fluffy. Being able to drive traffic to your landing page is one thing, but converting the traffic into sales is another. People are unlikely to trust sales pages filled with hype and numerous promises that seem too good to be true.These five strategies may have rendered results in the past, but they’re unlikely to be as effective today.In order to run a successful campaign, you’ll need to utilize up-to-date affiliate technique sthat are proven to work; all the while steering clear of the ones discussed in this article!
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