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Make money online: 21 useful tips for 2021

Earning money online on the Internet is still an absolute dream for many in 2021 – especially since the coronavirus has tied many to the home office

The best way to earn your money online is to do a job that you enjoy and enjoy doing. Admittedly, working and making money quickly from home is not easy: In addition to a large portion of courage to take the step into independence, you need above all to enjoy being your boss. You should also be familiar with never-ending commitment, great flexibility, and, above all, a high degree of patience. But then you will be able to answer the question, “How can you make money online?” And earn money legally from home at the same time.

Perhaps you know the statement that being independent means above all “yourself” and “constantly.” You are responsible for all activities, and if you want to make enough money, even if it’s just on the side, you have to work continuously for your success and show passion. It is often necessary to react quickly, even on Sundays or public holidays, early in the morning or late in the evening. If you ask yourself, “How can you make money online?” Then you have to be patient because great success may not come immediately. But if you stick with it, sooner or later, you can make a good living online.

If you have the qualities just mentioned, want to work seriously from home, and want to earn money quickly online, we have exactly the right tips for you that will also work very well in 2021. Regardless of which path you choose to make a lot of money online, you first need a trade license for all these jobs – irrespective of whether you work at home or not. This costs around 20 euros, the prices vary from city to city. To start with, all you need to do is register as a small business owner.   

Earning money online as a part-time job: You have to pay attention to this

Just because you are self-employed on a part-time basis does not mean that you do not have to pay taxes or have fewer obligations than full-time self-employment. It just means that you earn your primary income with another job and work online with an additional payment. You have to register a business and report your income to the tax office.      

This method is useful at the beginning because it is difficult to earn enough income overnight with self-employment to make a living from it. However, this also means that you have to take double the effort for a while, especially if self-employment is to become your main job at some point. Or maybe you are just looking for a convenient way to have extra income online and earn a few euros on the side – then a part-time start-up is also very suitable for you.

By the way: Even if you are unemployed, you can start a part-time business and generate additional income online, i.e., earn money online and do it seriously and quickly. However, you will not be allowed to work more than 15 hours per week and still have to write applications.  

Part-time self-employment and the employer

If you want to get some extra income online and are employed, your job must not come into conflict with your employer. That means you mustn’t compete with him or even poach customers. He also has to approve self-employment. However, there are only a few cases in which he has a handle to prohibit you from being self-employed on a part-time basis. This is only possible if he sees a risk to the correct execution of your primary job. For example, if you’re self-employed at night and have to show up at work in the early hours of the morning, your boss can rightly assume that your performance will be limited.


The question naturally arises, why should you stress yourself out? Your full-time job but certainly need enough energy or not? Not quite: Often, especially with family or other obligations, you do not even have the opportunity to start your own business in another way. Earning money online, on the side, legally always sounds good, but you often don’t have big money in the first few months.


You will surely have put one or two euros aside; these reserves may well be invested in starting your own business or just for additional income (which can quickly become more with enough time and energy). But think twice about whether you should take out a start-up loan or ask friends for money. Take the time to write a detailed business plan to build up additional income then online. This is the only way to earn money online, seriously and quickly.  

What about the health insurance company when starting a sideline?

If you generate additional income online, you are already insured through your employer (or the employment office) with health insurance, pension insurance, and long-term care insurance. However, you should register your work with the health insurance company because the income from your self-employment is added to your payment from your main job, and the number of your contributions can change as a result. Even if you are still studying and aiming for self-employment, it is important to consult your health insurance company to earn money legally online. 

Full-time or part-time self-employed?

Certain circumstances make your part-time job your primary job. For example, this applies if you work more in your part-time job than in your main job (which can easily happen if you are employed for around three-quarters of the day ) or earn more with your part-time job. It also applies when you hire someone, which automatically makes you a full-time founder. The magic 15-hour limit applies at the employment office.
What happens if you switch from part-time to full-time self-employment? As a self-employed person, you no longer have to pay into pension and unemployment insurance and can switch to private health insurance if you want.      

Part-time self-employed and taxes

When you register your activity as a founder, please indicate on the form whether you are doing it as a main or part-time job. Either way, you will receive mail from the tax office after registering as a business and have to fill out a questionnaire. For the amount of taxes, it is irrelevant how you declare your self-employment – the tax office adds the income from your activities anyway. However, if you use the small business regulation because you will achieve less than 22,000 euros in sales in the first year after founding, you are not allowed to show the sales tax on your invoices, and you do not have to pay it to the tax office.  

Now it is time to think about how you can earn money quickly online, either as a side income or full-time from home. For this purpose, we will introduce you to 21 activities with which you can earn money on the Internet and from home, and legally.

How can you make money online? 21 tips on how to make money online

Now that the formalities have been completed, it is now a matter of finding ideas to earn money online quickly and seriously. In the following, we have listed 20 ways with which you can make good money in 2021.


The first question is what you can sell on the Internet and make money legally from it. Almost everything can be turned into cash these days – from hand soap to sophisticated software. To generate income with an online shop, you need one thing above all, namely a brilliant business idea. If you have this for a completely new product or service that has rarely or not yet been offered, then the first important step has been taken. You may have discovered a niche that you can cover with an online shop on the Internet.   

In order to bring your offer closer to potential customers that they will ultimately buy it, you need the following requirements:

  • a well-designed website,
  • the right advertising measures,
  • very high traffic on your site.

A well-designed website means that it works flawlessly, is well and structured, and contains all the essential information about your offer. The website is your calling card – so make sure people get to know it and stick with it after they click. Use your social media channels: invite your family, friends, and acquaintances to visit the page, share it with their circle of friends and like them. So the number of visitors will increase over time. The more traffic you generate, the greater the chance you can get your product or service to men or women. Observe these requirements, and you will soon be earning a lot of money with your online shop quickly and seriously on the Internet.


If you run a blog or own a private website, this is a lucrative way to earn serious money on the Internet. You can use so-called affiliate programs for this. They offer advertising material that you incorporate on your site. Whenever a visitor to your website clicks on such an advertising banner and buys something in the target shop, you will receive a commission.  

Let’s say your blog is about a specific topic, such as B. Make-up. Then register with affiliate networks, place the appropriate advertising for make-up articles, and you can start earning money with commissions. Again, your earnings will increase as the number of visitors to your website increases. Some of these affiliate programs might be of interest to you:

  • AmazonPartnerNet
  • Check24 partner program

To explain it briefly with an example, let’s take the NutriProfits partner program. If you generate a sale here via your blog or your website after you have registered for the affiliate program, commissions of up to 40 percent are possible for you. On average, the commission amount is between 20 and 40 percent, and that is a house number. The focus of this partner program is high-quality branded products from the area of health and wellness. 

With the affiliate programs, you often have the choice of which method you want as the basis of the remuneration: Pay-per-Click (PPC), Pay-per-Lead (PPL), or Pay-per-Order (PPO). All programs serve to earn money quickly and thoughtfully online.  

With PPC, you get a fee for each click on the link or banner. This is very often in the cent range. PPL is remunerated when people sign up for the newsletter via your link or register on the homepage. There is a money range between 1 and 40 euros. And PPO means that every purchase with a commission is usually paid between 2 and 25% of the purchase value.


A field of activity in ​​working from home that has only existed for about ten years is that of the influencer. As such, you people who use their fame referred to advertise products or services of companies.

Companies pay money for this because they depend on good advertising. Take Kim Kardashian as an example: if she mentions or wears a certain product in one of her messages or videos on Instagram, most of her followers want the same product.

But even if you’re not a celebrity, you can still sign up to sites like


Register and advertise products for a commission on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram. If your blog or channel on Youtube has many followers, you can rightly count yourself among the influencers. People follow you because you deal with certain topics and thus help to form opinions. If you are lucky, at some point, even large companies will notify you and offer you cooperation of their own accord. So you can earn money online, seriously and quickly. This type of marketing is now a millionaire business. By then, at the latest, you will have made it as an influencer and can sometimes earn money online from home on the side.      

The most important rule in this work is always to remain authentic and provide your visitors with informative and interesting information. If your YouTube channel is boring, are your followers disappeared very quickly and usually did not come back.


Answering surveys is a perfect and safe way to make money online. To take part in such surveys, all you have to do is create an account with various market research institutes using a free registration. 

The market researchers then invite you to interviews that match your profile. You will receive a fee of up to 15 euros for participating in a survey. If you do a lot of research, the amount can be substantial. Experience shows, however, that as a participant, you are often sorted out after the first answers because your information does not match the topic of the survey. Earning money quickly online with reputable surveys is therefore okay, but it is often a matter of luck and, therefore, rather something for the sideline.


Do you enjoy testing products? Then try yourself as a product tester. The simplicity of this work and make money from home is that you usually get the test products for free, and they get to keep if the test pass is. 

For you to be able to work as a test subject for products, you have to log into relevant websites such as


apply for admission. After registration, you will be selected for certain tests based on your profile. You will get the product in question (you can get digital products online) with detailed guidelines for use. Then you check the article over the specified period in the prescribed manner and then write an evaluation. You do not send this to the platform you have registered, but usually directly to the manufacturer company. Sometimes your compensation is in the product that you can keep. In many cases, however, there is also money of up to 40 euros. How high the fee depends, among other things, on the type of test.


A good way to work and earn money from home on the side is to be an author or writer. If you previously had to send your manuscript to countless publishers, today, you can get started as a so-called self-publisher. An eBook is a lucrative form of this. More and more people are not buying books in the bookstore but are downloading the books to their PC, tablet, or eBook reader.

If you like to write interestingly, you can download one of the free formatting programs such as Kindle Textbook Creator, Mobipocket Creator, Caliber, or Sigil. Insert your text there and layout – and your eBook is ready. Some websites do the most important work for you for a fee. These include, for example:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon
  • Tradition
  • Tolino Media

It is important that you already know ​​what type of eBook you want to publish – a guide, a book of poetry, a novel, or a non-fiction book. There are countless topics with which you can earn money writing online, even in 2021 and seriously.


By writing texts – but in the form of commissioned work – you can also earn good and fast money on the Internet. The first thing to do is to look for customers who will give you orders for such texts. So you have to keep an eye out for new clients all the time.

You can also register on content platforms on which you have to provide a sample text after registration and on which you will be classified in terms of quality based on this text. At your quality level, you can then accept orders and submit them after they are completed. If you write high-quality articles, these will be accepted relatively quickly by the clients and paid for via the platform.   

Sometimes you get them back for revision, so it takes a little longer to process. Primarily, when there is a lack of customers on the free market, the earnings on the content platforms can ensure that you have your livelihood. Especially when you are starting as a copywriter on the Internet, it is important to write many articles so that you can generate income that you can use to make a living. You can register on the following content platforms:


By the way: copywriters are often paid per word, and the remuneration is between 1 and 10 cents per word. When it comes to price, it mainly depends on the quality of your lyrics. The more creative they are, the fewer grammatical or formal errors there are, the deeper the client digs into his fee pocket. Newspaper editors mainly pay fixed prices for texts. Getting jobs there is not easy, however.


Prepare translations

A special form of working from home as a copywriter is doing translations for customers. Perhaps you are not only fluent in your mother tongue but have also learned other foreign languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French or Chinese.

On the web, for example, on Lengoo, there is always a search for translators who can translate everything from simple letters to highly complex contracts. Especially with business or academic translations, it is important to have the correct grammar and understand the original text in its intention and translate it into the desired language from this point of view.

To earn quick money from home as a translator, you need first-class language skills, good comprehension, an excellent feeling for the language, and skills in the areas of information gathering (research) and target group orientation. This is necessary because certain texts are only suitable for a certain group of people, reflected in the translation. 

Work as an online language teacher

In addition to the possibility of using your language skills for classic translations, there is also the possibility of working as an online language teacher. Whether as a tutor for high school students or as part of a private lesson for a businessman who wants to improve his Spanish, there are numerous ways to earn money on the Internet as an online language teacher. Preply is one of the best known and most popular platforms. And if you only understand station in Spanish texts, is it not so bad. Because Preply offers 55 different subjects in which you can give tutoring and score points as an expert. 

Transcribe texts

Anyone who has ever conducted a very detailed and long interview knows how long the subsequent transcription can take. Many are therefore happy when they can put this work in professional hands. You, too, can easily earn money online on portals like by conjuring up finished transcripts from the customers’ audio files. Here the payment is made per minute of transcribed audio or video files. So your hourly wage depends a lot on your speed.  


Earning money online with pictures is a popular and lucrative way to earn money online in 2020. Of course, it is only suitable for you if you have a creative streak and maybe already enjoy taking photos. You can put the finishing touches to professionalism, such as with YouTube videos or attending a course. In general, however, digital camera technology and the wide range of image processing options pave the way for many creative people to turn their passion for photography into cash. This not only applies to photos but also graphics. However, we want to deal with the subject of photography here.  

All you need is a camera, a good eye, and an image editing program to be successful with photos. The best camera is a digital SLR, which you can use to take high-resolution photos. So you can earn money online, seriously and quickly.

Sell ​​your photos on the Internet

You can offer your photos online at various photo agencies, some of which have specialized in different motifs. The most famous sites here include:


The photo agencies issue usage rights or licenses on your behalf. So customers pay to be able to use the photos. However, this also creates an overlap so that different photos can appear on different pages. There is also the option to offer your pictures exclusively or to take extra photos for customers. The best way to market them is through their website that you advertise on social networks like Facebook. However, it only becomes worthwhile if you offer many images on different platforms.

Earning money online with photography – more opportunities in 2020

There is more than one way for a photographer to earn serious money with photography on the Internet. We still have a few ideas on how you can get started as a photographer. For some, however, you need more than a website and a Facebook account. You have to “go to the man,” and you will have customer contact. But there are worse things. 

Offer your service as a photographer

It doesn’t have to be wedding photography that you really should have a knack for – events in your immediate vicinity, parties, and anniversaries are happy to have a competent photographer who will capture the event in pictures.

Sell ​​shirts, bags, and more with your photos

All you need is the Internet and possibly a website where you can promote your articles. Take your best designs and upload them to a site specializing in photo products, such as Spreadshirt. There you can have shirts, mugs, and much more printed with a photo or graphic. However, the production does not occur until the customer has bought, and the service provider also dispatches them. This is uncomplicated and risk-free for you; the website receives a commission for this.

Make your pictures on the topic on Youtube

As you learn to create and edit your images to achieve the results you want, you will gather a ton of tips that you can share with other amateur photographers. So make small videos about techniques and tricks and at the same time get more attention as a photographer.

With these tips, you should be able to make money online with photography on the side.


If you travel a lot and have a smartphone with a good camera, you can quickly earn money on the Internet as an app jobber on the go. All you have to do is download the appropriate apps such as Fotolia, Streetpotr, or AppJobber onto your mobile phone, and you can then select jobs displayed on a map of your surroundings. It’s almost always about going to certain places, taking pictures, answering questions or two, and forwarding everything to the app. You will receive a fee for every completed job. To generate decent extra income with it, you have to take on an extremely large number of jobs. But after all, small cattle also make crap – that is to say, every order pours money into your account at the end of the month. 


First of all: wanting to earn money online with your blog in 2021 on the Internet is not a matter of a few days or weeks, but mostly a long-term affair. However, it is also a sustainable method to earn serious money online on the side. As a blogger, you publish articles, give tips, dive deep into topics, or rent out advertising space on your blog.  

This method is suitable for you if you enjoy writing or knowing someone who can do it cheaply for you. Good content is the decisive factor for a successful blog, and the much-touted added value for your target group is significant here.

There are blogs on every topic, from organizing children’s birthdays to marketing topics to craft content. Anything is possible, what other people are interested in and what they seek information about online.

The basic conditions to be able to earn money with your blog:

  • An exciting topic that drives your target group.
  •  Problems for which you offer solutions.
  • A domain that ideally has a few years under its belt.
  • Fast loading times.
  • New content regularly.
  • All other SEO tricks.
  • TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC – What is the retail store’s location is the visibility for your blog. It is the most important requirement to be able to earn money with the blog.

You can make a lot of money from home with your blog. However, try not to concentrate on just one website, but ideally build several pages. Once you learn how it works, it becomes easier and easier for you. Many bloggers use WordPress to sell their content. WordPress has many advantages because it is easy to use and looks chic in a few simple steps. However, you should consider a few things to be able to blog successfully with WordPress:

Successful as a blogger with WordPress – basic tips:  

 Make all updates and keep your blog up to date.

  • Be careful with plugins: too many of them affect loading times or can become a security hole.
  •  Follow the rules around data protection (keyword: GDPR)

Do marketing for your blog 

Of course, you have to market your blog as well. So link it to social media and share your post pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. This is how you can earn money online, seriously and quickly.

Making Money From Your Blog: The Most Important Ways

Your blog has the first visitors, maybe even a few more. So how can you make money out of these visitors? There are various possibilities. We show you the most important:

Google Adsense

The most common way to make money from your blog from home is to include advertising. For this, you can participate as a blogger in Google Adsense. When you are activated, you integrate small codes in the appropriate places in your blog. Then Google will show your visitors advertising. With every click on an ad, you earn, usually between € 0.10 and € 0.80.  

This method is simple and also works wonderfully on mobile devices. Google pays out the income from your blog monthly when the income threshold is reached. However, there are also disadvantages. Many visitors have installed an ad blocker and do not see the ads at all. Advertisements can also hurt loading time, and you have to mention the ad in your privacy policy and display a cookie notice.

Market advertising space directly

While making money from home with your blog on the side, the more direct you can negotiate with your partners, the more income you can generate. As a blogger, you are of interest to any company whose target group you address.

How do you convince advertising partners

Of course, this only applies if you have a lot of readers. So you prepare a media kit in which you prepare your key figures. When your site gets a little better known, companies are sure to come to you independently. Otherwise, you can also offer your advertising space proactively.

The banners are usually not recognized by ad blockers, and you do not have to include a note in your privacy policy. Possible shortcoming: many readers ignore banner advertising.  

Earn money online with sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are an infrequent but profitable way to generate income from your blog. In such a case, you write a blog article about a company’s product that you share on social media. The contribution should not appear too promotional, but it must be marked as advertising. However, too often, you shouldn’t use this method on your sideline online so that the paid content on your blog doesn’t get out of hand.

The more readers you have, the higher your income from sponsored posts can be.

Market your products with your blog

Your blog is, of course, ideally suited for marketing your products. On this, you can write interesting articles about your focus topic and bind your readers to you. Do not primarily focus on your products, but rather on the benefits that they and your articles have for your visitors. Be generous with your tips and publish new content regularly. You integrate the links to your shop by and large.

The advantage: If you market products directly via your blog, you can generate the highest income. Since there is no intermediary or affiliate, you can eat the cake all by yourself – after deducting all investment costs, of course.  

With our tips, making money on the Internet with your blog is child’s play – if you stay on the ball and show a little patience.


A webinar is an interactive online broadcast. Many hundreds of attendees can watch a webinar or recording live and actively participate. A webinar is an ideal way to pass on your knowledge to other people.
Compared to a seminar, many people can participate in webinars and can watch them comfortably from home.
So if you are familiar with a specific topic and would like to share your knowledge with others, a webinar is the ideal opportunity to earn money online in 2021 – even from home.

With webinars, you can decide whether to offer them for a fee or for free. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at first: You can also make good money with free webinars. Often the free version can even be more profitable than the paid ones. If you offer your webinar for free, more people will watch it. In this way, you can build up a customer base and offer them paid follow-up products, such as an in-depth webinar. In this way, customers can first get an impression of you and then decide whether they want to learn more from you and buy their first products.
Fewer people will take part in paid webinars, but you will earn your first money directly. Which variant you choose is, of course, your decision. However, if you offer other products, the free webinar is usually worthwhile, as you can make more people aware of you. Proven software that can be used to create webinars include:

  • Webinars
  • edudip
  • Webinar jam


Anyone who wants to play at the top cannot avoid SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization). Search engine optimization refers to measures that increase the placement of a website in organic search engines. The result: the websites that are displayed high in the search engines get more visitors.  

If you are well versed in SEO optimization, it makes sense to offer this as a business service. But even if you don’t know your way around and have your website, you should read up on the topic well and improve your website.


In times of the European Central Bank’s low-interest-rate policy, more and more people are looking for alternative investment and savings products. A decision is then often made to trade in securities, as high profits can be achieved here.
This trade becomes problematic when one lacks the knowledge. Then the chances of return can quickly dwindle and become noticeable in losses.
If you know your way around stocks, perfect, you have excellent opportunities to make money online.  

If you are not familiar with it, so-called social trading could be an alternative for you. With social trading, you exchange ideas with other private investors about the latest developments in the financial market and orient yourself towards the professionals.

On the one hand, there are signalers or social traders in social trading. These can be hobby traders or experienced private investors, for example. These reveal their trading strategies so that they can be seen and understood by everyone. On the other hand, some followers or investors choose the strategy that they think is promising. Once the investor has decided on a strategy, he can copy it for himself and be successful.
Of course, professional traders can also be wrong, so there is always a residual risk. However, through social trading, every newcomer can learn the trading processes and benefit from others’ knowledge.


Do you like to make your products that others might enjoy? Then you can earn money quickly with these online on the Internet in 2021 as well. On the one hand, as mentioned above, you can do this through your online shop. But even without this, you can sell your products to customers. Providers like Amazon offer you the opportunity to sell your products on their websites.  

The advantage: The Amazon FBA service does all of the logistical work involved in selling Amazon products. As soon as a customer orders your product via Amazon, Amazon takes care of the shipping and possible returns.  

Another advantage is the traffic that Amazon has on its website. If you offer your products in your shop, you first have to make sure that other people can find them. You don’t need to worry about that at Amazon.

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