Affiliate Pro – Affiliate Management System

Every Website is Better with a Strong Affiliate Program! Boost Sales, Traffic, Leads and more with one of the most Robust and Powerful Affiliate Program available!

Affiliate Pro is a Powerful and yet simple to use PHP affiliate Management System for your new or existing website.
Let affiliates sell your products, bring you traffic or even leads and reward them with a commission. More importantly, use Affiliate Pro to track it
intelligently to keep your affiliates happy and also your bottom line! So how does it work? It is pretty simple, when
a user visits your website through an affiliate URL (for example the responsible affiliate
sending (or referring) the traffic to you will receive a commission based on your settings. If you need more information
please contact us, otherwise check out the features below and just how easy it is to integrate into your system!

Commission Options for Every Situation!

  • Set Commission by Product/Individual Transaction
  • Set Commissions based on Sales Volume
  • Create Recurring Commissions
  • Create Commissions for Lead Referrals
  • Commissions for Unique Traffic Referrals
  • Build a Multi-Tier Network (Affiliates refer other Affiliates)

Simple Integration into new or existing websites!

  • Step 1. Include php tracking file on any page you wish to track


  • Step 2. Once a sale has been completed (for example a thank you page) include the file to record the sale into Affiliate Pro

    $sale_amount = '21.98';
    $product = 'My Product Description';

  • Includes optional PayPal IPN example as well.
  • See how it works in the demo store: Click Here

Quality Coding – Great Service!


Version 1.7 – Auto Installer, Detailed Statistics, Speed Improvements

The Biggest and Best update yet! You don’t want to miss this!
  • Added New Installer, Just upload files and run the installer!
  • Added Products Page (optional usage if not using a shopping cart)
  • All New Dashboard! More Statistics / Charts / Views
  • Added Country, OS, Device Type to Referral Traffic
  • Added Country to Sales Data
  • Top Country Sales/Traffic – See best performing countries!
  • Updated Marketing Materials to support Links, Videos and other file types
  • Improved Referral Traffic page loading speed with large databases
  • Improved Navigation Page Routing / Configuration
  • Made updates to UI appearance

Version 1.6 – Updated UI, Password Reset

  • Added advanced password forgot/reset
  • Added additional single login page
  • Updated Login and Dashboard UI
  • Active Menu items highlight to better show what page your on
  • Updated Date Filter start date to show longer history of transactions
  • Updated PayPal IPN example file and documentation for easier/faster integration

Version 1.5 – Multi-Currency Support

  • Added Multi-Currency Support! – Includes USD, GBP, INR, EUR, JPY, RUR by default, very easy to add other currency types if you want! *Requires php intl extension to be enabled
  • Fixes minor bug for default commission settings page redirect

Version 1.4 – Leads and More!

  • Added Leads Tracking – Pay affiliates for sending you quality leads! (optional)
    Test with:
  • Email Notifications for New Users (includes their tracking code for a fast start)
  • Improved UI for login/register page
  • UI updates for Account Area
  • Fixes bug for Payouts (data/mark-paid.php)
  • Cleans up reporting for decimals values (from $0.00000 to $0.00)
  • Added AbanteCart Integration Instructions

Version 1.3 – Commissions!

  • Added Recurring Commissions (optional)
  • Added Multi-Tier Commissions / Affiliates can refer other affiliates and earn! (optional)
  • Added CPC/Unique Visitor Commissions – Let affiliates earn for sending you traffic (optional)
  • Other commission related updates
  • Fixed a few minor bugs

Version 1.2.1 – Opencart (optional)

  • Added Opencart Integration instructions for a Fast Setup with Opencart Websites (optional)

Version 1.2 – Woocommerce (optional)

  • Added Woocommerce Integration files/instructions for a Fast Setup with Woocommerce Websites (optional)

Version 1.1 – Payment Methods & Text Ads

  • Stripe, Skrill, Wire Transfer and Check added as Payout Options
  • Affiliates can now cancel pending payout requests
  • Payout request form updated – Will detect if balance plus pending payouts exceed new requests
  • Text Ad (link) generator added for Affiliates to Generate referral links
  • Added size option (desktop/mobile) for banners / ads uploaded for affiliates use

Version 1.0 – Initial Release

  • Unlimited Affiliates
    Boost Sales by letting Affiliates Sale your Products for you!
  • Affiliate and Admin Panels
    Affiliates can view their own stats / Control it with ease from your own admin Panel
  • Traffic Referral Stats
    Keep track of Affiliate Referred Traffic (landing page, ISP…)
  • Banner/Logo Sharing
    Upload your banners and logos to give your Affiliate quick access to your marketing materials
  • Commission Levels
    Set Commission earning % based on Affiliates level of total sales
  • Track Sales / Profits
    Manage all affiliate sold products and earnings with simplicity
  • Manage Payouts
    Let your affiliates request payouts. Manage these requests with ease from your admin panel
  • Date Filter
    Filter any of the Data based on the Period you want (for example the last 30 days)
  • Quick View Dashboard
    View Top Affiliate Performers, recent sales, traffic on one page
  • View by Affiliate
    Zone in and view Sales and Traffic Referral data by Individual Affiliate
  • Void Transactions
    Void any transactions if you feel it is appropriate (i.e. refund issued to buyer)
  • Balance Management
    Tracks Affiliates Balance (amount owed), if transactions are voided their balance is updated
  • Multilingual
    Built in system to modify the language of Affiliate Pro (4 languages included – create your own in minutes!)
  • Lots of other Great Features!
    View Top Affiliate Performers, recent sales, traffic on one page

Demo Logins

Admin: demo / pass
Affiliate: affiliate / pass

Get Affiliate Pro – Affiliate Management System

Script Requirements

PHP 5.3 or greater (may work with older versions)
Apache Mod_rewrite
PHP intl extension enabled (multi-currency formatting)

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