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Hello tabs

“Hello tabs” is a wordpress plugin, which can be used for creating tabs element from any widgets you have! Plugin comes with 12 predefined styles and 24 animation effects! You can even create few tabs elements on a page!

More than 290 people already use Hello tabs plugin!
Hope you already saw that almost any template has already certain information in their tabs (Latest post, Latest comments, tags). But what if you want to create tabs with your own widgets nice and easily without any PHP/HTML/CSS knowledge? This plugin is just right for you! All you need to do is to drag and drop widgets and this great plugin automatically will create tabs on your page! Enjoy!

Posts widget from demo site not included!

How to create tabs?

  • Install “Hello tabs” plugin
  • Go to “Appearance -> Hello tabs” and add new sidebar
  • Go to “Appearance -> Widgets” and add any widgets to previously created sidebar (don’t forget to set titile for these widgets, which will be used as tabs’ names)
  • Add “Hello tabs” widget to sidebar, where you want to see tabs and choose previously created sidebar on widget’s form

Important notice

If you need more information, or you have an issue, or you want to say what you want to see in next version of Hello tabs – just write me on mail, this will reduce answering time, so you’ll recieve an answer more quickly!
Make sure you don’t have absolute or fixed positioning in your theme’s sidebar.
If you doubt about compatibility – send me on mail your site’s url, login, password and I will make a free test!
If you like this plugin or my support – write something good in comments, I will put your opinion in testimonials section!
Also, if you are satisfied with Hello tabs plugin, don’t forget to give a 5 star rating!

24 animation styles

  • fadeInFadeOutDelay
  • slideDownSlideUp
  • fadeInSlideUp
  • fadeInSlideUpDelay
  • slideDownSlideUpDelay
  • slideDownFadeOutDelay
  • showHide
  • showHideAnimate
  • leftShowLeftHide
  • topShowLeftHide
  • bottomShowLeftHide
  • rightShowLeftHide
  • leftShowRightHide
  • topShowRightHide
  • bottomShowRightHide
  • rightShowRightHide
  • bottomShowBottomHide
  • leftShowBottomHide
  • rightShowBottomHide
  • topShowBottomHide
  • topShowTopHide
  • leftShowTopHide
  • rightShowTopHide
  • bottomShowTopHide

12 predefined styles

Hello tabs plugin comes with 12 predefined styles. You can try them on plugins demo page.


Nicole_online says
Fantastic plugin! I have been battling to find something like this for a week and it works perfectly! Thank you!

johnny_n says
Congratulations—fantastic plugin! This needs more recognition… I searched long and hard for something like this and it works flawlessly.

keyhanjun says
Very nice plugin! Great functionality combined with a beautiful design! ;).

primitive says
Great plugin and fantastic support – thank you!

jonathanpaci says
Great plugin! My website looks new! \)” title=”;)” />

chipperson says
looks like a winner to me!  :D

dlmweb says
Well, it took a few tries and a lot of css, but the plugin works and looks great. Best of all, it doesn’t conflict with other slideshow plugins like NextGen or WP-cycle – and – you support your plugin. Nice job, nice plugin!

joe8104 says
This plugin is great.

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