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The QR Encoder application lets you create your own QR Encoder website in minutes. Users can generate and completely customize QR codes on the site and afterwards save them as a vector graphic format or an rasterized image.


  • Several Content Types (URL, Email, MMS,…)
  • Export as .SVG or .PNG
  • Performance Optimized (98/100 on YSlow)
  • Customize Branding Notice on QR Codes
  • Predefined Ad-Spots for Monetization
  • 3 Themes included
  • Easy Customization with .LESS
  • Social Network-Ready

QR Code Customization

QR Encoder - 1

Three custom designs

QR Encoder - 2

Monetization Opportunities

QR Encoder - 3

What’s included?

This item includes the QR Encoder web application, 3 preset themes, the .LESS files for each theme, and a documentation file including further information about monetization opportunities with advertisement areas.

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