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TotalContest WordPress contest plugin

TotalContest is a
powerful WordPress contest plugin dedicated to run and
manage contests and competitions on your website. It was engineered to
give full control over the contest by providing many
features and options with optimized performance and easy interface.

TotalContest WordPress contest plugin frontend demo

TotalContest WordPress contest plugin backoffice demo

User Friendly, drag and drop and optimized interface in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Mobile optimization, responsive design, touch optimization and cross platform support in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Essentials built-in, multiple fields, different fields types, restrictions and limitations in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Search engines optimization (SEO), sitemap and structured data in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Insights of data, custom fields, logs and submissions in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Beauty, customizer, live preview and controllable behaviours in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Security and actively maintenance in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Developers support, extensibility, REST API and codex in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Customer support, extensive documentation, support reliability and satisfaction guarantee in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

add-ons concept like Templates and extensions in TotalContest WordPress contest plugin.

Buy TotalContest Pro with 6 months of support

Buy TotalContest Pro with 12 months of support

TotalContest Pro is GDPR ready.

Running a poll?

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User Friendly

With TotalContest, you can now
create contests within 60 seconds! Its user
friendly interface was expertly designed to make contest
creation hassle-free.




With Totalcontest, you gain more engagement with an optimal
viewing experience for your visitors. And your
contests will always look amazing whether in a
laptop, tablet or a smartphone.


SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is a very key factor for every
website. Thus, TotalContest makes
contests more search-engine friendly in order
to get more search traffic.



Do you need “Landing” or custom “Thank you” page? We have
got your back! With over 5
customization settings, you definitely have the
total control.


Custom Fields

Collecting additional information from voters has never been
that easy. With our unique 10 different field types, you can
absolutely collect everything.



Regular vote and submission tracking has been made easy. You can now
track votes and submissions daily, weekly and monthly.



TotalContest was
developed with performance in mind! It
functions without a glitch with WordPress.


Field types

Get more from your contests with Rich Text,
image, video,
audio and more.



Totalcontest integrates your contests everywhere like with a
shortcode, widget or even a
direct link.



Trace back every vote and submission, with an
informative log (status, IP, browser and time)
to identify any cheating attempts.


Voting & Participation Limitations

The ability of Totalcontest to control votes and submissions makes it
easy for you to specify
conditions under which visitors can vote or participate in a



The extensibility of TotalContest makes such
extensions and
templates possible. Developers can certainly
make TotalContest a step further to
suit your needs.




TotalContest is compatible with other plugins
and technologies like WPML,
Polylang, ACF,
HHVM, W3 Total Cache and




Help us
translate TotalContest to your language.


Enrich your contests with premium templates and extensions from the
creators of TotalContest.


Make your contests look compelling with customized templates.



Take TotalContest’s functionality a step further with powerful


Photo contest

Photo contest with basic fields and configuration.

         Video contest

Video contest with basic fields and configuration.


Audio contest

Audio contest with basic fields and configuration.

         Essay contest

Essay contest with basic fields and configuration.


Knowledge Base

knowledge base
cover every aspect of TotalContest functionality and provide a
step-by-step tutorials ang guides to get started with TotalContest in
almost no time.

Customer Support

Customer support
is our most important priority that’s why ~70% of reviews are about
support quality. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Features list


  • Made for WordPress using WordPress APIs.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy contest creation process.
  • One-click updates.
  • User friendly interface with mobile-first approach.
  • SEO ready contests enriched with structured data.
  • Unlimited contests, submissions, designs, colors, layouts, fonts with
    customization settings.
  • Custom fields: text, text area, checkbox, category, image, video, audio, rich text, file, drop down selection menu
    with custom CSS classes and validations (email, required etc…).
  • Portable contests. Export, import any contest with WordPress built-in
  • Detailed statistics and results.
  • Logs with detailed information (time, IP, browser etc…).
  • Support for WordPress 3.8+.
  • Support third-party plugins and technologies: WPML, Polylang, ACF, WP
    Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Varnish, HHVM and Nginx.
  • Different limitations: Cookies, IP, user role, date and time, quota
    and others.
  • Easy integration with WordPress: Widget, shortcode or direct link.
  • RTL support.
  • Contests archive.
  • Cache compatibility (W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, Quick Cache, Fastest
    Cache, WP Rocket, WPEngine, ZenCache, HyperCache, Varnish).
  • AJAX powered contests with fallback.
  • Translatable.
  • Support and knowledge base directly from your WordPress dashboard.


  • Create, edit, trash and delete contests.
  • Edit contest title, settings.
  • List contests with shortcodes and total submissions and votes.


  • Preview submission.
  • List submissions and total votes.
  • Mark submission as winner.
  • Override votes.

Limitations settings

  • Block re-vote/participation by cookies with possibility of setting a custom
  • Block re-vote/participation by IP with possibility of setting a custom timeout and
    white-listing and black-listing.
  • Set membership exclusivity (only selected user roles can vote).
  • Enable captcha (powered by reCaptcha).
  • Set a quota.
  • Set a start or end date or both.

Custom fields

  • Mange custom fields.
  • Set default value.
  • Enable validations.

    • Filled (required).
    • Email
    • Unique.
    • Allowed or forbidden words.
    • Regular expressions (regex).
    • File size.
    • File formats.
    • Image dimensions.
    • Video/Audio length.
  • Set custom CSS classes for field input and label.
  • Customize field template.
  • Include in statistics.

Design settings

  • Change contest’s template.
  • Set default values.
  • Reset to default values.
  • Customize typography settings (font family, line-height, size).
  • Customize template’s settings (colors, layouts, submissions per row etc…).

Pages settings

  • Set landing page content.
  • Create custom content pages.

Extensions manager

  • Install extension.
  • Uninstall extension.
  • Activate extension.
  • Edit extension.

Templates manager

  • Install template.
  • Uninstall template.
  • Activate template.
  • Edit template.


  • View extensions and templates.
  • Install or update extensions and templates directly from the store.


  • Migrate from TotalContest 1.x.
  • Purge cache (Templates cached CSS).
  • Import contests.
  • Export contests.


  • Activate TotalContest with Envato license key to receive updates
    directly on WordPress dashboard.

Support / Help

  • Search the knowledge base.
  • Open a support ticket.
  • Download debug and system information.
  • Change Log
  • Change Log
  • Change Log
  • Change Log

Version 1.4.0 (2018-03-03)

New Features

  • Template switcher.
  • Adding support for in-theme template (Just like WooCommerce and
    bbpress, in-theme template will always take precedence).


  • Improved modules management.
  • Some directories names are lowercase now to avoid case-sensitive OS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in pagination.

Version 1.3.0 (2017-11-18)

New Features

  • Ajax browsing for the contest.
  • Logs export.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with uploading on Firefox.
  • Fixed a bug in timezone.
  • Fix upload shortcode.
  • Fix the expressions saving bug.

Version 1.1.1 (2017-05-31)

Bug Fixes

  • Restrictions

    • User-based restriction not working properly.
  • Limitations

    • All limitations now follow WordPress timezone instead of server

Version 1.1.0 (2017-05-22)

New Features

  • Contest editor

    • Display custom content before / after submission content.
    • Give the ability to choose which size of image should be used for
      gallery view.
    • Ability to change “no preview” image to another image.
  • Notifications

    • Send notification when a submission has been created.

Bug Fixes

  • Shortcodes

    • Contest standalone gallery shortcode should display submissions
      properly now.
  • Tools

    • Expression not being saved.

Version 1.0.2

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a bug where some hosting environments won’t pass HTTP method
    correctly (fallback added).

Version 1.0.1

New Features

  1. Spanish language (CreditL Jose Pedraza. Thank you so much!).

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a bug where WordPress fails to handle save properly.

Version 1.0.0

  • First release! “Hello World” says TotalContest.

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