[Download] UTM Code Generator for Google Analytics Tracking URL Wordpress Plugin


In get to make the site visitors tracking easy, Google analytics established the UTM tracker, for this rationale
you ought to just take a search on the UTM Code Generator plugin for Wordpress, It helps you to build UTM backlinks

to track your readers/strategies uncomplicated.

UTM Code Generator Wordpress Plugin Functions

  • The plugin involves only your Google Analytics Tracking ID if you want to install monitoring code

    (if monitoring code not exists).

  • It can help you to create UTM one-way links for posts, webpages or/and each by its ID with once-click-


  • Easy sort to establish a cost-free UTM connection from your existing Wordpress or other site backlink.
  • Excellent assistance integrated to make clear the setting up sort.
  • The plugin provides menu in the admin bar for speedy creating.
  • The plugin assists you to retailer default UTM (post meta) values for each and every article or web site in the

    add/edit website page for posts or web pages.

  • Full command: help/disable admin bar choice.
  • Full command: help/disable plugin for posts, pages or the two.
  • Comprehensive control: help/disable setting up Google Analytics Monitoring code.
  • Whole command: the position of the Google Analytics Monitoring code (header or


  • Entire regulate: established default UTM values for builder wizard.

Why UTM Code Generator Wordpress Plugin?

  • Technoyer UTM Generator is a Wordpress plugin, It is easy to install and


  • Technoyer UTM Generator built on stable versions of PHP and Wordpress.
  • Technoyer UTM Generator designed to assistance you to create/produce google analytics UTM


  • Technoyer UTM Generator created to support you to install google analytics tracking

    code if it isn&#8217t present.


UTM Code Generator for Google Analytics Tracking URL Wordpress Plugin is the plugin you are wanted to

make your web internet marketing tremendous successful.

Transform Log

v 1.1

In accordance the shoppers issues from the obtain verification :
- Fixed: the buy verification process.

v 1.

Original Launch

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