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WordPress Post Table offers to display all posts or specific post as table in a searchable & sortable table view by Shortcode. Fully responsive and mobile friendly.


  • Table with selected post

    Post_Include feature added. Able to set specific post in table with custom order Easily.

  • Category list order customizable

    Advance Searchbox ’s category/taxonomy order is customizable.

  • Table Design Customizer

    Customize your Table’s design by our Table Design Customizer.

  • Number Pagination

    Page Number pagination Available for all type. Even able to disable for any specific table.

  • Ajax Pagination

    We have Strong and smooth pagination available. No need page load for pagination. It’s Ajax.

  • Keep saved table data

    All table will manage from post table custom_post_type, so no need to edit shortcode

  • Tiny Shortcode

    Table will manage based on ID, so shortcode to tiny.

  • Post Attributes

    In inliidual column – you are able to display all Atrributes of your inliidual post.

  • WordPress Post as Table

    With WordPress Post Table you can show all your posts or specific posts in a table.

  • Fully Mobile Responsive

    WordPress Post Table comes with a responsive design that is compatible with mobile(any display resolutions). You can add or remove columns as you want for mobile users.

  • Select your column with Checkbox To Make Your Table:

    You can choose what to show in your table. To choose an info, like Post Name/Categories just tick the checkbox, or keep untick otherwise.

  • Drag and drop feature to arrange tables column position

    By this feature, tables column position can easily be set as you need, and you can do it for inliidual table.

  • All Message customizable

    You may need to change pop-up messages. In this plugin, all messages are customizable.

  • Instant Search

    With this option you can search instantly with any keyword including category/tag etc.

  • Advance Query/Search Box

    Above the table you may add this feature to search any inliidual post within your website.

  • Page load for pagination

    Page load options available, below the table, that enables to load more posts in the table.

  • Mini Filter

    Right above the table there is a mini filter available to filter the posts via category/tag that have already loaded in the table.

  • Compatible with WCK

    The custom fileds and categories creatd by WCK works perfectly with WPT pro plugin.

  • Custom Taxonomy Support as column in Table

    This plugin supports custom taxonomy, that assigns post as column in a table.

  • Custom Fields Support as column in Table

    Enabling WCK plugin, custom fields can be added that are shown in table as a row.

  • Thumbs image LightBox

    Thumbs image lightbox is already added in this plugin. So you needn’t additional plugin to add the feature.

  • Mini-filter taxonomy Sorting

    There is a mini-filter available above the table, that can filter your posts assigns with taxonomy sorting.

  • Advance Searchbox taxonomy Sorting

    Like mini-filter taxonomy sorting, you can offer this in your advanced searchbox. When enable, your posts will assign as taxonomy order..

  • Able to Add/Remove Post link from Table

    You may want to show the post link to the visitors or hide this. Both is possible in WordPress Posts Table. Just enable/disable the post link upon your demand from the configure option.

  • Able to Add/Remove Post category/tag’s link from Table

    You can add post category/tag’s link or remove it in the table as you want.

  • Customizable Each Table Differently

    Through shortcode generator, you may customize each tabe or specific table differently.

  • Thumbs image LightBox

    Thumbs image lightbox is already added in this plugin. So you needn’t additional plugin to add the feature.

  • Table Headers Are Customizable

    All the table headers in the table can be edited, needs no coding. Just input the prefered text in shortcode generator panel.

  • Best Customer Support

    If you face any problem, don’t hesitate to connect at our support. We are here to help you.


  • Can I customize my table’s design?

    Ans:Yes, You able to customized your table design.

  • Is my table’s configuration is saved for use future?

    Ans:Yes, Each table’s configuration is saved as Table ID. You can edit any Table from the Table ID where your pre used table configuration remain same as before.

  • Is there any way, where I can duplicate or copy an existing Post_Table ’s shortcode

    Ans:Yes, You can use any Post Duplicator plugin. Don’t worry about temporay_number of table’s. Our plugin will automatically generate new one.

  • How does WordPress Post Table work?

    Ans:The plugin lets you add post tables to any page,
    post or widget by Shortcode. To create a WordPress table view, simply choose the options for your post tables on the settings page(Dashboard > Post Table>Add New) and Publish the Shortcode.

    You will get a table ID. Copy and paste that table id to your desired Page/Post.You can always contact us for expert advice on advance uses of WordPress Post Table.

  • Can I choose which posts are displayed?

    Ans:Yes, there are lot of options to choose which posts are included (or excluded) in the table. Select posts by categor, sort etc.

  • Can I customize the column headings?

    Ans:Yes, you can customize heading of all the columns in the table. Also you can hide the table header if you want.

  • Will it work with my theme?

    Ans:We have tested WordPress Post Table with a range of free and premium themes and are confident that it will work perfectly with your theme.

  • Which version of WordPress is supported?

    Ans:WordPress Post Table is fully tested with the latest version of WordPress. We always recommend running the most up-to-date version of WordPress, but this plugin supports older installations

  • Is there any Video Tutorial?

    Ans:Yes, there are few Youtube Video Tutorial available. Video link for WordPress Post Table using and configuring.

  • I want to show different post table in different pages based on different categories. Any way?

    Ans:Yes. Definitely there is a way. You can show your posts in the table according to your selected categories. For doing this go to Dashboard->Post Table->Shortcode Generator) and click on the Basics tab.You will find there a field “Category Includes” . Just click on that field and select your category which you want show, and finally generate the shortcode.

  • How to set a custom class name in the table, so that, I can apply custom design on the post table?

    Ans:Yes. You can set a class name for the table. For this Go to shortcode generator (Dashboard->Post Table->Shortcode Generator). Click on the Basics tab and find a field named “Set a Class name for Table” . Set your desired class name in the field. That’s it.

  • How to install the update?

    Ans:You can easily update our plugin. First, you’ve to deactive old version. Then, delete it. Now, reinstall again our latest version plugin and active it.

  • Is it possible to add some custom fields in the post table?

    Ans:Yes, it’s.You just add the custom field slug inside the shortcode with prefix of “cf_”. For example, If your custom slug is color then the shortcode will be just like this, column_keyword=’cf_color,thumbnails,post_title” column_title=’Color,Thumbnails,Post Title” . Thus you can add custom field into your post table.

  • Is it possible to change Mini Cart’s position of WPT Pro, or can I hide it?

    Ans:Yes, position can be changed. Also you can hide, if you want. When you generate a shortcode, you will get a drop-down option named “Mini Cart Position” from shortcode generator’s Basics Tab. There are three options named Top, Bottom or none. Select anyone from here.

  • Is “WordPress Post Table” plugin mobile friendly? Is it responsive?

    Ans:Yes. It’s 100% responsive. Even you can disable the responsive option, if you want.

  • How to change the column of table?

    Ans:Go to Dashboard and click on post table. Then in the shortcode generator section select column tab. Here will be a shortcode panel of different column. You can edit it here.

  • There are many message shown in the table, from where can i change it?

    Ans:Yes, it’s. You can change all types of messages from plugin’s configure page. Note: The table’s message, i mean the options we will change in configure page, is global. So, it will works for all table. All table will look alike.

  • Post table is working automatically responsive, any way to disable it?

    Ans:Yes, there is. Go to “Mobile Issue” tab in Shortcode Genarator. You will get a dropdown named “Mobile Responsive” . You can Enable/Disable it by “Yes/No

  • Is there a way, by which i won’t make my table responsive, instead, i will hide some column for mobile devices?

    Ans:Yes, it has. Go to “Mobile Issue” tab from shortcode generator, here you will get a drop-down called “Mobile Responsive”. Select “No Responsive” from “Yes/No Responsive” Then, check from “Hide on Mobile” option, which column you want to hide on mobile. Next, generate shortcode.You can edit shortcode , if you want. Use (mobile_hide=’here column_keywords with coma’).

  • I don’t want to show thumb image in the table. What to do in that case?

    Ans:Very easily, just avoid adding Thumbnails column. I mean, when you choose column to generate shortcode, choose your necessary column instead Thumbnails column and generate shortcode. That’s it.

  • How to disable the link of Categories and Tag?

    Ans:Navigate to Dashboard > Post Table > Configure. Then, select Yes from Disable [Categories and Tags] Link option.

  • How to set a custom class name in the table so that I can apply custom design on the post table?

    Ans:You can set a class name for the table. For this, go to shortcode generator (Dashboard > Post Table > Shortcode Generator). Click on the Basics tab and find a field named “Set a Class name for Table”. Set your desired class name in the field. Use (mobile_hide=’here column_keywords with coma’) otherwise. That’s it.

  • Is Thumbnails image re-sizable?

    Ans:Yes, you’re able to customize thumbs image for your post’s table. Go to Configure page of our plugin (Dashboard->Post Table->Configure). Over there, you will find a input box called “Thumbs Image Size”. Set your image size’s dimension. Remember, here supports only int/numeric number. So don’t insert px or inc etc. Only number. For example if you input 100 then image size will be 100px x 100px.

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