Get Algoritore – Code and Keygen Generator Download


Generate random and unique strings.


  • Completely customizable character pool and string length
  • Highly effective String Processor Program
  • Extendable!
  • Prefixing, Suffixing, Hypenation and substantially!


This is a genuinely light-bodyweight, but highly effective bundle.

The default generated string/code/keygen isn&#8217t that exiting. But I&#8217ve applied an innovative hook-system, which permits you to manipulate the code as you wish. To exhibit this I&#8217ve carried out all string manipulations as a String Processor (these are acquiring hooked into the class).

You can use the produced important by Algoritore for virtually almost everything, no matter whether you require API-Keys, e mail verifaction codes or the like. There are NO boundaries.

Extra Infos

This product is totally item orientated (OOP) and follows most effective practice and follows PSR conventions. Each individual approach is short and nicely commented. Just by looking at it you will fully grasp how it operates.
Nonetheless if you are a PHP beginner this class will be seriously effortless to use for you and you do not will need to realize how it is effective to deliver random codes:

$algoritore = new DaGardnerAlgoritoreAlgoritore
echo $algoritore->get()

and that&#8217s it!
Quick, isn&#8217t it!?

Make sure you have a appear on the demo website page to see the whole documentation for this merchandise.

This Item was examined with PHPUnit. The exam suite is hooked up in the deal. Like composer data files, documentation

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