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Angular Code Generator is a .internet desktop software that generates C# Data Accessibility Layer for SQL Server, Controllers for Web APi, Typscript documents for Angular and Stored treatments for Database. The goal of this software is to make application development easy.

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This web-site is established devoid of composing a one line of code.

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  • It generates C# classes as Styles (one particular for just about every table).
  • Creates techniques for CRUD functions.
  • Takes advantage of Singleton pattern for DALC layer.
  • Controller lessons for each individual desk.
  • Produces Typscript course for Providers, Parts, Versions, Modules, Routes.
  • Makes Html Data files, CSS documents, for every single desk as types. 
  • Contains the research element.
  • Supports Pagination, sorting.
  • Major critical and Identification vital managed.
  • Supports SQL Server Only.

Updates to this version.

  • Extra the exclude tables attribute. By utilizing this the tables which are not essential to crank out the code can be excluded.

Updates to past versions.

  • The code is generated at the shopper spot, the theame folder is supplied which is used for code generation. You can make slight improvements to css and format to customise the code generaton. Remember to notice only limited css and layout adjustments are permitted.
  • Your info is not sent to server and it doesnot need any online relationship even though making the code.
  • Modified the notify containers with the DialogRefs.
  • Taken care of the exceptions.
  • Executed the demanded industry validators and the numeric validations.
  • Extra snack bar to show the information.

All the adhering to facts kinds of SQL Server are supported: char, nchar, varchar, nvarchar, text, ntext, decimal, numeric,revenue, little bit,  timestamp, datetime, datetime2,  bigint, int, smallint.  

Generated Code includes:


  • Model Course: For each and every table a class is established that has all columns of the table as properties.
  • DALC Course: For each desk a class is developed that consists of approaches Insert, Update, Delete, Pick, Choose by Principal Important, Find with look for parameters.
  • Controllers : For every table a controller will be designed which is made up of solutions GetAll, GetByPrimaryKey, Update, Delete, Incorporate and an additional seachcontroller(if it is selected for) which incorporates strategy Look for with params.

Angular TypeScript information

  • For display screen : Each table will have Part file, html file, css file.
  • For Include and Update : Every table will have Element file, html file, css file, company file and module file.
  • For Delete : Every single desk will have Component file, services file and module file.
  • Solutions : Each and every desk will have a individual support file.

Saved strategies

  • For just about every table an Insert SP, Update SP, Delete SP, Pick SP, SelectBy Primarykey SP, SelectBy Params SP will be designed.

All the hooked up world wide web display screen created by this instrument. With out composing a single line of code.

**It needs principal important for just about every desk, if not a column must be selected in the tool. It supports only a single key vital.


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