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An easy to use yet powerful caching plugin for WordPress. Delivers your content in milliseconds, improves your ranking, and makes your visitors happy.

What is a caching plugin and how does it increase my WordPress performance?

WordPress is a database powered platform which generates content dynamically.

The more content and plugins you have the more database requests are executed. This can slow down your site’s performance, especially when your database is located on a different server.

A cache plugin like Borlabs Cache saves the dynamically generated content as a static file on your server’s storage. When the page is requested, this static file is loaded and send to the visitor, which is dramatically faster than the regular database requests. But that is not all. Your pages contain a lot of unnecessary whitespace or HTML-Comments, which only increases the overall size of the page, but are not important for your e.g. layout or design. Borlabs Cache removes all of them and uses GZIP to compress your page, which saves your and your visitor’s traffic.

Many plugins have their own JavaScript and CSS files, which results in more requests to your server. Borlabs Cache combines all these JavaScript and CSS files so that in the best case your visitor only has to load one JavaScript file and one CSS file.

These are just some examples, what Borlabs Cache does to increase your site’s performance.



  • Caches every page, post, feed, category, tag, etc.
  • Define individual cache lifetimes for home, categories, pages, posts, feeds, custom post types, etc.
  • Automatically refreshes the cache…
    • …of…
      • …the post…
      • …home…
      • …the archive…
      • …what ever you want…
    • …when…
      • …a comment was written
      • …a post was published
      • …ever you want
  • Exclude from caching by…
    • …query string
    • …path, e.g. /dont-cache.html, or with regular expression
    • …post type
    • …user agent
    • …cookie
  • Complete header managment
    • Cache-Control
    • Max-Age
    • Last-Modified
    • ETag
    • and much more…


  • JavaScript
    • Merge JavaScript files into a single file
    • Minify and compress JavaScript
    • Defer JavaScript
    • Place JavaScript into header or footer
  • CSS
    • Merge CSS files into a single file
    • Minify and compress CSS
    • Optimize Google Font embedding
  • HTML
    • Compress HTML
    • Remove HTML-comments
    • Remove unnecessary whitespace
  • DNS-Prefetching
  • Miscellaneous Settings
    • Disable WordPress meta-generator tag
    • Disable third-party meta-generator tags
    • Disable emoji
    • Disable feeds link
    • Disable manifest
    • and much more…
  • Database Optimization

Unique Features

  • Fragment Caching: keep parts of your site dynamic and not static
  • Security Headers: Content-Control-Policy, XSS-Protection, and much more
  • View Cache: See all cached pages and get statistics about them page. Remove or refresh a specific page of the cache
  • Cache Preloading: Keep all your pages up-to-date. Your customers always get your content super fast
  • Cache Presets: Different cache settings for every kind of website like ecommerce, magazine, corporate, etc.


  • Multisite: Individual cache settings for every site of your WordPress Multisite installation
  • Multilingual: Works with WPML, qTranslate, and many others
  • Ecommerce: Works with WooCommerce, automatically excludes cart & checkout by default with our ecommerce-preset
  • CDN: Use your favorite CDN like StackPath (MaxCDN), KeyCDN, CloudFlare or any other


Version 1.5.2, 10th July 2019

  • Improved message handling
  • Fixed PHP 7.3 deprecated notice

Version 1.5.1, 3rd April 2019

  • Improved, license key is now masked
  • Fixed a very very rare issue when using Fragment Caching + LazyLoad which could result in a fatal error
  • Fixed issue when external JavaScript was missing when using Smart Bundles
  • Fixed styles of paging buttons in  “View Cache” when using WordPress 5.x

Version 1.5.0, 19th March 2019

  • Added option to exclude <style>-tags when merging CSS
  • Fixed issue in the install routine on multisite networks (the update routine will fix that)

Version 1.4.1, 12th February 2019

  • Fixed srcset modification when using a CDN

Version 1.4, 6th January 2019

  • Updated minify
  • Improved handling of cache index when moving a page to trash
  • Added option to create smart bundles of JavaScript files
  • Added option to disable a cache-refresh option in QuickEdit
  • Added option to create separate cache files for mobile devices
  • Added CDN support for picture-tag
  • Added support for DONOTCACHEPAGE constant
  • Fixed timestamp for header Expires
  • Removed embedded support-system, link to ticket system instead

Version 1.3.1, 24th July 2018

  • Fixed compatibility issue with Oxygenbuilder

Version 1.3, 18th July 2018

  • Added ability for cacheable Nonces
  • Fixed, cache folder location respects WP_CONTENT_DIR setting now
  • Fixed error notice issue under cache-exception
  • Fixed memory_limit handling when setting is -1

Version 1.2.1, 23th April 2018

  • Improved handling of plugin_information hook
  • Fixed wording
  • Fixed missing path in Garbage Collector

Version 1.2, 7th April 2018

  • Improved, refresh of the cache after applying the new configuration is now optional
  • Improved handling of admin notices
  • Improved default cache exception rules
  • Improved support formular, transmits value of memory_limit and allow_url_fopen setting
  • Improved, Trial License automatically disables when valid until is exceeded
  • Added option for developers to tell Borlabs Cache Preloader to use their custom prefix when preloading the site (this is a really cool feature which is hard to describe in one sentence)
  • Added option to limit number of simultaneous tasks when creating and optimizing a cache file
  • Added option to enable/disable cache preloader
  • Added lifetime for 404 cache index entry after which it is deleted
  • Added cache maintenance option to clear CSS pre-cache files
  • Added option to fix missing semicolons in JavaScript
  • Added Borlabs Cache menu to admin toolbar to refresh cache
  • Added option to disable Borlabs Cache menu item in admin toolbar
  • Added option to exclude taxonomies
  • Added instant preloading of post/page when published
  • Added tool to parse your XML Sitemap to build the cache-index
  • Added preload statistic chart to the dashboard
  • Changed default cache lifetimes. We recommend to perform a Cache reset after the update
  • Support & Update period of an Envato purchase code will now be used to determine the license status. This will not be applied for purchases codes issued before this update.

Version, 3rd March 2018

  • Improved HTML minification
  • Added third-party developer helper class

Version 1.1.9, 11th February 2018

  • Improved update routine
  • Improved search in View Cache
  • Improved loading of CSS/JS files when using the URL instead of the local path
  • Improved handling of files when they are not stored within /wp-content/
  • Improved cache exception rule for xml-sitemaps
  • Improved text for obstinate users which are still using PHP 5.3 or older
  • Improved license unlink process
  • Added cache exception rule for amp-sites
  • Added cache exception rule for .rss sites which are not marked as “feed” within WordPress
  • Added option to tell Borlabs Cache that nginx is running and no write-permission for .htaccess is required
  • Added compatibility class
  • Fixed image loading issue when CDN and LazyLoad were active at the same time

Version, 4th December 2017

  • Updated URLs to knowledge base
  • Improved performance by 30% when creating a cache file
  • Fixed minor template issue
  • Fixed rare case where inline JavaScript was not detected
  • Fixed rare case where local CSS / JavaScript was marked as external

Version 1.1.8, 27th November 2017

  • Improved update routine
  • Improved upgrade routine
  • Improved “Available version” notice on dashboard after update
  • Added action hooks and filters for more flexibility, see Codex for more information
  • Added lazy load functionality for images
  • Added charset header for requested pages
  • Added CORS rules when CDN is activated
  • Added caching exception when wp_get_current_commenter() has values
  • Added ability to exclude sections from being optimized (for example you can exclude scripts now)
  • Fixed information abour Commercial benefits when license is already Commercial

Version, 23th November 2017

  • Fixed fallback for compression of CSS/JS

Version, 20th November 2017

  • Improved compatibility with interal redirection from 3rd party plugins
  • Fixed issue where whitespace was removed from fragment caching code

Version, 18th November 2017

  • Fixed issue where JavaScript was not correctly placed into the footer
  • Fixed translations
  • Fixed issue in license template

Version 1.1.7, 13th November 2017

  • Updated minification class to latest version
  • Improved namespaces PSR-4 compliance
  • Improved handling of 404 entries. When a post is published Borlabs Cache checks if the posts url is indexed as 404 and removes it
  • Improved cache buffer handling and theme compatibility
  • Added option to remove license data for easier license transfer to new websites
  • Added option to enable CSS/JS minification. Was active before by default but without an option
  • Added ability to serve CSS/JS from a cookieless domain
  • Added nonces for CSRF protection
  • Changed defer-attribute default status. Is disabled by default now in all presets
  • Changed default value for external script position from “after” to “before”
  • Changed handling of features of Commercial-license. They are no longer hidden when a Personal-license is active instead, they are displayed but unable to be used
  • Fixed <head>-tag detection when <head> is using attributes
  • Fixed issue with ”<?xml”-tags in cached files
  • Fixed issue with not redirected http connection when WordPress is configured for https
  • Fixed issue where defer-attribute was set even when “merge javascript files” was disabled
  • Fixed issue when zlib.output_compression is turned on
  • Fixed ExpiresByType duplicates
  • Fixed issue with detection of old php versions
  • Fixed encoding issue on 404 pages when server sends error messages
  • Removed Method A settings for CSS/JS

Version, 10th November 2017

  • This update is just a preparation for the upcoming version 1.1.7

Version 1.1.6, 15th October 2017

  • Improved e-commerce cache preset
  • Improved HTTPS detection when server is behind load balancer
  • Improved script-tag detection
  • Improved defer-attribute placement
  • Improved input handling of license key/purchase code
  • Added debugging class. If debugging (in wp-config.php) is enabled the minification is disabled but merging is still active
  • Added notification when zlib.output_compression is active
  • Added style position setting for Method B
  • Added option to disable “refresh cache” notification after the status of a plugin or theme has changed
  • Fixed missing defer-attribute on script-tags with external JavaScript source
  • Fixed wrong defer-attribute on script-tags of type application/ld+json
  • Deprecated JavaScript Method A – will be removed in future updates
  • Deprecated CSS Method A – will be removed in future updates

Version, 19th August 2017

  • Improved Method B’s script detection
  • Improved update routine
  • Fix for Method B’s detection of dynamic JavaScript/CSS

Version, 17th August 2017

  • Improved Method B, <link>-tags with media queries will now merged correctly
  • Improved displayed time to create/time to load when cache file is created
  • Improved handling of backend messages
  • Added logging for debugging Method B
  • Fixed Method B, resolving the path to a file in nested CSS files now works correctly when WordPress is installed into a subdirectory
  • Removed deprecated WordPress function is_comments_popup()

Version 1.1.5, 13th August 2017

  • Improved update routine
  • Improved speed of Method B
  • Added instant preload of the homepage after config was applied
  • Added a message when a plugin/theme was activated/disabled/switched that Borlabs Cache needs a cache refresh
  • Added option to refresh the cache of feeds when a post was published
  • Added option for Method B to place external JavaScript before or after local JavaScript
  • Added many options to clear the <head> of WordPress (remove emojis, meta-generators, manifest, etc.)
  • Fixed a rare situation when Borlabs Cache could not find the function is_user_logged_in and did not start caching
  • Fixed cache presets for Method B

Version 1.1.4, 10th August 2017

  • Added new second merging method for CSS and JavaScript
  • Added Google Font optimization for new merging method
  • Added minification for new merging method for CSS and JavaScript
  • Added a message when PHP memory_limit is too low

Version 1.1.3, 5th August 2017

  • Improved update routine
  • Added CDN support
  • Fixed meta box displays wrong information when current page is set as front page under rare circumstances
  • Fixed missing fragment caching settings when using the importer
  • Removed .DS_Store files

Version, 2nd August 2017

  • Fix for static CSS files with ? on local path.

Version 1.1.2, 30th July 2017

  • Improved cache presets.
  • Added update routine. You can now check and update Borlabs Cache like every other plugin
  • Added BORLABS_CACHE_HTACCESS_PATH for overwriting path to .htaccess when using Subresource Integrity (SRI).

Version 1.1.1, 22nd July 2017

  • Improved JavaScript merging
  • Improved visualization of detected JavaScript handles and their dependency
  • Improved CSS merging
  • Added ability to exclude JavaScript with dependencies
  • Added ability to force JavaScript handles to enqueue
  • Added Referrer-Policy header

Version 1.1.0, 15th July 2017

  • Improved CSS merging
  • Improved JavaScript merging
  • Improved handling of the Custom cache preset
  • Improved fragement caching
  • Optimized english translation
  • Optimized caching process
  • Added version and update checker to the dashboard
  • Added german translation
  • Added JavaScript Defer option
  • Added header security management (Content-Control-Policy, Strict-Transport-Security, X-Frame-Options, X-Content-Type-Options, X-XSS-Protection)
  • Added new debug option
  • Added detection if Borlabs Cache can work properly or if some folder-permissions need to be corrected
  • Added message when Borlabs Cache was installed and need to be configured
  • Added search for 404 pages in Cache View
  • Added new license type Basic Plus

Version 1.0.1, 5th July 2017

  • Fix JavaScript and CSS merging

Version 1.0, 16th June 2017

  • Release of Borlabs Cache

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