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Create sales-generating timers for your website with Elfsight Countdown plugin. Heat up the atmosphere and create a feeling of scarcity for your items, showing how they get sold out right before the clients’ eyes. Increase urgency for purchase with time ticking down to the finish of the special offer period. Draw attention to your upcoming events and keep your audience eagerly waiting for the start with countdown clock for WordPress.

This plugin is your choice if

  • You want to create countdown timers for your discount periods
  • You wish to set remaining-time counters per every visitor
  • You want to have attractive holiday theme sales bars
  • You need a stock or sales counter
  • You are searching for a reliable solution to save your time and money

What you get with our plugin

Countdown timer to build urgency

It’s easy to configure a custom countdown plugin, that will be ticking down time to the end of a special offer of discount period. It will help you cause a feeling of urgency among website visitors and stimulate them to buy.

Remaining time-counter per visitor

Drive your clients to make a positive buying decision faster with a personal countdown timer for each visitor. It will show the time left till the end of their personal offer, discount, or bonus and speed up sales.

Start-to-finish counter

With a custom counter you can create an impression of scarcity: item stock is going down right in front of customers’ eyes and the number of clients viewing the item is increasing. Just set the starting and finishing numbers to set it working and the timer is ready to go.

Two scenarios after timer is over

There are two variants of action after the timer is finished. You can choose the timer to disappear from the page, or it can be replaced by a message that you will come up with.

Flexible timer duration

Your Countdown Clock can be set for any duration of time, with the help of different time units. They include days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Thus you can, for example, turn а year into 365 days, or 2 days in 48 hours. You can show all units or hide those you don’t use in your timer.

Call-to-action to stimulate purchasing

Create a call-to-action, which will build up urgency, make your visitors excited and push them to shop on your website right now. For this use a message above the Countdown widget, simply create and type the text and it will show on the page.

Button for faster buying

Add a button under the Countdown Timer, that will direct customers to a purchase page or to any other page you set. Don’t let a single user miss a purchase and shorten the buying journey. You can also edit button label and enter the one that will sound encouraging.

Holiday themes to create the mood

With theme sales bars for holiday sales and special offers, you will keep your website in the mood and attract shoppers. Use one of the predefined themes: Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Valentine’s and more. Keep a celebration atmosphere to attract sales.

Flexible positioning on the page

You are free to choose between different variants of Countdown plugin position. Set a static bar on the header of the page, create a floating top or bottom bar, or choose a custom position on the page, in this case you can also align the widget center, left, or right.

Adaptive sizes of the elements

To make your perfect widget, you can set the size of the clock and the button independently. Set them the same size or scale them differently. For both elements, there are handy scroll bars which make finding the right size easy.

5 ready-to-use timer styles

Five embedded style templates help you create a Countdown Timer that will fit into your WordPress website and reflect its design concept. Each of them is applied just in one click and you can try them all to decide which is yours.

Paintable elements of the interface

In our widget there are four elements for which you can choose your custom colors timer, button, timer labels and message text. Choose your own color to get a unique look.

Ultimately responsive widget

We want our WordPress Countdown plugin to suit every need of yours and your visitors. That’s why it perfectly works on any device, including tablets and smartphones and with any display resolution.

Intuitive and flexible editor

Never before has customizing been so easy and fast. Try our handy editor and get your plugin the look, which will best suit your website, in just few easy steps.

Automatic updates

New features and bug fixes will be automatically installed to your plugin. All you need to do is to get a purchase code and activate your license in the plugin. Automatic updates will be up and running to ensure you the most smooth experience.

The plugin is 100% compatible with WordPress

Never worry about the compatibility, our plugin works perfectly with any WP theme, including these, the most popular on Themeforest:

  • Avada
  • Jupiter
  • BeTheme
  • Enfold
  • Flatsome
  • X
  • Salient
  • Bridge

Elfsight WordPress Countdown Timer can be installed to any place of your website. Pick the variant of installation, which is suitable for you:

WordPress shortcode

After creation of a widget of the plugin, you will get its shortcode. You can use it as a common WordPress shortcode, for example, add it to the page.

WordPress Guttenberg Editor

Use a special Guttenberg block of the plugin while building your page.

Visual composer support

Our Countdown Clock plugin has Visual Composer element of approved page builders to make it handy for you to work with the plugin if you use the builder.

Native WordPress widget

You can easily add Elfsight Countdown Timer plugin to any WordPress sidebar or footer of your website for better user experience.

Minimum requirements

Our plugin has minimum requirements, which allows it to work on almost any WordPress website out of the box:

  • WordPress 3.5+ ready
  • jQuery 1.7+ (included into WordPress by default)

How to add Countdown Timer to WordPress

We offer one of the easiest installations you will see, it’s very fast and intuitive. Simply follow these steps and enjoy smooth work of our plugin:

  1. After purchase, download plugin archive.
  2. Upload setup zip to your website. IMPORTANT! At this stage, make sure you upload not a full item zip, but just WordPress installable zip.
  3. Activate the plugin. Go to plugin settings page via main menu.
  4. Create a new widget then customize it using Live Widget Editor.
  5. Simply copy and paste the shortcode of the widget to the preferred page of your website. Congratulations! Now the Countdown Clock plugin is up and running!

Have doubts or need help?

Then just start a ticket in Support Center at and we will be back with professional help quickly. Expect our response Mon – Fri from 10am to 7pm CET. We are open to our customers and aim at getting better!

We are a close-knit and highly trusted team of full-time developers with 10-year experience. Sharing the same goals and putting our best knowledge into what we do make us successful. One of our priorities is bringing the of satisfaction with our products to our clients! That’s why you can always rely on us!

Our Support Includes

Fixing plugin bugs

Our Countdown plugin for WordPress doesn’t work properly on your website? Report your issue or bug by describing it in details and send us a link to your website. We’ll do our best to find a solution.

Life-time updates

We release new updates and features on a regular basis. Just check for the fresh version in WordPress admin panel.

Customer-friendly development

We are always open to your ideas. If you require some specific features, which might as well improve our products, then just drop us a line. We will consider embedding them in the future updates.

Our Support Does not Include

Countdown plugin installation

We don’t provide setup services for our plugin setup services. However, we’re happy to offer you installation guides. And if any errors come up during installation, feel free to contact us. If you still would like installation to be fulfilled by a professional, you can contact specialists from Envato Studio.

Countdown Timer customization

We don’t offer plugin customization services. If you would like to adjust the way some features are represented, share your ideas with us, and we will take them into account for future updates. If you need it right now, feel free to contact Envato Studio for customization services.

Third-party issues

We don’t fix bugs or issues of other plugins and themes, developed by third party developers. Also we don’t offer integration services for 3rd-party plugins and themes.

Missing a feature? Just ask for it!

You can always contact us at and share your feedback. In case there’s something you would like to change in the WordPress Countdown plugin, we will be glad to hear your suggestions. The most requested features will be included into new updates to make our clients satisfied and help them achieve their aims.

If you need any customization right now, feel free to contact Envato Studio for customization services.

Still haven’t checked our plugin live? Do it right now on the WordPress Countdown Timer page!

Change Log – new version 1.2.0 is available for download

May 16, 2019 – Version 1.2.0

### Added
 * Translation files for the plugin admin panel

### Changed
 * jQuery dependency removed 
 * Timer responsiveness improvements for small resolutions

### Fixed
 * RTL issue

April 19, 2019 – Version 1.1.0

### Added
 * Show/hide button option
 * Option of setting restart time for remaining time counter
 * Settings for button after timer finishes
 * Button to close timer bar on mobile devices
 * New action after timer finishes - redirect user to URL

### Changed
 * The button is now activated and deactivated with a separate setting, not with a link
 * Responsiveness improved
 * jQuery dependency removed

### Fixed
 * Safari bug fixed

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