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Bold design, innovative features, developed for education/academic websites from Elementary through to High School, Ed School is the obvious choice.



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Ed School is for School Websites

Designed and developed with experience in building websites for school users ‘Ed School’ is filled with the useful kinds of features you need to easily create a beautiful fluid, modern school websites. Feature Teacher and Tutor Profiles, ramp up your social media efforts or schedule and manage your School’s events with the events calendar for WordPress – all from within a familiar and easy to use WordPress Dashboard. Teamed up with the powerful Theme Options Panel for Ed School and the skies are the limit.

Create with WPBakery Page Builder & Slider Revolution

MIssing something? Dreaming of the ultimate tweak or creating the perfect we element that you want to reuse on other pages? No problem. Take your website to the next level with Ed School plus your bundled copy of the #1 Drag & Drop Page Builder, WPBakery Page Builder PLUS Slider Revolution. You can create almost any web element thinkable with the Drag & Drop simplicity of the #1 top selling plugin for WordPress, WPBakery Page Builder. Teamed up with Slider Revolution – as they say, it’s not just a slider plugin, it’s a new way to deliver ideas. Create beautiful content in a creative way whether it’s a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or full page animated slider, with the powerhouse Drag & Drop Editor, Slider Revolution has you covered.

Modern, Responsive Design

Everything from our huge Mega Menu, Footer options, Typography and of course layout have been meticulously crafted, coded and developed with today’s modern devices in mind. Bring your school website up to speed with a thoroughly responsive design and never worry about device compatibility for your students again.

Creative Headers & Footers

Sometimes the difference between an average website, and an awesome website that teachers, students and parents remember, talk about and use is as simple as a well designed header. A good header is the entry point to your user experience, how a person will navigate, find and use your website. It’s so important and often forgotten about. Not so with Ed School! With the ease of drag and drop via WPBakery Page Builder, you have access to over 80 different elements to create the ultimate user experience via your header (and footer!). Be bold and creative, yet intuitive and ultimately usable. Your scholars will love you for it.

Stunning Easy to Use Demos

We haven’t gone down the ‘ultimate bundle, mega super everything and the kitchen sink multipurpose website blah blah’ path with Ed School. We’ve taken the less is more approach by researching what makes a great scholastic website and designing for that niche specifically. With that in mind we have built two very purposeful complete Homepage Demos that we think you will love. You can start from there, tweak it a little, add your own content and images and be ready to punch out a professional website quickly and easily. On top of that we think you will find the additional inner page layouts super useful too, because they have been tailored for education websites. It just makes sense. Take a look at the demos now.

Bundled Plugins

It makes sense to include the right plugins that extend functionality because you don’t want compatibility issues later on. So we built Ed School with the best of the best plugins already checked and integrated to guarantee you won’t have compatibility issues. This includes the powerful Contact Form 7 for awesome webforms, Tribe Events Plugin for an easy to use events calendar and more.

No Programming Required

All of this and more, right off the shelf is ready to use and help you create an awesome school website without programming a single line of code.


Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets
  • FAQ section


/* 2019-11-12 v2.9.0 */
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution 6.1.4
- UPDATE: Child page sidebar improved and redesigned

/* 2019-08-19 v2.8.0 */
- NEW: Elementor integration
- NEW: Elementor demo
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution 6.0.9

/* 2019-07-23 v2.7.0 */
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution 6.0.7
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.5
- UPDATE: Mammoth Mega Menu 1.3.0

/* 2019-07-12 v2.6.0 */
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution 6.0.2

/* 2019-06-26 v2.5.0 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.3
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution
- Some of functionality moved from Ed School plugin to separate plugins. Upon update, theme will prompt for plugin installation.

/* 2019-02-20 v2.4.0 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.7
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution

/* 2019-01-09 v2.3.0 */
- FIX: Theme Icon addon not displaying in WPBakery Front Builder

/* 2018-12-27 v2.1.2 */
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution
- FIX: Function name conflict with LifterLMS

/* 2018-12-05 v2.1.1 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.6

/* 2018-11-06 v2.1.0 */
- NEW: Added Teacher categories and ability to filter teachers by category in Teachers addon.
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.5
- FIX: Breadcrumbs ordering
- FIX: Megamenu FOUC

/* 2018-10-02 v2.0.1 */
- FIX: Version 2.0.0 preloader issue

/* 2018-10-01 v2.0.0 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.4
- UPDATE: Code update in accordance with new Theme Forest coding standards

/* 2018-06-20 v1.3.0 */
- NEW: Prescolaire and Kinergarten demos
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.5
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution 5.4.8

/* 2018-04-19 v1.2.7 */
- FIX: High School demo broken links
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution

/* 2018-03-14 v1.2.6 */
- FIX: Instagram addon return invalid data

/* 2018-03-13 v1.2.5 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution

/* 2018-02-12 v1.2.4 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.5
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution 5.4.7

/* 2017-10-31 v1.2.3 */
- NEW: Polylang integration
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.4
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution

/* 2017-11-10 v1.2.2 */
- FIX: Translate Breadcrumb labels from pot file
- FIX: VC Role Manager integration

/* 2017-11-07 v1.2.1 */
- ADD: Translate Breadcrumb labels from pot file
- FIX: Auto update

/* 2017-10-31 v1.2.0 */
- UPDATE: WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.2
- UPDATE: Slider Revolution

/* 2017-07-28 v1.1.1 */
- NEW: Highschool Demo 2

/* 2017-07-28 v1.1.0 */
- NEW: Highschool Demo
- NEW: VC Addon Hexagon Icon
- UPDATE: VC Addon Post List - Additional layouts 2, 3
- UPDATE: VC Addon Events - Additional layouts 2, 3
- UPDATE: Submenu arrow placement
- UPDATE: VC Addon Theme Button - Additinal color controls

/* 2017-07-10 v1.0.2 */
- FIX: Installation video link

/* 2017-06-23 v1.0.1 */
- FIX: Entry meta author shows public display name
- FIX: Submenu arrow level alignment css

/* 2017-05-05 v1.0.0 */
- Initial release

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