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Latest update: 22 Jun 2016. Version: 4.7.3. Platform: for Wordpress.

The Like 2 Unlock plugin for Wordpress is a Like Button and content locker in one bottle, which allows you to lock specified content on a web page until a user clicks the Like Button and help you to get more likes, fans, traffic and customers!

Why Does The Like Button Not work On Your Website In Fact?

You use a standart Like Button on your site but people don’t click the one as often as you would like? Needless to say, a Like button is a very powerful tool that can help you to drive more social traffic, fans and customers. It should be, but usually it is not.

Even if people like your content, site or fanpage, they don’t click a Like Button because they don’t worry about you, your benefits or your traffic. It’s not their problem.

Just Ask People To “Pay” With A Like! Giva A Reason!

You should give people a reason why they need to click a Like Button. Ask people to “pay” with a Like to get access to your content or some sevices and the button will start to work in fact as it should be!

Use the Like 2 Unlock plugin to lock discounts, videos, download links, images, bonus content, forms and more until a user clicks the Like Button. It’s honest and natural way to increase the number of likes, to get additional traffic and more customers from the social network.

Look at how it works…

Like 2 Unlock for Wordpress - 1

Info about user’s Like is posted in Facebook immediately on the wall, in the Activity Feed and in the Ticker of him friends!

Note: You may continue to use Like buttons or other social buttons on your site as you used them earlier. The plugin will work perfect without any problems.

Key Features

Any URL to like: a fan page, a website or a current URL where the plugin is installed. Just set a required URL and it’s all you need to get started.

Preset Styles. We want to make a use of our plugins as simple as possible. So we added some preset styles for you. Feel free to use their.

Highly customizable. The plugin provides a considered html markup that allows you to create your own style for the locker. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, paddings, backgrounds, shadows, can add your own graphic elements. No coding required. Just add some CSS rules.

Helper Tools. We know that a good business is an agile business. So the plugin comes with some helper tools that make the locker agile. It’s a timer and a close button that allow a user to unlock content without clicking of a Like Button.

And many others:

  • Allows to show the locker only for users who have a Facebook profile.
  • SEO friendly. Fully transparent for search engines (Google, Bing etc).
  • Compatible with all the popular browsers (including mobile).
  • Remembers users who have already liked your page via the cookies.
  • Comes with the Watchdog. It’s a special mechanism that unlocks content automatically if some things are going wrong. For example, if access to Facebook is forbidden by company policy.
  • Provides an ability to load content via ajax.
  • Blocking any type of content: text, videos, images, links, forms and more.
  • Full integration with the already installed Like Buttons.
  • Provides events for developers: Unlock, Lock, Ready and others.
  • Qualitative performance optimization. Does not add extra load on your blog.

Looking for a jQuery version? Click here.

What People Say

Great! Thank you! I Love You! – amlet66

Awesome plugin! I love the concept of having people Like things on FB before they’ve actually gotten to see the content. It’s the only way I can get people to like my stuff!! – xefned

Great Support! – oliveira2012

5 stars, superb work! – EireStudio

Thanks for this great plugin! Bought in just seconds, because of all the different styles of possibilities to include the script – Bernd Voglmeier

Just bought it and it works perfectly! – Tatiana

I have used this on two sites and both times worked beautifully! I had a couple of issues installing on my second site however the developer spent a couple of hours of his own time assisting me. Thank you very much and great product! – Chris Evers

Thanks for the script, it is really amazing. – ccamilo

Need Support, We Got You Covered

All of our plugins come with free support. We care about your plugin after purchase just as much as you do. We want to make your life easier and make you happy about choosing our plugins.

We have a help desk setup for our users, making it easy to fill out a ticket. We guarantee to respond to every inquiry within 1 business day (typical response time is 3 hours).

Change Log

The latest updates:

v.4.7.3 – 22 Jun 2016

  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with Wordpress 4.5+.
  • UPDATED:The Strict Mode removed as obsolete.

v.4.7.2 – 21 May 2014

  • IMPROVED: Added the the link to the article on how to fix the error: “The following permissions have not been approved for use and are not being shown to people using your app: user_likes”.

v.4.7.0 – 23 Apr 2014

  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with WP 3.8 and WP 3.9.
  • FIXED: A lot of bugs.

v.4.7.0 – 23 Apr 2014

  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with WP 3.8 and WP 3.9.
  • FIXED: A lot of bugs.

WARNING! If you get an error while trying to download the update, please reinstall the plugin by using the latest archive from CodeCanyon (v.4.7.0+).

Important: if you use CDN, please purge your CDN after installing the update.

v.4.5.6 – 11 Feb 2014

  • FIXED: The layout error that appears after the recent Facebook update.

Note: Please update your lockers to fix the bug totally (open the locker editor for shortcodes you’re using and click the Update button at the right-top corner).

v.4.5.5 – 6 Jan 2014

  • FIXED: A minor bug of incorrect version titles.

v.4.5.4 – 1 Sep 2013

  • FIXED: A bug when the locker with the Ajax option enabled returns “0” instead of content.
  • FIXED: A bug when the locker doesn’t show content after liking because the URL for liking doesn’t have a traling slash.

v.4.5.2 – 16 Apr 2013

  • NEW: Ready for Internationalization and localization.
  • NEW: Translated to Russian language. Thanks to Alex Kovalev.
  • NEW: Increased reliability against the conflicts with other plugins.

v.4.5.0 – 26 Mar 2013 – MAJOR UPDATES

The plugin has been moved on another program platform. The functionality of the plugin is still the same. But the new platform allows to provides some linked services such as auto updates, a usage of the plugin during a trial period and others that will be announced in the future.

Please note: it requires submitting a license key to get started to use the plugin after installation.

And also:

  • NEW: An ability to hide the locker for registered member.
  • NEW: A debug option on the setting page to show the locker always even the one was unlocked.

v.4.2.2 – 20 Jan 2013
The bug of WordPress permissions was fixed.

v.4.2.1 – 3 Jan 2012
Portuguese (Brazil) language added.

v.4.2.0 – 2 Jan 2012

  • Support of mobile devices improved (including touch screens).
  • The preset themes were made fully responsive.

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