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What is .Web Compiler?

With the .Internet Compiler module you may well compile .Internet resource code (with C# or VB syntax) at runtime, create occasion of compiled classes and Execute their features. You can compile code from data files or directly from a string.

How does .Web Compiler operate?

  1. Compile your supply code with or with out precise compiler parameters (optionally increase references to Microsoft .Web or 3rd celebration libraries like System.World-wide-web.dll or WinSCPnet.dll)
  2. Generate an occasion to a course (static or non-static doesn&#8217t make any difference) from the assembly step 1 just created. For creating an occasion you will need the comprehensive namespace in which the class is in (e.g. &#8220MVCApplication.Core.Login&#8221) and the actual course identify.
  3. Directly execute a technique in that occasion and pass parameters or get a delegate to that process to call

Combine .Net Compiler in your job

Just insert the compiler project to your remedy or increase the develop as a reference. There is also an instance undertaking in the solution that is nicely documented for straightforward starting.

What is integrated

  • total resource code
  • case in point information
  • instance undertaking
  • weighty commented instance and library (public strategies)


  • 1. (2015-05-10)
    • preliminary release

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