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Php Rest Api + Angular TypeScript Code Generator

The delivered php scripts will deliver CURD operations for the specified MySql Database schema in Angular Sort script and Php Rest Api. It results in the all the folder framework in Angular with expected elements, services, html data files, css documents, versions, Modules, routing files for Angular. And All the needed php scripts for the tables with develop, update, delete, read, study-one particular approaches and php courses for each individual table.

Click here for the example web-site made employing this software and with out producing a solitary line of code.


  • It results in php courses (one particular for each individual table).
  • Creates procedures(seperate php information) for CRUD operations (generate, update, delete, read, readone)
  • Results in Typscript course for Providers, Components, Types, Modules, Routes.
  • Generates Html Documents, CSS files, for each desk as types.
  • Supports Pagination, sorting.
  • Main essential and Identity key handled.
  • Supports MySql Only.

Updates to this variation.

  • Transformed the notify boxes with the DialogRefs.
  • Handled the exceptions.
  • Implemented the essential field validators and the numeric validations.
  • Additional snack bar to display screen the facts.


Created Code contains:

Php Rest Api folder composition it results in.
├─ api/
├─── config/
├────── databases.php &#8211 file utilized for connecting to the databases.
├─── objects/(for every single desk)
├────── &#8220tablename&#8221.php &#8211 is made up of houses and solutions for &#8220table&#8221 with database queries.
├─── &#8220tablename&#8221/(for every desk)
├────── create.php &#8211 file that will accept posted data to be saved to databases.
├────── delete.php &#8211 file that will settle for a ID to delete a databases record.
├────── read.php &#8211 file that will output JSON data dependent from &#8220offered table&#8221 databases records.
├────── study_one particular.php &#8211 file that will take ID to read a file from the database.
├────── update.php &#8211 file that will take a ID to update a database report.

Angular TypeScript information

  • For display screen : Every single table will have Component file, html file, css file.
  • For Incorporate and Update : Each and every table will have Part file, html file, css file, provider file and module file.
  • For Delete : Every desk will have Element file, service file and module file.
  • Expert services : Every single table will have a independent assistance file.


All the connected website monitor produced by this device. With out writing a one line of code.

**It requires major important for each table. It supports only one particular primary critical.

The code technology requires spot in the server this script is only for using the inputs and deliver it to server. The serve system the presented facts and generates the code which will supply the the down load path.

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