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Being pregnant Calculators

With the assist of the WordPress plugin &#8216Pregnancy Calculators&#8217, you quickly integrate 13 credit rating calculators into your internet site.

List of Pregnancy Calculators:

  1. Ovulation calendar | Demo
  2. Being pregnant | Demo
  3. Being pregnant By Week | Demo
  4. Secure Times Calendar | Demo
  5. Day of conception | Demo
  6. Gestational Diabetic issues Eating plan | Demo
  7. Weekly Being pregnant Fat Get | Demo
  8. Gestational Age | Demo
  9. Crown Rump Duration | Demo
  10. Ultrasound gestation period | Demo
  11. Kid gender by updating the blood | Demo
  12. Kid gender by father or mother blood variety | Demo
  13. Boy or girl gender by Rh factor of moms and dads | Demo


The plugin has .po file and completely ready to translate.

Existing plugin languages

  • English
  • Russian

The type of calculators can be improved by adding CSS code in the plugin configurations.

We enable customise the model of calculators if essential.

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