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Real Estate Manager is a Responsive Property Listing WordPress Plugin for Full Feature Real Estate website and Portal. It has nice & clean designs for property templates and it adds special integration features like Property Types, Property Video, Gallery Slider, Advanced AJAX Search, Google Maps with property location markers, Properties Carousel, Grid listing, Front End Property Submission, Search Widget, Mortgage Calculator, Front End Profile Editing, easy to use settings and much more…

It is also a WordPress based Property Management System which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, approve registered agents, accept property submissions, agent profile management etc.

Latest Version: 10.6.7 – Skip to changelog

2 Map Modes

  • Google Maps (API Key Required)
  • Leaflet – OpenStreetMap (Free)

Demo Agent Login

  • Login Here
  • Username: agent
  • Password: agent

Android Application (Free)

Android app is also available to easily manage property listings directly from the phone.
Real Estate Manager Pro - 1

  • Plugin’s Page
  • Documentation
  • Touch Carousel
  • Single Property Template
  • Agent Profile Template
  • Safely Translate Strings
  • Import Property Listings from XML or CSV file
  • Basic Settings (Video)
  • Create Your Own Map Styles (Video)
  • Use from 15000+ Pre Made Map Styles (Video)
  • Agent Registration (Video)


  • 5+ Listing Styles:  Real Estate Manager comes with 5+ property listing styles including list and grid views.
  • Responsive View:  Its fully responsive with all modern browsers and devices.
  • Properties Map:  Display multiple properties on single large map with their locations.
  • Nearby Properties: Automatically display properties which are close to the visitor’s location.
  • Filter properties: Let the visitors to filter properties based on property types right from the map.
  • Property Carousels: Integrated touch enabled carousel sliders for property listings.
  • Leaflet: Leaflet is also available to load map from OpenStreetMaps if you don’t want to use Google Maps.
  • WooCommerce: Compatible with WooCommerce to manage paid subscriptions.
  • Gutenberg: Support for Gutenberg editor is also added to easily insert property blocks.
  • Unlimited Features: Add unlimited property features and options.
  • Property Gallery: Lets you to add unlimited gallery photos for each property, that will display on single property page in touch friendly slider.
  • Property CPT: Custom Post Type is used for managing properties with responsive frontend template. You can also customize property slug and template files by including them in your theme.
  • WPML: Its compatible with WPML to let you create multi language real estate site.
  • WP Bakery Page Builder (Visual Composer): 15+ Visual Composer elements are added to easily insert and manage shortcodes.
  • Divi Modules: 15+ divi modules are available to manage the contents with ease using divi builder.
  • Optimized Code: Based on WP Codex Standards, only relevant scripts and styles loads to give you fast experience and avoiding conflicts.
  • Email Alerts: Email alerts for property inquiry and on agent registration with customize email messages.
  • Drag Drop Fields: Create custom property fields using drag drop fields builder.
  • Price Range Slider: Let the users to choose range of their budget while searching properties using price range slider.
  • Fast AJAX Search: AJAX based fast search for listings with advanced search queries.
  • Agent Profile: Agent profile management with their social links and other settings that can be managed from profile settings.
  • Widgets Included: Search Widget and Mortgage Calculator Widgets are available to add to the widget areas.
  • Frontend Property Submission: Create properties from frontend without even going to WordPress dashboard by using just one shortcode.
  • Frontend Agent Registration: Register agents using builtin register form, they should be approved after registration by site administrator.
  • Agent Login: AJAX based login and custom redirection after successful login.
  • My Properties: Display a list of current logged in agent’s properties with actions to delete or edit them using just a single shortcode.
  • Frontend Profile Editing: Let the registered agents to edit their profile from frontend.
  • Developers Friendly: Real Estate Manager is based on actions and filter to let the developers easily modify or add new functionalities.
  • Property Video: Separate section to display video of internal structure of properties with responsive video player.
  • File Attachments: Easily attach all type of files with properties like floor plans, wire frames or documents.
  • Translation Ready: You can easily change the English strings into your own language using any translation plugin, like Loco Translate. More than 15 languages are already translated in this plugin and POT file is also included to add your own language.
  • Custom Map Icons: You can replace default map icons with your own images easily from settings by uploading them.
  • Google Captcha: Integrated captcha to secure registration and contact forms.
  • Customize Colors: You can customize the color scheme based on your theme, you can choose colors from settings for each element individually.
  • Custom Currency and Area Unit: Easily change currency by just selecting your country.
  • Custom Labels: You can change all labels and headings into your own text easily.
  • Map Types: You can choose map style from four styles. Road Map, Earth, Hybrid or Tarrain.
  • Map Zoom Level: Customize map zoom level and default latitude and longitude easily.
  • Disable Scripts: You can disable bootstrap and font awesome css to load from plugin if your theme is already loading them.

Real Estate Manager Pro - 2
Real Estate Manager Pro - 3
Real Estate Manager Pro - 4
Real Estate Manager Pro - 5
Real Estate Manager Pro - 6
Real Estate Manager Pro - 7
Real Estate Manager Pro - 8
Real Estate Manager Pro - 9
Real Estate Manager Pro - 10


10.6.7 – 9 January 20

- Feature Added: Agent contact form fields are reset when email is sent.
- Feature Added: Maintain email markup in the email contents.
- Feature Added: Option to disable the maps script if you want to load it from the theme.
- Feature Added: RTL mode added for carousels for RTL sites.
- Feature Added: Filter rem_property_publish_status added another argument (property_id)
- Feature Added: Android App API integrated
- Feature Added: Android App Released

10.6.6 – 30 November 19

- Feature Added: Attribute search_query added for rem_maps shortcode to display searched properties on the map when using it on the search results page.
- Feature Added: Search Form new hook added for buttons rem_search_form_after_buttons.
- Feature Added: REST API base URL added "properties" 
- Feature Added: Keywords field on search form can also populate the auto-complete titles of properties.
- Feature Added: A filter added to change currency symbol on price range rem_price_range_currency_symbol
- Feature Added: A filter added to modify section title tag (h3) rem_property_section_title_wrap
- Feature Added: Inline Search Shortcode added (rem_search_property_inline)
- Feature Added: Price ran be set as range dividing by dash Eg: 2000-3000
- Feature Added: App endpoints are added for mobile app (Android App is coming soon)
- Bug Fixed: Multi dropdown field is not working properly for the search widget
- Bug Fixed: Multi dropdown field options disappear after saving
- Bug Fixed: Design conflict when using the number range slider
- Bug Fixed: Single property page gallery slider flashes before loading
- Bug Fixed: Gallery slider doesn't respect the fit ratio after fullscreen

10.6.5 – 6 November 19

- Feature Added: Multi Select field added for Property Fields.
- Feature Added: Setting to check/uncheck the range slider checkbox.
- Bug Fixed: Email text sent via the Agent contact form is being escaped.

10.6.4 – 23 September 19

- Feature Added: A filter added to tweak the search results style (rem_search_results_box_style)
- Feature Added: A checkbox with custom label is added for the custom range slider to disable it
- Feature Added: "Display name as" field can be created in the agent fields using dataname "display_name" 
- Bug Fixed: Emails from single property page are not working.
- Bug Fixed: Display name is not working as per settings on Agent Profile page.
- Info: Translations Updated

10.6.3 – 4 September 19

- Feature Added: Settings to format custom range sliders on the search page.
- Feature Added: Setting added to either send deleted properties to trash or permanently delete them.
- Feature Added: Enhanced listing style 6.
- Feature Added: Agent name is displayed as per the settings from "Display name as" 
- Bug Fixed: Search form not displaying the results when custom range sliders enabled.
- Bug Fixed: Search form not displaying the results when a field is not set.
- Bug Fixed: Emails not working from property and agent pages.
- Bug Fixed: Custom range not working from the search widget
- POT updated

10.6.2 – 21 August 19

- Feature Added: Custom Property Base Page (Settings -> Template Settings -> Property Base Page)
- Bug Fixed: Additional agents contact form not working for the single property page.
- Bug Fixed: Custom range slider format on search page is not correct.
- Notice: POT file updated
- Notice: request_data function deprecated and removed

10.6.1 – 30 July 19

- Feature Added: WP Admin bar is removed for property agents
- Feature Added: Settings added for custom icon size and anchor point for leaflet maps
- Feature Added: iFrame option added for Cookieless videos on the property page
- Feature Added: Range slider on the search form for the number fields just like price range slider
- Feature Added: required_text attribute added for [rem_register_agent] shortcode for terms and conditions checkbox
- Bug Fixed: The7 Theme css conflicts with single property page are fixed
- Bug Fixed: Leaflet map not loading correctly on full-width page elements
- Bug Fixed: Leaflet map not loading correctly in the backend
- Bug Fixed: Map property overlay incorrect color scheme
- Bug Fixed: Map count circle incorrect color scheme for leaflet
- Bug Fixed: Search form widget doesn't respect color scheme
- Bug Fixed: Prevent the access to links from TinyMCE editor for agents
- Bug Fixed: Create property form not respecting backend color settings
- Bug Fixed: Tags not appearing in the property edit screen
- Bug Fixed: Conditional fields bug: Fields not filling up with data
- Bug Fixed: Theme color not applying on price slide handles

10.6.0 – 20 July 19

- Feature Added: Added a required option for Select menu of agent registration field
- Feature Added: Gallery slider on single property page is SEO optimized (alt + title attributes added for images)
- Feature Added: REST API Support added for properties
- Feature Added: Search results page displays default content from child shortcode 
- Bug Fixed: [rem_maps] not displaying the properties with the address when google maps are used
- Bug Fixed: Leaflet titles attribute strange text when special chars are being used
- Bug Fixed: Single property template not working for some themes
- Bug Fixed: Agent contact icons mobile conflict issue resolved
- Bug Fixed: Slash appears in the price slider when using 10'000 format 
- Bug Fixed: Additional agents once checked can't be unchecked 

10.5.9 – 19 May 19

- Feature Added: Docs link added for all addons
- Feature Added: Custom heading for search results with count
- Feature Added: 360 Virtual Tour using 3rd parties
- Translation Added: Spanish Translation redefined (Thanks to Marcel)
- Translation Added: German Translation redefined (Thanks to Marcel)
- Bug Fixed: Links updated for free addons/extensions
- Bug Fixed: Searching properties with custom results selector gives error
- Bug Fixed: Switching back from the listing view to grid view the style="NUMBER" is not respected
- Bug Fixed: form-control class conflicting with the themes
- Bug Fixed: Select options not working on agent registration/edit pages.
- Bug Fixed: Property fields not saving when value contains colons.
- Bug Fixed: Unable to swipe the page down on mobile devices when map is used

10.5.8 – 23 April 19

- Bug Fixed: Registration process stuck on loading

10.5.7 – 22 April 19

- Feature Added: Inline plugin updates and installation
- Feature Added: Energy Efficiency fields
- Feature Added: Multiple Agents for a single property
- Feature Added: scroll_results attribute for [rem_search_property] to disable auto scroll
- Feature Added: function added to get field value rem_get_field_value()
- Feature Added: A new filter added for price formatting rem_display_property_price
- Feature Added: A new filter added for email headers rem_email_headers
- Translation Added: Afrikaans (South Africa) Locale: af_ZA
- Bug Fixed: Property contents breaking when saving from frontend
- Bug Fixed: Map box not displaying data when nearest properties enabled
- Bug Fixed: Post status issue when approved by admin is selected
- Many other fixes and enhancements.

10.5.6 – 18 March 19

- 1 New Addon: Custom Colors
- Feature Added: Attachment Field in Property Fields
- Feature Added: Shortcode Field Added
- Feature Added: Divi Modules Added
- Feature Added: VC Addons updated
- Feature Added: Override shortcode templates from theme (putting them in theme's root inside rem directory)
- Feature Added: Total number of Agents in rem_list_agents
- Feature Added: Option for agents to search their properties on my properties page
- Feature Added: Featured Property column in properties list on the dashboard
- Feature Added: Search fields in pre-filled available values
- Feature Added: Agents can change the property status from frontend (Publish or Draft)
- Feature Added: GDPR checkbox added in the contact form with custom text
- Feature Added: POT is updated and language files including in the plugin are also updated
- Bug Fixed: Max container width not applying is fixed
- Bug Fixed: Login redirect 404 issue
- Bug Fixed: Delete media button not appearing for agents
- Many other fixes and enhancements.

10.5.5 – 18 February 19

- 2 New Addons: WooEstato and Conditional Fields are released
- Feature Added: Google Captcha on login forms and setting to disable/enable it
- Feature Added: Edit property option added to change featured image. 
- Feature Added: Chosen map style for leaflet is also applied to create/edit property forms
- Feature Added: Style attribute is added in rem_list_agents shortcode to modify the agent card style
- Feature Added: Google Map filtering allows you to filter custom fields also
- Feature Added: Remove associated gallery images from WP Media when deleting a property
- Feature Added: Settings to either display or hide not available properties in the search results
- Feature Added: Visual Composer settings are updated
- Feature Added: Custom fields builder better visuals (type to update title)
- Feature Added: Tags support in search forms by adding tags field in the search shortcode
- Feature Added: POT file is updated to cover new strings
- Feature Added: Map shortcode adds default styles for buttons
- Bug Fixed: Agent contact form not working from last update
- Bug Fixed: Font Awesome icons not appearing on some sites
- Bug Fixed: Edit property page bug fixed L.Control.geocoder is not a function
- Bug Fixed: Register agent page, password field didn't match
- Bug Fixed: Property ID field not appearing in search form
- Bug Fixed: Hide sections when there are no fields when creating/editing properties
- Bug Fixed: jQuery bugs fixed for the latest jQuery version
- Many other fixes and special thanks to Crystal McNair for fixing a lot of Google Map related issues.

10.5.4 – 28 January 19

- Feature Added: Geolocation service for the map to automatically get a location from address, on the large map
- Feature Added: Single Property Page ribbons added
- Feature Added: Help text added in create property form from frontend
- Feature Added: Manage properties from frontend for admins using shortcode [rem_manage_properties]
- Feature Added: Disable map on single property page
- Bug Fixed: My properties page, Edit button not appearing
- Bug Fixed: Create property page, several bugs fixed for IE8 to IE 11
- Bug Fixed: $valid_tabs is not defined
- Bug Fixed: Deny agent email is not working
- Bug Fixed: Property ID in email, fixed
- Bug Fixed: Deny agent email is not working
- Many other fixes and updated POT file

10.5.3 – 17 December 18

- Feature Added: Blocks added for Gutenberg (Login, Register and Simple Search) more are coming...
- Feature Added: Email address also added in Email Format options (Agent Contact Form)
- Feature Added: While searching, leaving min or max price fields blank will take minimum and maximum respectively.
- Feature Added: Fields that have area word in data name will display area unit with value automatically
- Feature Added: Fields that have price word in data name will display price unit with value automatically
- Feature Added: Hooks added in create and edit property forms for checkbox validations
- Feature Added: Property thumbnails are now clickable
- Bug Fixed: My properties page, properties are not deleting
- Bug Fixed: Map not working on single property using shortcode [rem_property]
- Many other fixes and updated POT file

10.5.2 – 21 November 18

- Feature Added: Auto Approve agents is added, go to Settings -> Advanced Settings to configure
- Feature Added: Make property fields as required
- Feature Added: Wishlist Addon is released and link added
- Feature Added: Display agents random by using orderby="rand" in the shortcode
- Feature Added: All dropdown fields have first value empty to disable them
- Feature Added: Date field format option is added under Single Property Page settings
- Feature Added: Property ID is added on singly property page, you can also disable it from settings
- Feature Added: Image Optimization, Now you can choose which sizes of images to use when displaying listings
- Feature Added: Display properties based on Features attached, using shortcode attribute features. Eg: features="attic,balcony" 
- Bug Fixed: Google Map fa icons not displaying
- Bug Fixed: React errors when editing page in WordPress 5 beta 4
- Bug Fixed: Settings tabs not working for other languages
- Bug Fixed: Pagination conflict with some themes
- Bug Fixed: Auto Complete not working when results page url is given
- Bug Fixed: Search form advanced features not displaying correctly
- Bug Fixed: Multi Lingual Issues
- Many other small fixes/enhancements

10.5.1 – 24 October 18

- Feature Added: orderby custom fields in [rem_list_properties] shortcode using attribute orderby_cutom
- Bug Fixed: Polylang search not working fixed
- Bug Fixed: Phone field is validating as email address is fixed

10.5.0 – 22 October 18

- Feature Added: Compatible and tested with WordPress 5.0-alpha-43776
- Feature Added: Support added for Polylang
- Feature Added: Phone field added in contact agent form
- Feature Added: Preview property before publishing
- Feature Added: I18n Ribbons
- Feature Added: Ribbon Style 2 Added
- Feature Added: Not Available properties will not display publicly
- Bug Fixed: WPML translation issues for property features
- Bug Fixed: Create property frontend image upload error with jQuery latest version
- Bug Fixed: Tabs with empty fields will not display on frontend
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.9 – 6 October 18

- Feature Added: Auto Complete for search fields
- Feature Added: Before Price Text option
- Feature Added: Hide passwords in admin as per GDPR 
- Feature Added: Extensions reference added
- Bug Fixed: More Filters disappears on mobile devices
- Bug Fixed: Warnings on property publish
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.8 – 4 October 18

- Feature Added: Fotorama filter added to add your own attributes
- Feature Added: Section classes added for single property page.
- Bug Fixed: Email Notifications not working
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.7 – 30 August 18

- Feature Added: 21 Map styles for Leaflet
- Feature Added: Agent Contact Email Options
- Feature Added: Manage properties from frontend using shortcode [rem_manage_properties]
- Feature Added: Agent Card Style 3 Added
- Feature Added: Load map from address using Leaflet
- Bug Fixed: DropDown arrow not clickable
- Bug Fixed: Property title breaks in email

10.4.6 – 8 August 18

- Feature Added: Multiple Maps on Same Page
- Feature Added: Archive page options
- Feature Added: Croatian language added
- Feature Added: Use default author page for other users
- Bug Fixed: Top Bar not saving in VC
- Bug Fixed: Settings tabs not opening
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.5 – 26 July 18

- Feature Added: Gutenberg Blocks Added
- Feature Added: XSS Security issues resolved
- Feature Added: Agent Registration Fields Manager
- Feature Added: Custom message when no properties found
- Bug Fixed: Property Types is disabled
- Bug Fixed: Screen Options is disabled
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.4 – 3 July 18

- Feature Added: Font Awesome 5 Support Added
- Feature Added: WP Bakery Page Builder 5.4.5 Support Added
- Feature Added: Agent Card Style 2 Added
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.3 – 28 June 18

- Bug Fixed: Fixed a major issue from previous release that deletes mandatory fields.
- Feature Added: Polish Language Added

10.4.2 – 26 June 18

- Feature Added: Leaflet with OpenStreetMap Integrated (as Google Maps is no longer free)
- Feature Added: Arrange Create Property Fields from Custom Fields Builder
- Feature Added: Search by Property ID
- Feature Added: Custom Title for Property Archive
- Feature Added: Min and Max Fields for Property Price when Searching
- Feature Added: Responsive reCaptcha
- Feature Added: Date field added in Custom Fields
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.4.1 – 8 May 18

- Feature Added: Property Tags Widget
- Feature Added: Simple Search Form (shortcode [rem_simple_search])
- Feature Added: Top Bar for listings to sort and change layouts
- Feature Added: Logout button shortcode [rem_agent_logout]
- Feature Added: Create custom Property Page settings tabs
- Feature Added: Custom data to filter properties on map
- Bug Fixed: Single Property Page Map not working with only address

10.4.0 – 2nd May 18

- Feature Added: Create your own map styling using Google Map API
- Feature Added: Snazzy Maps support
- Feature Added: Upload Agent picture from frontend
- Feature Added: Display current logged in agent's profile using shortcode [rem_my_profile]
- Feature Added: Gallery Slider controls including width/height and image fit.
- Feature Added: Search Properties by agents (dropdown of agent names in search form)
- Feature Added: Upload Attachments from frontend while creating properties
- Feature Added: Display logged in agent's properties in property listing, carousel and map.
- Feature Added: Sort Searched properties by price, name, date etc
- Feature Added: Change filter dropdown columns in AJAX search form
- Feature Added: Use custom data on property listing boxes
- Bug Fixed: Agent Picture cut off for some screen sizes
- Bug Fixed: Agent can't upload media from frontend
- Bug Fixed: Property delete and edit icons not appearing
- Bug Fixed: Many other small fixes and improvements

10.3.9 – 22 March 18

- Feature Added: Agents Listing
- Feature Added: Ribbon options for sold, sale, rented properties
- Feature Added: Sort search results
- Feature Added: List properties with multiple metas
- Feature Added: Agent specific search
- Feature Added: Featured Properties
- Languages Added: Bulgarian and Spanish (Maxico)
- Bug Fixed: Last Gallery image not deleting
- Bug Fixed: Single property page no margins on mobile

10.3.8 – 20 February 18

- Feature Added: Masonry option for property listings
- Feature Added: Disable contact form on agent pages
- Feature Added: Display agent specific listings
- Feature Added: Filter options in property listings in admin
- Feature Added: WP Bakery Page Builder elements updated
- Bug Fixed: Many other small fixes and improvements

10.3.7 – 16 February 18

- Feature Added: Listing Style 7
- Feature Added: Customize Sale Ribbon
- Feature Added: Disable option for widgets
- Bug Fixed: Custom dropdown when creating new property not appearing
- Bug Fixed: Gallery slider support with mobile devices
- Bug Fixed: Some hooks added upon customization requests

10.3.6 – 8 February 18

- Feature Added: Google Captcha V2 Support
- Feature Added: Restricted access of media for property agents
- Feature Added: Custom url to redirect after creating property
- Feature Added: Custom Email messages after property submission, and approval.
- Bug Fixed: Contact form not working on agent page
- Bug Fixed: Registration form is not responsive
- Bug Fixed: Custom map icons not working when tracking is enabled
- Bug Fixed: Many other small fixes and improvements

10.3.5 – 30th January 18

- Feature Added: Settings added to approve listings by administrator before publish
- Feature Added: Set custom message for administrator on submission on new property
- Feature Added: Languages Added Danish and Portuguese - Brasil.
- Feature Added: Define custom icons on map for multiple properties based on type or status etc
- Feature Added: Customize My Location icon on map
- Feature Added: Admin settings alerts are improved (using sweet alerts)
- Feature Added: Newly agent's full details can be seen before approving
- Bug Fixed: Slider displays large images after page load is fixed
- Bug Fixed: Property Details layout is fixed for mobile devices
- Bug Fixed: Search not working properly with price slider

10.3.4 – 19th January 18

- Feature Added: Customize Icons and data on property listings using filter rem_property_icons
- Bug Fixed: Fixed some memory consumption issues from previous release 

10.3.3 – 12th January 18

- Feature Added: Map support with drag icon when creating property from wp admin.
- Feature Added: Full screen popup support for property gallery images.
- Feature Added: 5 columns support for property boxes
- Bug Fixed: Pagination not working on homepage
- Bug Fixed: Dashboard design fix on property listing page
- Bug Fixed: Search not working after changing thousand/decimal separator
- Many other small fixes and enhancements, some new filters added for better control

10.3.2 – 5th January 18

- Feature Added: UI Enhanced.
- Feature Added: Pre translations added.
- Feature Added: Optimized Code
- Bug Fixed: Error on activation add_cap
- Bug Fixed: Property content is not updating from frontend
- Bug Fixed: Admin agents page displaying 0 property count
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.3.1 – 13th December 17

- Feature Added: Sale Price for Properties.
- Feature Added: Updated POT file.
- Feature Added: Clear button in search fields
- Feature Added: Open search results in separate page
- Feature Added: Inline Property Style is responsive
- Feature Added: Display counter stats on agent page
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.3.0 – 4th December 17

- Feature Added: Frontend property editing.
- Feature Added: Convert area field into dropdown of area ranges
- Feature Added: Convert bedroom and bathroom fields into dropdown of ranges Eg: 2+ or 2-6
- Bug Fixed: Search widget auto selects random value is fixed
- Bug Fixed: Currency format not working with price slider is fixed
- Many other small fixes and enhancements

10.2.9 – 30th November 17

- Feature Added: Logout button added on edit profile page.
- Feature Added: Display number of bathroom on property listings with icon
- Feature Added: Area unit is added wherever the area is displayed
- Feature Added: Currency symbol is added wherever the price is displayed 
- Feature Added: Settings UI is enhanced for better navigation
- Bug Fixed: Adding commas in property feature adds slashes is fixed
- Bug Fixed: Adding commas in field names adds slashes is fixed
- Bug Fixed: Drag Drop Fields -  Select menu is not saving options is fixed

10.2.8 – 24th November 17

- Feature Added: Display Nearby properties on map and carousel
- Feature Added: Filter properties by Property Type on Map
- Feature Added: Display single property using shortcode [rem_property id="PROPERTY_ID"]
- Feature Added: Filter properties in property listing shortcode by providing meta

10.2.7 – 21st November 17

- Feature Added: Touch Slider added for better navigation on touch devices.
- Bug Fixed: Carousel not working on mobile
- Bug Fixed: Sidebar conflicting on mobile devices

10.2.6 – 11th November 17

- Feature Added: Search bedrooms and bathrooms by specifying range. Example 1-6, 3-4
- Feature Added: Enable/Disable Font Awesome or Bootstrap Script if you're theme already loads them.
- Feature Added: Display Google Map by Address without providing latitudes and longitudes.
- Bug Fixed: Search Results from widget, pagination breaks on next pages.
- Bug Fixed: Conflict with some theme's menus is fixed.

10.2.5 – 7th November 17

- Feature Added: You can now search for area between some values, Eg: 5600-9600
- Feature Added: AJAX Search fields can also be managed from drag drop interface.
- Feature Added: Remove existing hard coded types and statuses easily by just adding new ones
- Bug Fixed: Address is no longer a required field.

10.2.4 – 20th October 17

- Feature Added: Large map can display all properties or recent ones dynamically based on settings
- Feature Added: Search form can be set to display properties before searching
- Feature Added: You can provide property IDs in carousel shortcode to display some specific properties
- Feature Added: Slug of single property page (property) can be changed from WordPress permalink settings

10.2.3 – 10th October 17

- Feature Added: A New Property Box style added (style 6)
- Feature Added: Enable/Disable default sidebar for property and agent page
- Feature Added: Use custom widgets for property and agent page sidebar
- Feature Added: Customize search results for search widget

10.2.2 – 4th October 17

- Feature Added: A new shortcode to display carousel of properties [rem_carousel]
- Feature Added: Disable Agent info icon and provide custom url
- Feature Added: Custom properties display for search results
- Feature Added: Custom Excerpt length option for property listing
- Feature Added: Documentation Enhanced
- Bug Fixed: Search property not working when searching through widget, without Search Field
- Bug Fixed: Icons not loading on search AJAX page

10.2.1 – 30 September 17

- Bug Fixed: Specific Search options not appearing in visual composer settings

10.2 – 20 September 17

- Feature Added: Agent Contact Email Additional Email Addresses in Settings
- Feature Added: Phone Number option in Agent Contact
- Feature Added: Specific Search with search form, Example [rem_search_property fixed_fields=”status|normal,type|villa”]
- Bug Fixed: Maps display only 10 properties

10.1 – 8 September 17

- Feature Added: Custom area unit
- Feature Added: Default map location when creating property
- Feature Added: Property IDs are now showing with properties list
- Feature Added: Disable search text field in widget

10.0 – 21 August 17

- Initial Release

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