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We introduce some of live sites(50 sites) based on Seiko shopify theme:

Seiko - Shopify Theme - 1
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 2
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 3
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 4
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 5
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 6
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 7
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 8
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 9
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 10
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 11
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 12
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 13
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 14
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 15
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 16
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 17
Seiko - Shopify Theme - 18








Watches: RTL


Sport nutrition:


Other: Flowers RTL Jewelry Travel stuff Buildings Bags Food/Drinks Electronics

Reviews from our customers:

Seiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify Theme
Seiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify ThemeSeiko - Shopify Theme


  • SEO Optimized
  • CSS 3 / HTML 5
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Bootstrap 3.X
  • 6 Headers
  • 3 Footers
  • Instagram widget
  • Newsletter Signup Popup
  • Sticky Header Smart/Always
  • 8 Home Pages
  • Ajax add to cart on/off
  • 2 full ajax carts – header/bottom
  • 2 Quick view types
  • Blog 4 layouts
  • Gallery
  • 404 page
  • Faq page
  • Contact Us page
  • Wishlist
  • Typographica page
  • RTL
  • Lookbook Page
  • Video tutorials
  • Banners online creation
  • Grid online creation
  • Well documented
  • Social sharing pages/products
  • Color Swatches Ready
  • Custom Tabs in Product Page
  • 2 Product pages
  • Any size of main image in product
  • Simple and Configurable Products
  • Configurable Swatches
  • 3 designs of product carousels
  • Product Labels (New/On Sale)
  • Special price countdown
  • Product Reviews
  • Ajax Infinite Scroll Modul
  • Listing Grid Preview Small/Big
  • Listing Product per page 2/3/4/5
  • Ajax Attributes Filter – static
  • Ajax Attributes Filter – sticky
  • Grid & List mode
  • Multilevel Simple Navigation
  • Multilayouts Megamenu
  • Labels on Simple & Megamenu
  • 2 animations of Megamenu

* Images from demo are not included in theme files.
* Seiko theme has Isotope Commercial Developer License


December 3, version 2.3

- Fixed section Grid of the collections
- Fixed section Products-Info-Brand
- Fixed Header 5 fullwidth

November 19, version 2.2

- Fixed RTL enable/disable
- Fixed social media links for header 5
- Fixed phones for header 5
- Fixed customer dashboard width
- Fixed quick view
- Fixed megamenu 'dark overlay' option
- Fixed blog&listing width (is being inherited from global width now)
- Fixed homepage 'advantages' widget fixed

June 27, version 2.1

- Added Dynamic button
- Added Safe Checkout image
- Fixed favicon
- Fixed footer parallax image
- Fixed Zoom of the product image
- Minor fixes

May 18, version 2.0

- Sections Ready 2.0 
- Fully rewritten theme with the Sections support. 
- Seiko supports infinite widgets per page.
- Absolute control widget settings.
- Control of the widgets layout: boxed, full width etc.
- Megamenu visual  builder
- Slider visual builder (unlimited sliders per page in any place)

March 6, version 1.9.1

- added metafields support as shortcodes (we left an ability to use the old method of shortcodes in content and added as the option using metafields instead of pasting shortcodes directly in the product description)
- added placeholder in contact form email field
- fixed enable/disable short description on the product page
- fixed item/items singular/plural count in bottom product cart
- fixed collection filter sidebar when Fixed mode enabled

October 24, version 1.9.0

- added sorting of Size filter collection
- added some words to language file
- fixed collections toolbar localization
- fixed payment icons aligment if social icons are absent in  footer_3
- fixed en language mistake in word
- fixed contact form page
- fixed option enable/disable zoom main photo on product page
- fixed search autocomplete
- fixed order of options in product page
- fixed header simple dropdowns navigation (removed 1st item as heading)
- updated de.json localization file (with customer help Sven Budak)

June 15, version 1.8.0

- added super fast new product quick view
- added logo preview for sharing home page link
- fixed product options (swatches)
- fixed header-7 social icons
- fixed megamenu hover with  touch screens
- fixed enable/disable wishlist heart icont in Header 6
- minor fixes

May 4, version 1.7.0

- added add to cart button ajax 'adding' process
- added words All, Item, Items in visual shopify translater
- added ability to show pre-order status in products
- fixed price_format error
- fixed product options
- fixed product options max qty
- fixed rendering all cart's html in IE 11 after ajax add to cart
- fixed  labels in megamenu (worked only in simple dropdowns)
- fixed big space in   'out of stock'  product page
- minor fixes

March 3, version 1.6.0

- added option set 2 product preview per row
- added countdown in mobile also
- fixed ajax add to cart in product page
- improved product options
- fixed search result page pagination
- fixed product stack appears on product page at once after add to cart
- fixed 'select options' instead 'add to cart' buttons on product previews
- added wishlist enable/disable option
- moved Seiko title from gray box to settings (was in languages)
- fixed currency (price with no decimals)
- fixed blog posts in search result
- removed downcase filter for configurable options in product page

Januar 26, version 1.5.0

-updated spanish locale with help Daniel Gottschalck (themeforest customer)
-added option enable/disable quick view button in product previews
-added lazy load for carousels
-added enable/disable newsletter popup only for home page
-added option bottom product stack  alignment left/center/right
-added option tabs alignment left/center/right
-added option  enable/disable sale/new label
-added option  variant images instead color pics
-added countdown days/hrs/min/sec to translation file
-added shortcode individual product tab
-added password_message to password protect page
-added changing coming soon date opening for countdown in theme options
-added option show/hide out of stock products
-added fullslider linking (not only button)
-added option enable/disable product inventory count
-added option enable/disable gray box under Instagram widget on Home Page
-added option enable/disable zoom on main photo in product page
-added option enable/disable currency dropdown in header
-fixed count of products in search result page
-fixed currency conversion
-fixed product image popup(zoom)
-fixed sometimes popup with Unprocessable Entity after ajax addtocart
-fixed collection toolbar ajax filter if sidebar was disabled
-fixed products price in vertical carousel(layout 2)
-fixed adding to cart of some products was with page refresh
-fixed pagination  in  search result page
-fixed categories filter in collection closed by default
-fixed predefined home page
-fixed theme color in colors settings
-fixed dark style of sticky header
-fixed google rich snippet price showed without float
-fixed sold out in product preview
-fixed disabling sticky header in all headers but the default
-fixed product preview style in search result page as  in collection
-fixed changing compare price for variants on clicking them
-fixed 'Departments' word from header added to translation file
-fixed footer logo svg

November 17, version 1.4.0

- added showing newsletter subscribe popup in mobile
- added dynamic sku changer (by clicking on option swatches)
- added contact map link generator (as description under map textarea for contact page)
- added showing 3rd level megamenu items in mobile
- added option product sku show/hide
- added option show/hide color pics in product preview
- added option show/hide search in header
- fixed cookie error in console
- fixed cart dropdown in sticky header in mobile
- fixed search result product previews resolutions
- fixed translation of some words in theme files
- fixed product previews like in demo home page now in theme

November 08, version 1.3.0

- added 4 new banners to Online Banners Editor
- added header 7
- added footer 4
- added dropdown header cart type Compact
- added home page instagram widget
- added new product preview/hover
- added option of centering navigaton alignment in header
- added white body background
- fixed collection description margin
- fixed header sticky - type always
- fixed home page slider autoplay
- fixed currencies in top cart and bottom stack after ajax add to cart

October 26, version 1.2.0

- added invetory count for product and product varinats
- added option logo for sticky header
- added option disabling banner in footer 2
- added first available product variant autoselection in option swatches
- added theme style for reset_password template
- added section in documentation for slider caption animations 
- added newsletter popup
- fixed product tab description
- fixed colorization
- fixed product options swatches
- fixed collection fullwidth content if sidebar empty
- fixed disabling ajax add to cart
- fixed options filter price currency convert

October 14, version 1.1.0

- Added Google fonts 
- Added more colors changes for theme
- Fixed filter options in collection
- Fixed product price change after choosing options
- Updated local doc and online

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