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Latest update: 18 Dec 2018. Version: 5.3.0. Platform: for Wordpress.

Do you continue to place social buttons on every page of your website, but visitors don’t like/share your content as often as you would desire?

You should give people a reason why they need to click on social buttons on your website. Even if people really like your content, website or fanpage, they don’t click the buttons because they don’t worry about you, your benefits or your traffic.

People need something extra to spark their interests and drive them to action.

Ask people to “pay” with a Like/Tweet/+1 to get access to your content, to get a discount, to download, to read an ending of your article, to watch a video or to view a funny picture. And social buttons will start to work as it should be!

Social Locker is a WP plugin that locks your most valuable site content behind a set of social buttons until the visitor likes, shares, +1s or tweets your page. It helps to improve social performance of your website, get more likes/shares, build quality followers and attract more traffic from social networks.

How does it work?

All you need to do is select the part of your content you want to lock, click a button and you’re done.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 1

This way, you can use articles, videos, audio, images, download links, coupon codes or anything else you can think of as an incentive for people to give you likes or shares.

1. Drive Social Traffic: Social Locker will add systematically viral traffic to your website, your opt-in funnel or your sales-page. When users share or tweet your page to get access to the content you locked, their friends see it and some of them will visit your website. That will repeat again and again.

2. Build Quality Fans & Followers: Every blogger and internet entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to get fans and followers, especially for new websites with a low budget.

Get every visitor from your site to follow you. Keep in contact with your audience and build loyalty. Just lock some valued content and tell visitors that the locked content is available only for your fans and followers.

3. Improve SEO Ranking: Google’s search algorithm takes over 200 factors into consideration when determining which results to show for a search query and in what order. Social media is one of the most important factors in their algorithm and has a significant influence on how a site ranks in a search.

Results in the organic search results’ top positions have a high number of likes, shares, +1’s and tweets. So, the better your social media performance, the better your SEO results.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 2

The plugin provides 8 social buttons for all major social networks in the same interface: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Youtube (Pinterest, Instagram coming soon). You can use them together or separately for customized results. Each button has individual settings.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 3

For example: You can set up the locker to use three social buttons (Like, Tweet, +1) in order to get tweets for your promo page, likes for your Facebook page, +1s for a home page of your website.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 4

Buttons: Convert Visitors To Leads, Get More Clients

Collect emails of visitors, grow your subscription lists, automatically register users on your website and do even more with the new powerful Sign-In Buttons.

These buttons are available in the Social Locker together with the classic Like and Share buttons since the v.4.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 5

Instead of liking/sharing they ask the user to sign in through social networks to access your locked content.

Collect emails and names of visitors who unlocked the content on your website (including the link to their social profiles).

Social Locker for Wordpress - 6

And export collected emails in the CSV format to your favorite mailing service (MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, MyMail and any others).

Perform several actions per one click and automatically create accounts for signed in users on your website.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 7

For example, the user concurrently tweets, follows you, gives you one’s email address and creates an account on your website to unlock the content, only by a few clicks.

Blur, Make Transparent or Totally Hide Your Content

Create interest to your content via overlay effects. The plugin allows you to choose how the locked content has to be displayed: completely hidden or partly visible (transparent or blurred).

Social Locker for Wordpress - 8

When we test this feature on some of our customer’s sites, we were blown away how this feature attracts attention of the huge number of visitors. If people see and understand what they will get after unlocking, the plugin works more effectively.

Track Your Results With Built-in Advanced Analytics

The Social Locker plugin comes with built-in, advanced analytics tools in order to track how users interact with the lockers. Easily identify which lockers on which pages are out-performing others, how to optimize your lockers and what you could do differently to improve your results.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 9

Google Analytics (new!): the Social Locker plugin supports integration with the Google Analytics. You can view the Social Locker data directly in your Google Analytics account and compare it with other metrics.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 10

Attention-Grabbing Styles & Effects

The plugin comes with a set of impressive, polished styles which create interest and attract attention. They are nicely animated and don’t look obtrusive.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 11

What’s more, we constantly receive feedback from our clients that the Social Locker placed on a page actually decreases the bounce rate of that page.

What this means: With Social Locker, people stay on your page longer. Social Locker attracts attention of visitors and they spend more time learning the content you locked.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 12

Fantastic Customizability

Of course, each website has its own unique audience. We know that a good business is an agile business. The Social Locker provides 8 additional options that allow you to configure the lockers flexibly to meet your needs.

Social Locker for Wordpress - 13

Social Locker for Wordpress - 14

And Even More Powerful Features…

SEO friendly. Your locked content is still visible for search bots for better SEO by default. Of course you can turn off this feature.

4 Types of Locks. Lock any content manually via shortcodes or setup batch lock via one of 3 powerful modes (“Skip & Lock”, “More Tag”, “CSS Selector”).

Optimized For Mobile. We have adapted the plugin for mobile devices. Mobile users can obtain access to your locked content as well as desktop users.

Smart Targeting. Set your lockers to display on specific high traffic pages on your website. Show the locker only for non-registered visitors or PC users.

Professional Themes. Need to get started fast? Simply pick one of 5 themes and customize, it’s simple and easy!

GDPR-ready. Social Locker is fully GDPR-ready. Just enable the Consent Checkbox option in settings of your locker (needed if you use a sign-in locker).

Zapier Integration. Send data collected with your lockers to Zapier and then automatically pass them to thousands of web apps supported by Zapier.

Delayed Content. Load your locked content via ajax (dynamically) only when the user has liked or shared your page. Perfect for loading promo codes.

Fast Loading. The plugin is well optimized and doesn’t add extra loads on your website. Confirmed with tests from the P3 plugin and New Relic.

Developer Friendly. Use the plugin events (Unlock, Lock, Ready) and hooks for customization and creating your own extensions.

What Our Customers Say

Among the users of the plugin are well-known bloggers and entrepreneurs. Discover what people say:

I bought your plugin a few months ago for my blog and really happy, my online community has grown fantastically (more than 5.000 followers on twitter and 4.000 fans on Facebook. – Vivi Nunez, blogger, marketer, the founder of

I would just like to say a big thank you for making such an amazing plugin. I have gained over 1.8 k Facebook fans to my page in under a week. Keep up the good work. – leadbolt

After trying out multiple plugins, I realized how tough it can get to
make something like this work seamlessly with the existing content and
without breaking the Wordpress framework.

Hats off to Social Locker for making it look so easy. Powerful, yet
simple to use!

5 star rating for the plug-in and 10 stars for the amazing support!

Sameer Kamat, Author and Entrepreneur, Founder of MBA Crystal Ball

The product is excellent! BUT the support is awesome! The support was lightning-fast and very friendly and helpful. Reaction time was about 20 minutes. Never had such fast and competently support like this. I highly recommend this product! – Ales Borszek

It really is a superb plugin! I’m starting my own business soon related to social media, so I will certainly be buying more licenses from you oncey work demand increases. – Anis Jolly

I am loving it already. Awesome plugin, UI. Everything is so thought out. – ajonit

Great Plugin as I expect. 5 Star! – Vimalraj Manickam

Amazing plugin! Just what i was looking for to hide a competition entry form and maximise sharing at the same time. – James

I just bought it and it’s awesome, works like a charm.
Definitly a 5 star plugin for me.
Thank you ! – blaugranas

It’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant, I love it! Setup and running in minutes Happy Dance – happyches

I had several problems with my previous solution, purchased on Envato at a lower price. After 1 month of basically no support, I asked for money back and found this item..
Guys.. this is simply a FANTASTIC (and working!!) plugin! A little more expensive, but saves you headaches and anger! … BRAVO! 5 Stars! very happy with it now. – Marco

Great plugin and excellent support. Recommended 100% – CSSmith

Love the plugin- bought it for a specific tiny project and grabbbed 100 new shares /likes in 9 hours. Awesome! – mttorley

Yes!!! This plugin is the complete AWESOME!!! Thanks for setting the option to choose URLs too! Greatly, greatly appreciated! – noahjnet

Loving the frequent updates and improvements on the plug-in, the functionality is amazing and has boosted my social networking engagement by 400%. I regret not getting this earlier. – Corey Harris

Fantastic plugin! Works like a charm! – IceflowStudios

Congratulations guys, i usually never comment the softs i buy but this one really deserve it.
I’ve tried the 2 others social locker plugins from WESMASHEDIT and TylerQuinn and they don’t work with cache plugin. I didn’t ask for a refund as they never said they do.
This plugin is by far the best one and working with WP super Cache. A pleasure to set up and a great working and beautifull plugin.
If you need a social locker trust me, it’s the only one that worth the price !
Bravo and Keep doing the good job. – tiblitz

La clave de este plugin es su facilidad para promover el trueque digital y dar mayor sentido al “karma digital”. ¡Un plugin que todo bloguero debería tener! – Rubén Alonso, bloguero y teletrabajador de

This plugin is awesome. It’s great for multilingual websites since you can customize social networks texts and has increased my social networking engagement in all my sites. – Irena Domingo, blogger and founder of (WordPress Multilingual)

Nada tan sencillo como ofrecer una recompensa valiosa al usuario a cambio de un “pequeño gesto social”. Conseguida una alta tasa de respuestas y de engadgement, gracias a Social Locker for Wordpress. – Miguel Rodríguez, Co-Founder de

Ce plugin est indispensable. Mon métier de consultant en stratégie consiste à identifier les “game changers” dans les industries et ici c’est clairement le cas. Avec ce plugin, vous allez pouvoir augmenter drastiquement l’engagement social de vos visiteurs. A recommander fortement. Victor Haïm Mamou, fondateur du site

Need Support? We Got You Covered

All of our plugins come with free support. We care about your plugin after purchase just as much as you do. We want to make your life easier and make you happy about choosing our plugins.

We have a help desk setup for our users, making it easy to fill out a ticket. We guarantee to respond to every inquiry within 1 business day (typical response time is 3 hours).

Social Locker for Wordpress - 15

Change Log

The latest updates:

v.5.3.0 – 18 Dec 2018

  • ADDED: Support for Wordpress 5 and Gutenberg.
  • UPDATED: Instructions on how to create social apps.
  • FIXED: A set of minor bugs.

v.5.2.6 – 9 Jul 2018

  • FIXED: The error in the file leads.php #350 on PHP 5.5.

v.5.2.5 – 8 Jul 2018

  • ADDED: Zapier integration. Send data collected with your lockers to Zapier and then automatically pass them to thousands of web apps supported by Zapier.
  • ADDED: Blocking Temporary Emails Addresses. Get only real leads interested in your services (optional).
  • ADDED: Support for PHP 7. Speed up your Wordpress site by running it on the newest PHP version.
  • UPDATED: The Help Section was supplemented by new pages: Zapier Integration, SSL Certificate.
  • FIXED: The Twitter bug when the option Double Check caused an error.
  • FIXED: A set of minor bugs.

v.5.2.1 – 24 May 2018

  • ADDED: GDPR compatibility.
  • ADDED: 2 new themes for Social Locker copied from Sign-In Locker.
  • ADDED: An option to show references to Terms & Policies for Social Locker at bottom.
  • ADDED: An option to display the Consent Checkbox to process personal data received via Sign-In Locker.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

v.5.0.8 – 6 Mar 2018

  • FIXED: The issue of auto unlocks for lockers containing the Facebook Like button.
  • FIXED: The issue of counting stats data.

v.5.0.7 – 21 Jan 2018

  • IMPROVED: Facebook Share button (works better on mobile).
  • IMPROVED: Facebook Like button (includes support for the confirmation dialog).

v.5.0.5 – 19 Jan 2018

  • FIXED: Fixed Facebook Like.
  • FIXED: A lot of major and minor bugs.

v.4.5.5 – 21 Aug 2017

  • FIXED: Google Plus and Google Share buttons (to use these buttons, you need to get a Google Client ID).
  • UPDATED: Guides on how to register apps on Facebook and Google.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

v.4.5.1 – 9 May 2017

  • ADDED: In-App Browsers option – control how the locker should behave in mobile in-app browsers (Facebook In-App browser, Twitter In-App browser, Instagram In-App browser, VKontakte In-App browser). Check it out on the page Global Settings -> Lock Options.
  • ADDED: AdBlock option – control how the locker should behave if any AdBlock extensions block loading of social buttons. Check it out on the page Global Settings -> Lock Options.
  • FIXED: A bug of the page Leads when only the first 20 leads are visible.
  • FIXED: A bug of the Visibility Conditions when the locker doesn’t appear if any Advanced Visibility Conditions are set.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

v.4.5.0 – 10 Apr 2017

  • ADDED: Lock Delay – make the locker to appear only after a specified interval.
  • ADDED: Permissions Settings – configure roles and permissions for getting access to the plugin features.
  • ADDED: Notifications – get email notifications about new leads and unlocks.
  • ADDED: Clone Feature – quickly create new lockers based on options of existing ones.
  • ADDED:Support for Facebook API v.2.8
  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • IMPROVED: Performance optimization.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

v.4.3.7 – 19 Sep 2016

  • IMPROVED: Performance optimization.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

v.4.3.6 – 20 Jun 2016

  • ADDED: Support for Facebook API v3.6.
  • IMPROVED: The option “Lazy Loading” became stable and started working also for Sign-In Locker.
  • IMPROVED: Integration with Opt-In Panda.
  • FIXED: Bug of counting statistical metrics.
  • FIXED: Other minor bugs.

v.4.3.5 – 29 Mar 2016

  • FIXED: Facebook buttons.
  • FIXED: A lot of minor bugs.

v.4.3.3 – 20 Feb 2016

  • FIXED: Facebook Share button.
  • NEW: The ‘Clear All’ button to clear all the Leads Data.
  • FIXED: A lot of other minor bugs.

v.4.3.0 – 12 Jan 2016

  • NEW: Added a new option “Lazy Loading” to load social buttons only at the moment when the locker gets visible (for better performance): Global Settings -> Social Options -> Lazy Loading.
  • FIXED: Google Share button.
  • FIXED: A lot of other minor bugs.

v.4.2.9 – 11 Dec 2015

  • FIXED: Tweet and Follow buttons.
  • FIXED: Google Share button.
  • ADDED: The option “Double Check” for the Tweet and Follow buttons.

v.4.2.6 – 12 Oct 2015

  • IMPROVED: The button Twitter Sign-In now receives an email address of the user (by default works only with the default Twitter app, for custom apps, please see the updated section “How to create a Twitter app” in the help section of the plugin”).
  • IMPROVED: Added support for Facebook API v.2.5.
  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with websites using SSL.
  • UPDATED: The LinkedIn Sign-In Button. Please update its settings on the page Global Settings -> Lock Options.
  • FIXED: A bug when Facebook does not return an email of the user when using Facebook API v.2.4+.
  • FIXED: A set of security issues.

Important: if you use the LinkedIn Sign-In button, please update its settings on the page Global Settings -> Lock Options.

v.4.2.5 – 26 Aug 2015

  • NEW: Compatibility with WP 4.3.
  • NEW: The brand new Visibility Options. Allows to show/hide the locker depending on the User Role, User Registration Time, Mobile Device, Count of Page Views, Landing Page, Referrer, Current Page and other parameters.
  • NEW: The Debug option explains now why the locker is not visible (Global Settings -> Lock Options -> Debug).
  • FIXED: A set of bugs of the Batch Lock.
  • FIXED: The bug when the links Terms and Privacy Policy point to the same page.
  • FIXED: The option Highlight.
  • FIXED: A set of security issues.

v.4.2.0 – 7 Jul 2015

  • NEW: Pass Code. This feature allows to hide lockers if the pass code is specified in the URL.
  • NEW: Added an option to hide the License Manager.
  • UPDATED: Fixed the guide about getting the LinkedIn Client ID.

v.4.1.8 – 21 Apr 2015

  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with WP 4.2.
  • ADDED: A new social button, YouTube Subscribe.
  • ADDED: An option to shorten the Twitter Follow button.
  • ADDED: Support for the Visual Composer (including the Batch Lock for content generated via VC).
  • ADDED: A protection algorithm against AdBlock and other extensions which modify the page content.
  • ADDED: Support for Facebook API v.2.3.
  • FIXED: The Facebook Share Button (in the previous version, the option to set an URL to be shared didn’t work).
  • FIXED: The bug of the option Timeout.
  • FIXED: A lot of other minor bugs which have been reported by users.

v.4.1.6 – 20 Mar 2015

  • ADDED: An option to show Terms of Use and Privacy Policy via popups instead of showing them on separate pages.
  • IMPROVED: Performance of the plugin.
  • FIXED: Conflicts on using different versions of OnePress plugins.
  • FIXED: The bug of not displaying the TinyMCE editor when the plugin is activated.
  • FIXED: The error “Call to undefined function opanda_get_panda_item_ids”.
  • FIXED: A lot of minor bugs reported by users.

Important: If you use the Opt-In Panda plugin or StyleRoller Add-On, update them after installing this update.

v.4.1.2 – 6 Mar 2015

  • FIXED: The Tweet and Follow options of the Sign-In Locker.
  • FIXED: A lot of minor bugs.

v.4.1.1 – 3 Mar 2015

  • FIXED: The bug when leads were not saved while using the Sign-In Locker.
  • FIXED: The bugs of displaying the plugin in IE8.

v.4.1.0 – 26 Feb 2015

  • FIXED: The bug when it was not possible to translate the text of the social buttons.
  • FIXED: The conflict with the plugin Easy Social Share Buttons.

v.4.0.9 – 24 Feb 2015

  • ADDED: The section “Front-end Text” on the page Global Settings to customize the secondary front-end text.
  • ADDED: An option to switch the Facebook Share button between using Feeds and Share Dialog.
  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with the plugin LikeAfterShave.

v.4.0.8 – 16 Feb 2015

  • ADDED: The action “Save Email” for the Sign-In Locker.
  • ADDED: The page “Leads” which shows emails of users who signed-up on your website via the Sign-In Locker.
  • IMPROVED: The Facebook Share button updated to use the more modern Facebook Share Dialog.
  • FIXED: Integration with Google Analytics.
  • FIXED: A set of minor bugs.

v.4.0.7 – 11 Feb 2015

  • FIXED: The flip effect on mobile devices.
  • FIXED: The error: the control “vk-like” not found in the group “social-buttons”.

Important: if you use any caching plugin, please clear the page cache after installing the update.

v.4.0.6 – 10 Feb 2015

  • FIXED: The error: Control “%s” not found in the group “social-buttons”.
  • FIXED: Several minor bugs of collecting stats.
  • FIXED: The button Clear Data in the section Stats Options.
  • FIXED: The conflict with CategoryTinymce.

v.4.0.4 – 7 Feb 2015

  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with the StyleRoller v.1.1.0.

v.4.0.3 – 6 Feb 2015

  • FIXED: The bug of the Batch Locking.
  • FIXED: The bug of the option Mobile.

v.4.0.2 – 6 Feb 2015

  • ADDED: A new type of the locker – the Sign-In Locker.
  • ADDED: Compability with the Opt-In Panda.
  • ADDED: Pages Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the Sign-In Locker.
  • IMPROVED: The page Stats & Reports completely remade. New reports and statistical data available.
  • IMPROVED: The page Global Settings remade.
  • IMPROVED: The section “How to use?” remade & supplemented.
  • FIXED: The bug of the LinkedIn Share button.

Important: please read this article before installing the update to know how this update may affect your existing lockers.

v.3.7.2 – 13 Oct 2014

  • ADDED: A set of new advanced options.
  • ADDED: The “Errors” screen on the page “Stats & Reports” to monitor how the locker works on your website.
  • IMPROVED: The Google Share button (works better than earlier).
  • FIXED: The bug of the IE11 and the Twitter button.

Important: if you use CDN, please purge your CDN after installing this update.

v.3.6.9 – 8 Sep 2014

  • FIXED: The bug in IE when the button titles are not visible in the themes Secrets and Flat.
  • FIXED: The bug of the preview when the error appears instead of the the LinkedIn Button.
  • FIXED: The Ajax option (not worked on some websites).
  • FIXED: Minor CSS issues.
  • ADDED: API for developers which allows to add own buttons.

v.3.6.5 – 29 Aug 2014

  • FIXED: LinkedIn button.
  • ADDED: Support for Facebook API v2.0.

v.3.6.3 – 9 Aug 2014

  • ADDED: The option ‘Actual URLs’ on the page Global Settings.
  • FIXED: Minor issues.

v.3.6.2 – 2 Aug 2014

  • FIXED: The blurring effect in Firefox.
  • FIXED: The bug of IE10-11 and the Tweet Button.
  • FIXED: The bug of collapsing the video when the blurring effect are applied to the element ‘iframe’ with the position ‘absolute’.

v.3.5.9 – 17 Jul 2014

  • NEW: The option to setup the locker position, if the Transparancy Mode or Blurring Mode are active.
  • FIXED: Fixed IE11 and LinkedIn issue.
  • FIXED: Fixed the incorrect link which should lead to the settings of the Facebook App.

Important: if you have the StyleRoller Add-On installed, please update it to the v1.0.7.

v.3.5.8 – 22 Jun 2014

  • NEW: The long-awaited option to overlap content and make it transparent or blurred.
  • IMPROVED: Support for Czech language.
  • FIXED: A set of minor bugs and grammar/spelling mistakes on the “How To Use” page.

v.3.5.6 – 10 Jun 2014

  • FIXED: A minor CSS issue in the admin dashboard.
  • NEW: Support for shortcode attributes to change quickly some settings of the locker. For example: [sociallocker url=””]. Available attributes: url, title, message, theme.

v.3.5.4 – 09 Jun 2014

  • IMPROVED: Support for dynamic content (which loads via ajax).
  • IMPROVED: The plugin was optimized for better performance.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

v.3.5.1 – 02 Jun 2014

  • FIXED: The bug when the analytics doesn’t count “likes”.

v.3.5.0 – 30 May 2014

  • NEW: StyleRoller released, a new add-on for creating own unique and attractive themes for Social Locker.
  • NEW: Added the menu item “Add-Ons”
  • FIXED: A lot of minor bugs.

21 May 2014 – The bonus updated to the v4.7.2

v.3.4.5 – 19 May 2014

  • FIXED: The issue of the LinkedIn Share button.
  • FIXED: The CSS issue which appears in the Wordpress Dashboard for some users.

v.3.4.3 – 14 May 2014

  • FIXED: The “remove_script_version” issue.
  • FIXED: The Facebook Share issue.

v.3.4.1 – 13 May 2014

  • NEW: Added preloaders for the social buttons.
  • NEW: Compatibility with some browser extensions like Avast!, PrivDog, AdBlock and others which can block social networks. If these extensions are detected and they break the locker, the plugin offers the user to turn them off.
  • IMPROVED: Better support for Portuguese language.
  • IMPROVED: Better support for German language.
  • FIXED: The issue of the confirmation dialog of the Like button.
  • FIXED: The issue of the Google +1 button when the locker doesn’t reveal content for some locker configurations.
  • FIXED: The QuotaExceededError issue.

Important: if you use CDN, please purge your CDN after installing the update.

v.3.3.1 – 23 Apr 2014

  • FIXED: A bug when the locker preview is not updating while editing the locker message.
  • FIXED: Some internal infrastructure issues.

WARNING: If you get the message “You changed a license type for Social Locker. But the license you are using currently requires another plugin assembly.” after updating the plugin, please visit the License Manager page and submit your license key again.

v.3.3.0 – 21 Apr 2014

  • IMPROVED: Compatibility with WP 3.9.
  • IMPROVED: The Like button works a bit faster.
  • FIXED: The IE10 issue.

v.3.2.9 – 31 Mar 2014

  • FIXED: The IE8 issue.

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