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VB.Web DAL Generator is a .internet desktop software that generates VB.Net Details Access Layer for SQL Server and MS Entry databases. The intent of this software is to make computer software growth simple. It makes VB.Net lessons (one per desk) that incorporate strategies for CRUD functions. The generated code can be made use of in web as nicely as desktop apps.

All our Code Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Web and Entity Framework (with out source).
All our Code Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (with resource code).

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Video Demo:

Simply click here to see the online video demo.


  • It generates VB.Internet lessons (a person for every table).
  • Supports SQL Server and MS Obtain.
  • The class is made up of all columns of the table as houses.
  • Info sorts have been taken care of nicely.
  • Generates procedures for CRUD operations.
  • Sorting has been managed.
  • Pagination has been handled (SQL Server only).
  • Main crucial is mechanically detected for each individual desk.
  • Composite most important vital is supported.
  • Nullable columns have been taken care of.
  • Identity column has been managed.
  • Timestamp column has been handled.
  • Absolutely indented code is generated.
  • The generated code can be applied in each desktop and internet apps.
  • All the adhering to facts styles of SQL Server are supported:
    char, nchar, varchar, nvarchar, text, ntext, xml, decimal, numeric,
    money, smallmoney, bit, binary, picture, timestamp, varbinary, day,
    datetime, datetime2, smalldatetime, datetimeoffset, time, bigint,
    int, smallint, tinyint, float, serious, uniqueidentifier, sql_variant
  • Resource code (penned in C#) has also been presented so that to allow users to make changes in accordance to their programming structure.

Sample Software:

A sample website software has also been presented that is using the produced code. In this software just one kind (for staff members) has been designed. This application takes advantage of the generated info entry layer without modifying a one line in the created code.

Produced Code:

  • VB.Net Class: For each and every desk 1 VB.Web class is produced that incorporates all columns of the table as qualities.
  • Insert Method: It is an instance technique. It adds a new history to the applicable desk. Nullable columns have been dealt with appropriately. If you don&#8217t want to insert values in the nullable columns, don&#8217t specify values for the pertinent qualities. Identification and timestamp columns can not be inserted manually for that reason these columns are skipped while inserting a file. Related assets of the id column is populated following document is inserted.
  • Update Technique: It is an instance approach. It updates an existing file. Id and timestamp columns are skipped whilst updating a report.
  • Delete Process: It is a shared process. It deletes an present document. It takes most important key columns values as parameters.
  • Get Process: It is a shared system. It will get an current record (an occasion of the class is designed and all qualities are populated). It takes primary essential columns values as parameters.
  • GetAll Method: It is a shared process. It receives all records of the related table. You can also specify research columns. If sorting/pagination is enabled then the pertinent code will also be created.

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