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VentcampWP is highly functional event/conference WordPress Theme made by industry veterans. It has everything you need to launch an event website and start selling tickets as 1-2-3. Create any website layout/design you need, capture forms data or setup full-blown eCommerce platform with WooCommerce, or use EventEspresso or Tickera plugins for that, we got 100% integration with them – everything is possible with VentcampWP!

Event schedule has a lot or research behind it to provide unmatched flexibility and variations to show as much event data and details as possible. Event speakers block was designed to show off the event speakers in the best possible way with dozens of style variations, not to mention WooCommerce integration, gorgeous Google Maps API map and much more!

We did a lot of research, planning, trial and fails to deliver the best possible design/code solution to help you create most cutting edge, simple or complex event/conference website in 2017 and beyond!

ventcamp featues 6ventcamp featues 7

  • Fully Responsive
  • Visual Composer included
  • 3 Home page Layouts included
  • 100+ elements variations
  • Easy color change
  • 1000 IOS 7 Vector Line Icons Set included!
  • Font Awesome 4.0 integrated
  • Based on 1170px grid
  • Awesome backgrounds
  • Cross Browser Compatible (IE 9+, Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera)
  • Homepage PSD’s included!

19 March 2019 – v2.5

 - fixed all known bugs
 - updated all bundled plugins to latest versions

04 July 2018 – v2.4.7

- fixed compatibility issues of template tags versioning for WooCommerce 3.4.x 
- fixed some minor styling and other issues
- updated Visual Composer to v5.5.1
- updated Fooevents to v1.7.19 

05 March 2018 – v2.4.6

 - fixed Customizer conflict with latest WooCommerce
 - fixed YouTube player for row bug
 - fixed several small bugs
 - updated FooEvents plugin

18 January 2018 – v2.4.5

 - fixed hero header countdown centring
 - fixed path to several theme images
 - updated FooEvents plugin to v1.7.1

18 December 2017 – v2.4.4

 - fixed WordPress 4.9 and Visual Composer 5.4.x compatibility issues
 - updated visual Composer to 5.4.5
 - fixed Sponsors, Speakers, Schedule, Pricetable shortcodes param bug

7 December 2017 – v2.4.3

 - added 4 more schedules
 - fixed WordPress 4.9 compatibility
 - fixed multiple smaller issues
 - updated Ventcamp Core plugin
 - updated Ventcamp VC Shortcodes plugin
- update FooEvents to v1.5.15
- update all Woocommerce compatibility/templates to latest version
- fix TGM plugin bugs
- change textarea to Editor for schedule fields
- improve responsiveness
- misc small fixes and updates

28 September 2017 – v2.4.1

 - fixed all select dropdowns (forms/checkout/etc.)

31 August 2017 – v2.4

 - fix caching issues & theme options/customizer not updating bug 
 - fix various small bugs & code refactoring
 - updated Ventcamp Core plugin to version 2.4
 - updated Ventcamp VC Shortcodes plugin to version 2.4

5 July 2017 – v2.3

 - add WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
 - fix all known bugs
 - improve/refactor theme code

22 March 2017 – v2.2

- add form controls to Hero header (redirect/hide on submit)
- add "Open link in new tab?" option in Ventcamp WP Customizer
- add an option to import only Event Schedule Demo Data
- add Flamingo v1.5 plugin (captures all forms data on submit) to theme bundle
- update Ventcamp Core plugin to v2.2
- update Ventcamp VC Shortcodes plugin to v2.2
- update Contact 7 to v4.7
- fix MailChimp for Hero header forms
- fix other minor theme bugs
- improve Ventcamp WP Customizer color settings
- improve Ventcamp WP Customizer
- improve Ventcamp WP Customizer scripts/code
- remove annoying FooEvents notify notice
- remove Contact 7 DB plugin

17 March 2017 – v2.1

- fix Hero countdown strings localization 
- update Visual Composer to v5.1

1 Feb 2017 – v2.0

- add 3 New theme Styles: Innovato (bussiness), Latitude (music event), Flower lovers (workshop)
- add new theme demo importer
- add Speakers/Sponsors management and Custom Post Types
- add single Speaker/Sponsor pages
- add new Speakers/Sponsors v2 extended Visual Composer shortcodes with dozens of options
- add configurable Countdown to Hero header
- add support for multiple schedules
- add new options for Event Schedule shortcode (always open/remove lines & arrows)
- add feature to choose Event Schedule inside Schedule shortcode
- add Tickera compatibility & Custom Visual Composer shortcodes
- add EventEspresso compatibiliy & Custom Visual Composer shortcodes
- add integration of Tickera to current pricetable shortcodes
- add nice pre-populated dropdowns with products/tickets/modals for all shortcodes
- add theme option to show ACF Pro GUI for easier CPT management
- add theme option to disable theme modal boxes
- fix Customizer known bugs
- fix double Country selector on WooCommerce checkout
- move Event Schedule configurator to dedicated tab in dashboard
- update ACF Pro to version 5.5.4
- updated Ventcamp Core plugin to version 2.0
- updated Ventcamp VC Shortcodes plugin to version 2.0
- update all theme plugins
- update all theme libs

15 December 2016 – v1.4

 - add new dedicated support department to handle clients requests and instant bugfixing
 - add Simple One Day Schedule for smaller events
 - add support Schedules with more then 15 days/auditoriums
 - add highly functional Vivaco Modals plugin for various popups (any content/triggers)
 - add Vivaco modals support for Visual Composer Buttons and WP Customizer settings
 - add 7 new high convering Contact 7 forms you can use anywhere
 - add 4 new hero styles
 - add new hero styles Customizer support
 - add new blog pagination
 - add WordPress 4.7 compatibility
 - fix/improve code optimization for website speed & performance (a must for on-site SEO)
 - fix/update woocommerce page styles
 - fix/update all responsive styles
 - fix/improve online theme documentation
 - fix/improve dozens of smaller bugs
 - update Visual Composer plugin to v5.0
 - update Ventcamp Core plugin to v1.4
 - update Ventcamp VC Shortcodes plugin to v1.4
 - update Contact 7 plugin to v4.6
 - update ContactDB plugin to v2.10.46
 - theme code refactored for better WordPress and overall coding practices

4 October 2016 – v1.3

- fix for older PHP versions < 5.6 bug that caused Theme to crash
- fix Theme widgets not showing bug
- fix Blog titles
- fix Blog categories display
- fix Blog navigation
- fix Google Font not loading bug (now works reliably and instant)
- fix WooCommerce page styles 
- improve Live Customizer Speed
- improve Demo importer (now faster and more intelligent)
- update Ventcamp core plugin to v1.3
- update Ventcamp VC Shortcodes plugin to v1.3
- update Visual composer plugin to v4.12.1
- update Contact 7 plugin to v 4.5.1
- update Contact Form DB plugin to v2.10.24
- removed some legacy/unused JS scripts

1 September 2016 – v1.2

- theme code refactored for better WordPress and overall coding practices
- fixed various minor issues and bugs
- added new Google Map Key to Appearance -> API Integrations, this is needed to make Google maps work again more info here 
- added an option to setup theme Logo menu button "Buy tickets" text/link from Customizer
- added general theme speed and code quality improvements
- improved WP Customizer speed (works 2x fast now)
- improved WP Customizer Font changing, now Google fonts are rendered more reliable on change
- fixed issue with WordPress 4.6 Media Manager (unable to upload/change images)
- fixed customizer issues (Custom JS/CSS)
- fixed hero header Youtube video background
- fixed hero header Gradient background
- fixed demodata loading (was loading images from ol? dev server)
- fixed footer social networlk links
- updated all PHP/JS libraries to their latest versions
- updated Ventcamp Core plugin to version 1.2
- updated Ventcamp VC Shortcodes plugin to version 1.2
- updated compatibility with WordPress 4.6
- updated Visual Composer plugin to version 4.12 
- updated WooCommerce compatibility to version 2.6.4
- updated Contact Form 7 plugin to version 4.5
- updated Contact Form DB plugin to version 2.10.20
- updated Envato Market plugin to version 1.0.0 (replaced Envato Toolkit)

19 April 2016 – Hotfix v1.1

- fixed compatibility with WordPress 4.5
- updated Visual Composer plugin to version 4.11.2    
- updated WooCommerce to version 2.5.5
- updated Contact Form 7 plugin to version 4.4.1
- updated Contact Form DB plugin to version 2.10.9

02 March 2016 – v1.0

 - Initial release

3 November 2017 – v2.4.2

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