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Voice typing Dictation and Translation is a Quick and consumer welcoming dictation and translation application.
Utilizing dictation aspect of this application is a simple &#38 incredible device which forms/dictates any speech like school/college or university speech, a story, a concept, a ebook paragraph and so on. Copy your dictation/typed text to clipboard and share with your friends, collegues or spouse and children members on any texting application or on social media like whatsapp, messanger facebook and many others. Voice typing or Speech texter (Dictation) element also help you to detect your spoken textual content. Dictation consists of distinctive lanaguages to detect and kind like English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, German, Greece, Indonishian, Chinese, Itlian and etc.

French to English or English To French
English to Spanish or Spanish To English
German to English or English To German
Italian to German or German To Italian

How to use Voice To Text Dictation:
1) Initial of All decide on language in which you want to converse.
2) Then click on mic button and converse what you want.
3) Soon after speech recognition/detecting, copy your text to clipboard or share with pal.


♡ &#8211 Initial of All select language in which you want to talk.
♡ &#8211 Then find language to which you want to translate.
♡ &#8211 Then simply click on mic button and converse what you want.
♡ &#8211 Following detecting &#8220Speech recognition&#8221 will automatically translate to your indigenous language.
♡ &#8211 Then copy your text to clipboard or share the translated text or spoken text with friend on social media.


♡ &#8211 Text Translation amongst two languages.
♡ &#8211 Voice typing of any selected language.
♡ &#8211 Text to Voice or voice to textual content conversion.
♡ &#8211 Kind to translate to any chosen language.
♡ &#8211 Speaking velocity is faster than typing so rapidly change any doc (publications, letters, notes etcetera) to soft copies.
♡ &#8211 Person welcoming interface.

♡ &#8211 Android Studio
♡ &#8211 Admob integration banner and interstitial ids
♡ &#8211 Yandex Translator Critical for Translation. Underneath give how to develop Yandex Translator Vital.

How To Crank out Yandex Translator Crucial:
♡ &#8211 First of all produce account in Yandex Translate
♡ &#8211 In the bottom of webpage there is a Developer button, Click on Developer button and Then Click on on Make Vital.
♡ &#8211 Duplicate the critical.
♡ &#8211 Then goto the job ConstantUtility and double simply click on File and earlier critical in variable YANDEX_API_Crucial = &#8220Your Key Previous Here&#8221


1) This application is constructed on Android studio IDE 3.3.2
2) Easy to reskin, all attribute is outline in XML file so you can reskin by edit the value of XML file devoid of source code

3) Admob (Banner + Interstitial) only swap Admob Banner and Interstitial ids
4) Your can effortlessly add diverse Logos by insert them to Drawable and include identify to category listing array.

5) Replace your Icone, modify title, modify offer identify, produce signed APK &#8211 There you Go &#8211 Add that new APK to your Google participate in console.

Apk Demo :–01t2CJa-9-h8X6Care/look at?usp=sharing

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