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3D FlipBook page flipping demo3D FlipBook physics demo

3D FlipBook is WordPress plugin that enables to search illustrations or photos, PDFs or HTMLs as a flipping e book.
It can be utilised for demonstration publications, books, playing cards, brochures, booklets and much much more in normal way.
It aids to bring in person focus and make additional perception on him.

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Principal attributes

Model 1.7

Main features v 1.7

Version 1.6

Main features v 1.6

Model 1.5

Main features v 1.5

Model 1.4

Main features v 1.4

Edition 1.3

Main features v 1.3

Version 1.2

Main features v 1.2

Edition 1.1

Main features v 1.1

Version 1.

Main features v 1.0


          08/03/2018 - Model 1.9
            [New Feature]: Auto resolution
            [New Feature]: Doubled pages PDFs
            [Improvement]: IE11 Entire Display
          22/12/2017 - Edition 1.8
            [New Feature]: Classes
            [New Feature]: Guides gallery
          18/11/2017 - Version 1.7.5
            [New Feature]: Swipe gesture
            [New Feature]: FlipBook from PDF url
            [New Feature]: Unique control configurations (down load, print, ...)
            [Improvement]: Scrollbar fashion
            [Improvement]: Mounted a show orientation bug on iOS
          19/10/2017 - Version 1.7
            [New Feature]: RTL mode
            [Improvement]: Default template possibility in Normal Configurations
          13/09/2017 - Version 1.6.3
            [Improvement]: Changed the website page dragging physics
            [Improvement]: Additional vehicle choice PDF loading protocol HTTP/HTTPS
          13/09/2017 - Model 1.6
            [New Feature]: CSS Levels
            [New Feature]: Languages
          29/08/2017 - Model 1.5
            [New Feature]: PDF research
            [Improvement]: Mounted the controls alignment challenge
            [Improvement]: Solved model sheets incompatibility problem
          03/03/2017 - Variation 1.4
            [New Feature]: Thumbnails
            [New Feature]: Flip sounds
            [New Feature]: Deep linking
          14/02/2017 - Edition 1.3
            [New Feature]: PDF bookmarks
            [New Feature]: Printing
            [New Feature]: One webpage method
            [New Feature]: Command customization
            [New Feature]: Suit check out command
            [New Feature]: Controllable script for templates
            [Modification]: Downgraded php version to 5.6
          28/01/2017 - Variation 1.2
            [New Feature]: PDF inbound links
            [New Feature]: Mobile-Friendly
            [New Feature]: Flipping sheet animation type
            [New Feature]: Loading animation and progress
            [Improvement]: Animation points interpolation
            [Improvement]: Good pan mode - e book movement
            [Improvement]: Loading web site animation
          18/01/2017 - Version 1.1
            [New Feature]: Good pan manner
            [New Feature]: Skins
            [New Feature]: Flipping handles jointly with other webpages
            [Improvement]: Sheet corner physics
            [Improvement]: Consumer behaviour prediction technique
            [Improvement]: Plugin measurement
          15/12/2016 - Model 1.

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