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BERG is a restaurant template with multipurpose ambitions. BERG is our most beautiful, advanced and feature rich WordPress theme yet. We put lot of effort and time into planning, designing and creating it.

Based on our previous experience with restaurant design we put together a theme that addresses key tasks of every restaurant and food related business. All the vital elements such as food menu, reservation, contact, blog, about, portfolio and much more are included in an visually interesting package.

BERG incorporates Visual Composer and Revolution Slider which make is truly powerful and customizable. There is no limits to what can be achieved. Additionally we are using our very own short codes and personalization options in theme admin panel YoPress.

BERG supports 3rd party, paid service to order food online. It requires paid plan with the company. It does not come included.

Fresh and modern design as well as its customization capabilities makes BERG truly multipurpose Wordpress theme.

BERG wants your website to be beautiful, powerful and easy to use.

BERG and its imported demos do not come with images, logos, and any other visuals.


v4.3 (20.05.2019)

  • New demos
  • Plugin updates
  • WooCommerce update
  • Minor bug fixes

v4.2.1 (01.04.2019)

  • Plugin updates
  • WooCommerce update
  • Minor bug fixes

v4.2 (20.12.2018)

  • WordPress 5.0.x support
  • minor bug fixes
  • plugin updates

v4.1.4 (24.09.2018)

  • minor bug fixes
  • plugin updates
  • latest WooCommerce support

v4.1.3 (29.06.2018)

  • minor bug fixes
  • plugin updates
  • latest woocommerce support

v4.1.2 (32.05.2018)

  • Restaurant Reservation compatibility fix

v4.1.1 (06.03.2018)

  • WPML Compatibility fix for Chinese
  • WooCommerce 3.3.3 Compatibility fixes
  • Revolution Slider update
  • Minor bug fixes

v4.1.0 (4.11.2017)

  • WP 4.9.1 compatibility fixes
  • WooCommerce 3.2.5 compatibility fixes
  • WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.5
  • Minor bug fixes

v4.0.5 (4.10.2017)

  • gallery fix for Safari / iOS devices
  • minor bug fixes

v4.0.4 (7.09.2017)

  • compatibility update

v4.0.3 (1.08.2017)

  • WooCommerce improvements

v4.0.2 (11.07.2017)

  • navigation v2 fix

v4.0.1 (6.07.2017)

  • minor bug fixes

v4.0 (27.06.2017)

Berg 4.0 changelog

  • New demos built with Visual Composer (available to import)
  • Visual Composer modular sections
  • Restaurant Reservation available as VC element
  • New Image gallery (standard grid and masonry) as VC element
  • Video lightbox button available as VC element
  • Berg button available as VC element
  • Google maps with multiple pins and custom styles available as VC element
  • New customizable navigation with builtin cart, socials, WPML switcher
  • WooCommerce 3 compatibility fixes
  • Added page frame as an option
  • Customizable footer with Visual Composer
  • Different footer can be assigned to pages
  • Reworked parallax for Visual Composer rows and columns
  • Added overlays for Visual Composer rows and columns
  • Added customizable floating button
  • Minor bug fixes and performance optimizations

v3.2.0 (19.04.2017)

  • plugins update

v3.1.9 (20.03.2017)

  • navigation imporvements
  • minor bug fixes

v3.1.8 (16.02.2017)

  • Visual Composer button fix
  • minor bug fixes

v3.1.7 (14.02.2017)

  • general improvements

v3.1.6 (8.02.2017)

  • default page width options restored
  • naviagtion fix
  • code optimization
  • minor bug fixes

v3.1.5 (09.01.2017)

  • WordPpress 4.7.x support
  • plugin updates
  • TinyMCE links fix
  • Hide badge / icon fix
  • YouTube audio fix
  • minor other bug fixes

v. 3.1.4 (23.08.2016)

  • Wordpress 4.6. compatibility
  • Google API key fix
  • image uploader fix
  • pre-packed plugin update

v. 3.1.3 (20.06.2016)

  • WooCommerce basket fix
  • Google API key fix

v.3.1.2 (19.06.2016)

  • WooCommerce 2.6 Compatibility
  • minor bug fixes

v.3.1.0 (6.6.2016)

  • Removed Theme Settings error on some PHP configurations
  • Repaired date/time picker in Restaurant Reservation plugin
  • Switchable (above/bellow) content for all menu templates
  • Improved smooth scroll
  • Improved loading screen
  • Second navbar vertical centering for second homepage
  • Mute video (on/off) for video homepages

v.3.0.3 (18.04.2016)

  • added support for Visual Composer in Wordpress 4.5

v.3.0.2 (09.04.2016)

  • Script optimization
  • W3 Total Cache compatibility issue
  • Disable “Food title link” fix
  • Small fixes

v.3.0.1 (26.02.2016)

  • yopress migration fix

v.3.0 (19.02.2016)

  • New template – Home 2
  • New template – Blog List
  • New template – Blog Masonry
  • New template – Portfolio Masonry
  • New template – Team
  • New template – Contact
  • OpenTable intagration
  • New navigation style
  • New, redefined admin panel
  • Safari CSS problems fix (mobile/desktop)
  • JS update and optimization
  • CSS optimization
  • Mobile llogo problem fix
  • Demo importer improvement – new demo added
  • WooCommerce improvements and fixes
  • WPML improvements and fixes
  • Tons of small fixes
  • Tons of code refactor
  • Included plugins update

v2.3 (09.10.2015)

  • VIsual Composer Update to 4.7.4 (fixing XSS security vulnerabilities)
  • Multiple Minor Fixes

v2.2.15 (28.08.2015)

  • Upgraded plugins
  • Fixed custom styles issue

v2.2.13 (26.08.2015)

  • Fixed Wordpress 4.3 Issues
  • Upgraded WooCommerce template files
  • Added option to show full text in Food Menu List Template
  • Fixed Food Menu Category links in menu

v2.2.12 (16.06.2015)

  • prettyPhoto XSS fix (delete currently active js_composer plugin and install one from package)

v2.2.10 (11.06.2015)

  • Updated WooCommerce template files
  • Minor CSS fixes

v2.2.8 (24.05.2015)

  • Fix for add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() vulnerability
  • Fix for Tag and category archive in WooCommerce
  • Fix for social share on Firefox

v2.2.7 (24.03.2015)

  • Upgraded WooCommerce templates
  • Fixed demo importer for users which use socket url for mysql connection (localhost:/tmp/mysql5d.sock)

v2.2.6 (10.03.2015)

  • Gallery fix
  • Demo importer fix for child themes
  • Upgraded WooCommerce templates

v2.2.5 (17.02.2015)

  • Fixed demo importer bug when Wordpress used non standard “wp_” prefix
  • Updated WooCommerce template files
  • Added scroll to dynamic cart
  • Style fixes

v2.2.4 (23.01.2015)

  • Fixed theme updater script (need manual over FTP update for this one)

v2.2.3 (15.01.2015)

  • Updated Visual Composer
  • Added option to set mobile logo width in admin

v2.2.1 (19.12.2014)

  • Added option to hide categories on food menu item
  • Fix for po/mo translation files
  • Fixed permalink slug for food menu categories

v2.2 (15.12.2014)

  • Upcoming Wordpress 4.1 Compatibility
  • Food Category Description
  • Disable Portfolio Description
  • Fixed enable/disable links in food menu

v2.1 (11.12.2014)

  • WPML support added for theme and WooCommerce shop
  • Contact form fixes
  • Style improvements
  • Added option to disable Food Menu links to Products


  • Added Demo Importer into YoPress admin
  • Updater Revolution slider
  • Fix for sidebars in blog posts
  • Revolution slider demo included

v2.0.1 (05.11.2014)

  • Quick bug fix for menu items
  • Fix for default vertical slider opacity
  • Update for child theme
  • WooCommerce template files update

v2.0 (04.11.2014)

  • WooCommerce support
  • Custom Dynamic Sidebars
  • Multisite Support
  • Child Theme
  • Loading Animation On/Off/Home Only
  • Smooth Scrolling On/Off
  • Custom Scroll Colors
  • Intro Section Overlay Color (per page)
  • Vertical Slide Color (per page)
  • Vertical Slide Transparency (per page)
  • Custom Post Type Permalinks adde din YoPress admin
  • Mobile Version improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • XML/Demo Included

v1.1 (07.10.2014)

  • Fixed food menu sorting bug
  • Updated Revolution slider plugin

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