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Latest update: 19 Jun 2018. Version: 2.6.2. Platform: for Wordpress.

Save tons of time when adding images into your posts! Write with pleasure, fill your lovely website with quality content!

Have you wondered how many steps you need to do for adding an image into a wordpress post? For example, a screen snapshot? Or a region from Photoshop? Or a photo somewhere on your hard disk?

We bet you could add images more often and make your content more attractive if it doesn’t take so many time! If you write tutorials, reviews, news or just articles with a lot of photos, the Image Elevator plugin has been made exactly made for you.

Image Elevator for Wordpress allows you to paste images into the post editor directly from clipboard! In other words, you can paste images directly from your favorite graphical editors or from any screen capture programs. Just copy & paste. What’s more you can rename and compress images after pasting.

Paste Screenshots & Screen Clippings

If you write tutorial articles illustrated with screenshots, you know that making, processing, saving, uploading all these screenshots take a lot of time. With Image Elevator, you can make screenshots and paste them directly into the post editor in just matter of seconds!

Paste Screenshots & Screen Clippings

We recommend you to use one of the following great programs which allow to make screenshots of the entire screen or a portion of the screen, edit and then copy them in clipboard: Jing, TinyTake, pixclip, Skitch, OneNote. Also by default operating systems provide users with some abilities to capture the screen.

Paste regions from your favorite Graphical Editor

If you often process images with a graphical editor before publishing them on your blog, Image Elevator will save you tons of time.

Paste regions from Graphical Editors

Remember which steps you need to do in order to add images to your posts after editing in a graphical editor: selecting a folder to save (1), typing a title (2), saving (3), opening the WP Media Library (4), selecting the folder where you have just saved image again (5), uploading (6).

With Image Elevator, you only need to select a region (1), copy & paste (2).

Copy images from other websites

All the most popular web browsers allow to copy selected images from a webpage into clipboard. Then you can paste them into your post by using Image Elevator. Please keep in mind the images in internet may be subject to copyright.

Copy images from other websites

Paste local images stored on your PC (in Firefox only)

Firefox provides access to files, copied from the explorer, for web applications like Image Elevator. It’s the quickest way to add images from your PC into your posts.

Just call the context menu for the image you want to copy and select the item “Copy”. Then insert the image in the post editor.

Paste local images stored on your PC

Works in Visual and Text modes

You can use Image Elevator to paste images in the Text Mode as well as the Visual Mode.

Visual Mode

Visual mode

Text Mode

Text mode

Rename images with ease for better SEO

By default Wordpress doesn’t allow to change file names of the images in your posts. But the relevant filename of an image is good for SEO as well as the relevant headline.

Also if you paste an image from clipboard, it has a random name. Therefore we included a handy tool for renaming any images on your server.

Rename images and improve your SEO

Compress images on the fly

When you paste images, especially photos, they can be quite large and add extra loads on your website.

Turn on the compression feature, set the max allowed size for pasted images and forget about this problem. Your images will be automatically converted to jpeg with specified the quality value.

Compress images on the fly

Browser Compatibility

The most of the plugin features are available in all the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE 11). Pasting local images stored on PC via clipboard is available in Firefox only.

What Our Customers Say

I bought the plugin, and it has already saved me HOURs of time. This is awesome. Cutting and pasting direct from Photoshop or other image editors is simply amazing … It’s even better if you get a screenshot app for Chrome or Firefox, and then crop the image section you want – Control V … hey presto, the image is placed into your Wordpress post, compressed and ready for SEO friendly tags. This is really awesome!– covert

Simply copy/capture an image, paste into your editor and viola, your image will be added to your post/page by the automatic creation of the necessary mark-up. The image is also added to your media library (without a thumbnail though this is negligible). Well designed documentation and overall a great time-saver. – Clarus Dignus

I have been using wordpress for 8 years and I have never commented on a plugin. But this one is something special and I feel compelled to support it. This plugin saves a bucket load of time and it works. Well done. Keep developing it. Don’t know how you did it… but keep going. 5 stars!! – Damon Taylor

(Polish): Mówcie co chcecie, dla mnie jest to najwiekszy wynalazek od czasów wprowadzenia edytorów WYSIWYG. – Krzysiek Palikowski

This plugin works great and saves lots of time. It’s a very well spend $14! – Cornelis

Need Support? We Got You Covered

All of our plugins come with free support. We care about your plugin after purchase just as much as you do. We want to make your life easier and make you happy about choosing our plugins.

We have a help desk setup for our users, making it easy to fill out a ticket. We guarantee to respond to every inquiry within 1 business day (typical response time is 3 hours).

Change Log

The latest updates:

v.2.6.2 – 19 Jun 2018

  • ADDED: Compatibility with Wordpress v.4.9+.
  • FIXED: A set of minor bugs.

v.2.5.8 – 14 Feb 2016

  • FIXED: A set of bugs.

v.2.5.7 – 24 Oct 2015

  • FIXED: The conflict between the Image Elevator and Visual Composer.
  • FIXED: The bug of removing new lines in FireFox when pasting text if the plugin is active.
  • FIXED: The error “Unable to rename the image” if the multisite installation is used.
  • IMPROVED: Support for FireFox.

v.2.5.3 – 7 Oct 2014

  • FIXED: The Image Elevator dialog was overlapped by the TinyMCE toolbar in WP 4.0.

v.2.5.2 – 27 Aug 2014

  • FIXED: Minor CSS issues.
  • FIXED: ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function mdir()’.

v.2.5.0 – 18 Aug 2014

  • NEW: A new cute menu for quick changing the options of pasting images from clipboard (click the plugin icon above the post editor to open it).
  • NEW: The option to resize pasted images on the fly.
  • NEW: Options to add links and extra CSS classes.
  • NEW: The plugin automatically adds the support for pasting images from clipboard for all wp editors on any page (including editors of content builder plugins).

v.2.0.2 – 7 Aug 2014

  • FIXED: Minor bugs.

v.2.0.1 – 27 July 2014

  • ADDED: The “How to use?” section.
  • FIXED: The renaming feature (the plugin has not updated the title of the image in the Media Library).

v.2.0.0 – 24 Jul 2014

  • FIXED: The issue of FireFox.
  • ADDED: Support for direct copying & pasting files from PC in FireFox.
  • ADDED: Support for IE11.
  • REMOVED: The drag & drop feature (obsoleted).

v.1.8.9 – 03 Feb 2014

  • FIXED: The “undefined function factory_filename_without_ext” bug.

v.1.8.8 – 27 Jan 2014

  • FIXED: The conflict of the Image Elevator plugin and the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast plugin.
  • FIXED: A bug of pasting plain text in Chrome.
  • FIXED: A bug when it’s not possible to paste images in FireFox v22+
  • FIXED: A bug of not being able to activate a license key manually.
  • IMPROVED: Performance optimization.

Important: We have updated our server API. Please re-verify your license key after downloading the update, otherwise the plugin will not work.

v.1.8.0 – 10 Apr 2013

  • NEW: We have updated our API to make the plugins more better by providing more linked services in future. We tried to make it smoothly and many people even will not notice it.

Important: Recommend to re-verify your license key after updating. Please read this note.

v.1.7.6 – 05 Apr 2013

  • FIXED: The bug of incorrect processing empty images that are pasted from Photoshop.

v.1.7.5 – 04 Apr 2013

  • NEW: Common improvements of performance.

v.1.7.1 – 02 Apr 2013

  • FIXED: The bug in the Media Library after renaming images.

v.1.7.0 – 2 Apr 2013

The plugin was renamed to OnePress Image Elevator.
Don’t forget to activate the plugin again after auto updating!

  • NEW: An ability of renaming images on the server directly in the post editor.
  • NEW: An ability of compressing images pasted from clipboard on the fly.
  • NEW: Settings page was added for configuring the plugin.
  • FIXED: The bug of pasting html tags in the latest version of FireFox when the plugin is activated.

v.1.5.0 – 27 Mar 2013 – MAJOR UPDATES

We have added the most wanted feature, the ability to drag & drop local images from your computer directly into the post editor! It extends the list of the supported browsers. Now the following browsers can be used: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10, Opera.

v.1.0.0 – 19 Mar 2013
Initial release.

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