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WooCommerce registration plugin allows you to add extra custom fields to your customer registration form. You can add text area, text box, select box, check box, multi-select box, radio button, time picker, date picker, password, file upload, color picker and numeric field. Option to show new registration fields on checkout page except image field. It also allows you to enable/disable default WooCommerce fields. Facebook and Twitter login functionality is also enabled in this plugin.

Features of WooCommerce Registration Fields Plugin

  • Add 14 Types of Fields to Customize Registration Page
  • Enable/Disable or Edit Default WooCommerce Registration Fields
  • Add Conditional / Dependent Fields
  • Enable User Roles on Registration Page
  • Create Custom User Roles and Assign Capability
  • Auto or Manually Approve Users and User Roles
  • Auto Provide Limited Access Upon Requested User Roles
  • Manage Users i.e, Block, Delete, Change User Role, Limited Access
  • Drag and Drop the Fields to Add New Fields
  • Sort the Order of Fields
  • Enable Social Login i.e Twitter & Facebook
  • Additional Fields are Displayed on Checkout Page
  • Users can View & Edit Extra Info in “My Account” Section
  • Display Custom Message to Blocked Users on Registration Page
  • Display Custom Message to Users Awaiting for Account Approval
  • Add Custom Email Notification for Each User Role Status

Note: Module is GDPR Compliance.

Did not find the desired functionality? Email us now at to get the customized solution.

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WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields Plugin

Add Multiple Types of WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields

Avail a variety of field types to eliminate the difficulty of answering an option in the registration form. The built-in WooCommerce registration form has limited field options, whereas Custom Registration Fields plugin comes with about 12 different field types. These include,

  • Text area
  • Text box
  • Select box
  • Checkbox
  • Multi-select box
  • Radio button
  • Time picker
  • Date Picker
  • Password
  • File or image upload
  • Color Picker (New)
  • Numeric Field (New)
  • Google ReCaptcha (New)

Note: All the fields are also displayed on checkout page in create account section except file upload field.

Drag & Drop to add new Registration Fields

WooCommerce Custom Registration Form plugin requires an easy drag and drop action to manage fields over the sign-up form. To add an option, simply select your required field type from the placeholder and drop it to the adjacent section. In the same manner, if you want to sort different fields within a form, a drag and drop action is required. There is no need to alter the code or design for it.

Drag & Drop to add new Registration Fields

Add Conditional WooCommerce Registration Fields

You can add conditional fields to your Wordpress Registration form. The extra field(s) will be displayed if the particular condition is met. For example, if some selects he is doctor a secondary field would be displayed to ask his specialization.

Conditional WooCommerce Registration Fields

Enable User Roles on Registration Page

This plugin allows you to enable user roles on the registration page to let the customers register with a specific role.

Custom Role -WooCommerce Registration Fields - Enable User Roles

Create Custom User Roles and Assign Capability

With WooCommerce registration plugin, you can create custom roles and set their capabilities as well.

Custom Role -WooCommerce Registration Fields

Auto or Manually Approve Users and User Roles

You can approve users and user roles manually one by one or make it automatic as well.

Auto or Manually Approve Users and User Roles - WooCommerce registration fields

Automate User Role Approval or Limited Access

WooCommerce registration plugin enables you to approve user role or give them limited access to their accounts automatically until their role has been approved by admin. You can set different action for each user role as well.

Limited Access - WooCommerce registration fields

Easy Management for Users and User Roles

You can easily manage the users from the back office. You can approve user accounts, grant or reject user roles, block users or provide them limited access.

Limited Access - WooCommerce registration fields -  Manage Users

Display Custom Message to Blocked or Pending Users

You can display the custom message to blocked users and those whose accounts are not approved by admin.

WooCommerce Social Login - Display custom message

Send Custom Email Notifications for Each User Role Status

WooCommerce user registration plugin provides you option to customize the emails and send to users for each role status.

WooCommerce registration fields - Custom Emails

Social Login for Swift User Registration and Sign-in

Advanced Registration Fields extension is equipped with social login functionality that allows users to register an account with their social profiles like Facebook and twitter. It sets them free from remembering usernames and passwords for registering and signing in to account.

WooCommerce Social Login

Google ReCaptcha to Restrict Spammers

WooCommerce Registration plugin is now backed with Google ReCaptcha that restricts spam robots from manipulating your website through the registration form.
WooCommerce Registration plugin - Google Recaptcha

Enable/Disable Default WooCommerce Registration Fields

An Additional section of Default fields is also available to help you quickly enable the commonly used fields on a registration form like company name, address, phone number etc.

WooCommerce Registration plugin - edit deafult fields

Make Fields Mandatory and Read Only for Users

Making a field mandatory can help you grab important data from the users. Mark a field ‘Read Only’ to restrict users from changing the information they provide while registration.

WooCommerce Registration plugin - fields options

Users can View & Edit the Additional Info in “My Account” Section

Customers can see the provided information in “My Account” section and they can edit the profile details as well.

WooCommerce Registration plugin - my account section

Additional Fields are Also Displayed on Checkout Page

WooCommerce registration fields plugin also displays the new fields on the checkout page if user wants to create account during checkout.

WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields Plugin, User Form Field - 1

More Features of WooCommerce Registration Plugin

  • Add limitless number of fields on the user registration form
  • Drag and drop a field to add – no more hassle
  • Personalize field labels for better readability
  • Customize fields with advanced options
  • Mark a field mandatory or optional
  • Hide a field for temporary removal
  • A placeholder lists all the field you add to the form
  • A separate section exists for the field types from where you add easily
  • The data users enter in response to custom fields appear in his “My Account” section
  • Customers are entitled to edit their profile
  • Compatible with WPML

How to use WooCommerce Registration Plugin?

Install WooCommerce registration fields extension; activate it from ‘plugins’ section, and an additional tab named ‘Registration Fields’ will appear in control panel at the left side.

By clicking the tab ‘Registration Fields,’ you may find a sub-menu. Navigate to settings before adding a field. In the settings tab, you may customize ‘Title for Account Section’ and ‘Title for Profile Section.’
After configuring the settings, navigate to ‘Registration Fields’ where you will find two sections. The section on the left includes all the ten field types, whereas the section on the right is for adding fields to the registration form. Drag a field from the left section and drop it in the right one, configure its settings, and it adds to the form.


1. Is it compatible with WPML?

Ans. Yes, It is compatible with WordPress Multilingual Plugin .

2. Will the plugin also show the extra custom registration fields at the WooCommerce My Account page?

Ans. Yes, the custom fields will appear in “My Account” page.

3. After user entered the additional information, where can admin see the new info?

Ans. Admin can see information in a user tab.

4. Does this plugin display the added registration fields on the checkout page?

Ans. Yes, it displays all the registration fields on the checkout page except image field when customers check the “Create an Account” option.

5. Where does this plugin hook into?

Ans. This plugin hooks into default registration page, where only email and password fields are shown.

6. Can I add shipping and billing address to the form that would save in their profile

Ans. Shipping and billing are the default fields which can be enabled from BO.

7. Are all fields of registration stored in the database?

Ans. Yes fields are stored in the database

Description in Dautch

WooCommerce registratie plugin stelt u in staat om extra aangepaste velden toe te voegen aan uw klantenregistratieformulier. U kunt tekstgebied, tekstvak, selectievakje, multiselectievakje, keuzerondje, datumkiezer, wachtwoord, bestand uploaden, kleurkiezer en numeriek veld toevoegen. Optie om nieuwe registratievelden te tonen op de kassapagina, met uitzondering van het beeldveld. Het staat u ook toe om standaard WooCommerce velden in/uit te schakelen. Facebook en Twitter login functionaliteit is ook ingeschakeld in deze plugin.

  • Nieuwe velden toevoegen in WooCommerce registratieformulier
  • Standaard WooCommerce registratievelden bewerken of verbergen
  • Ondersteunt 12 soorten registratievelden
  • Velden slepen en neerzetten om nieuwe velden toe te voegen
  • Toon de gegevens van de velden in mijn account sectie
  • Velden op de afrekenpagina tonen wanneer Gasten afrekenen is ingeschakeld

Description in French

Le plugin d’enregistrement de WooCommerce vous permetd’ajouter des champs personnalisés supplémentaires à votreformulaired ‘enregistrement client. Vous Pouvez Ajouter Une zone de texte, uneboîte de texte, une zone de sélection, une case à cocher, une zone de sélection multiple, un bouton radio, un sélecteur d’heure, un sélecteur de date, un mot de passe, un téléchargement de fichier, un sélecteur de couleur et un champ numérique. Possibilité d’afficher les nouveaux champs d’enregistrement sur la page de paiementainsi que le champ d’image. Il vous permet également d’activer/désactiver les champs par défaut de WooCommerce. La fonctionnalité de connexion à Facebook et Twitter estégalemen tactivée dans ce plugin.

  • Ajouter de nouveaux champs dans le formulaire d’inscription de WooCommerce
  • Modifier oumasquer les champs d’enregistrement par défaut de WooCommerce
  • Supporte 12 types de champs d’enregistrement
  • Glisser-déposer des champs pour ajouter de nouveaux champs
  • Afficher les données des champs dans la section Mon compte
  • Afficher les champs sur la page de paiement lorsque la fonction de paiement de l’invité est activée

Description in Italian

Il plug-in di registrazione WooCommerce ti consente di aggiungere campi personalizzati extra al modulo di registrazione del cliente. È possibile aggiungere un’area di testo, una casella di testo, una casella di selezione, una casella di controllo, una casella di selezione multipla, un pulsante radio, selezione tempi, selezione data, password, caricamento file, selezione colori e campo numerico. Opzione per mostrare i nuovi campi di registrazione nella pagina di checkout eccetto il campo dell’immagine. Permette anche di abilitare / disabilitare i campi predefiniti di WooCommerce. E’ abilitata in questo plugin anche la funzionalità di accesso a Facebook e Twitter è abilitata in questo plugin.

  • Aggiungi nuovi campi nel modulo di registrazione di WooCommerce
  • Modificare o nascondere i campi di registrazione WooCommerce predefiniti
  • Supporta 12 tipi di campi di registrazione
  • Trascinare i campi per aggiungere nuovi campi
  • Mostra i dati dei Campi nella sezione del mio account
  • Mostra i campi sulla pagina di checkout quando il checkout Guest è abilitato

Description in Spanish

El plugin de registro de WooCommerce te permite añadir campos personalizados adicionales a tu formulario de registro de clientes. Puedes añadir áreas de texto, cuadros de texto, cuadros de selección, casillas de verificación, cuadros de selección múltiple, botones de radio, selectores de hora, selectores de fecha, campos de contraseña, subida de archivos, selectores de colores y campos numéricos. Además hay opción de mostrar los nuevos campos de registro en la página de pago excepto el campo de imagen. También te permite habilitar/deshabilitar los campos predeterminados de WooCommerce. La funcionalidad de inicio de sesión en Facebook y Twitter también está incluida en este plugin.

  • Añade nuevos campos en el formulario de registro de WooCommerce
  • Edita u oculta los campos de registro predeterminados de WooCommerce
  • Soporta 12 tipos de campos de registro
  • Arrastra los campos para añadirlos
  • Muestra los datos de los campos en la sección Mi Cuenta
  • Muestra los campos en la página de pago cuando el pago de invitados está habilitado

Description in German

Das WooCommerce Registrierungs-Plugin ermöglicht es Ihnen, zusätzliche benutzerdefinierte Felder zu Ihrem Kundenregistrierungsformular hinzuzufügen. Sie können Textfeld, Textfeld, Auswahlfeld, Kontrollkästchen, Mehrfachauswahlfeld, Auswahlfeld, Zeitauswahl, Datumauswahl, Passwort, Datei-Upload, Farbauswahl und numerisches Feld hinzufügen. Möglichkeit, neue Registrierungsfelder auch auf der Checkout-Seite anzuzeigen, außer dem Bildfeld. Es erlaubt Ihnen auch, die Standardfelder von WooCommerce zu aktivieren/deaktivieren. Die Anmeldefunktionalität von Facebook und Twitter ist in diesem Plugin ebenfalls aktiviert.

  • Neue Felder im WooCommerce-Anmeldeformular hinzufügen
  • Bearbeiten oder Verstecken von Standard WooCommerce Registrierungsfeldern
  • Unterstützt 12 Arten von Registrierungsfeldern
  • Drag&Drop-Felder zum Hinzufügen neuer Felder
  • Felder Daten in meinem Kontoabschnitt anzeigen
  • Zeigen Sie Felder auf der Auscheckseite an, wenn die Gastauszahlung aktiviert ist

WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields Plugin

Checkout Our Custom Registration Fields Extension for Magento 2

Change Log

Version 3.0.0 Major Update:

New Features:

01) Enable User Roles on Registration Page
02) Create Custom User Roles and Assign Capability
03) Auto or Manually Approve Users and User Roles
04) Auto Provide Limited Access Upon Requested User Roles
05) Manage Users i.e, Block, Delete, Change User Role, Limited Access
06) Display Custom Message to Blocked Users on Registration Page
07) Display Custom Message to Users Awaiting for Account Approval 
08) Custom Email Notification on Account Approval, Blocked, etc.

Version 2.0.1 Updated:
New Feature:
1) WPML Compatibility.
Version 2.0.0:
Bug Fixed:
1) Issue fixed with the fields on my account page, 500 error .
Version 1.0.9:
Bug Fixed:
1) Issue fixed with the google reCaptcha validation message shown on checkout page .
2) On module installation Facebook and Twitter login is disabled by default.
Version 1.0.8:
New Feature added:
1) Compatibility with Wordpress/WooCommerce GDPR .
Version 1.0.7:
New Feature added:
1) User Acceptance Checkbox. Ability to add anchor tags in text.
Version 1.0.6:
Bug Fixed:
1) Fix issue with comma(') and slashes.
Version 1.0.5:
Bug Fixed:
1) Fix issue with validation of conditional logic fields on checkout page in create account section.
Version 1.0.4:
Bug Fixed:
1) Fix issue with conditional logic fields on checkout page in create account section.
Version 1.0.3:

New Features added:
1) Number Field
2) Google Captcha
3) Color Picker Field
4) Enable/Disable Default Registration fields.
Version 1.0.2:
Bug Fixed:
1) Fix image not shown in email.
2) Fix image not shown in my account and in admin profile view page.

New Features added:
1) Add Profile fields on checkout page.
2) Following languages translations has been added.
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch 
Version 1.0.1:
Bug Fixed:
1) Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class ‘EO_Registration_Fields_Front’ does not have a method ‘custom_override_checkout_fields’ in /home/domain/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 298.
Version 1.0.0
Initial release of pluign

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