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Super Sidebar is a extremely customizable sticky social facet menu. It will come with a ton of choices that allow it a broad selection of distinctive attainable configurations although even now remaining lightweight and simple to get the job done with.

Here are some of the vital capabilities of the sidebar:

  • It will come with above 70 default buttons. + Assistance to include new tailor made buttons through the admin.
  • It arrives with 28 default share companies. + Aid to include new share products and services via the admin.
  • The buttons can have numerous functions:

    • Share: Open the share window for the specified services.
    • Backlink: Opens the presented hyperlink.
    • Mailto: Opens the mailto window.
    • Print: Opens the page print dialog.
    • Window: Opens an overlay window with custom made content.
    • Subbar: Opens a sub listing of buttons.
  • It has support for Font Brilliant which has around 1500 icons accessible that can be utilised on buttons and custom made with CSS.
  • It has assistance for windows with tailor made information that open up as overlays on the web page.
  • The buttons can be grouped in subbars that open up on mouseover or on simply click.
  • It works by using Velocity which tends to make the animations rapidly and economical.
  • It has over 70 configurations obtainable that can be used to customize it in diverse means.
  • The buttons and labels can have 4 unique styles: square, round, rounded, rounded-out.
  • The button labels have 7 animation effects: fade, slide-out, slide-out-fade, slide-in, slide-out-out, slide-in-in, none.
  • The buttons can be linked to or separated from a person one more. The button labels can be related to or separated from the buttons.
  • The colours for each individual of the pursuing can be controlled independently: button, button more than, button icon, button icon above, label, label text, window header.
  • Alongside the default color alternatives, personalized colors for every single of the previously mentioned can be established specifically from the admin letting for distinctive customizations.
  • The subbar can have 3 diverse positions: beneath, side and round.
  • The subbar buttons have 5 animation consequences: fade, linear-fade, slide, linear-slide, none.
  • It can be positioned on the left or proper side of the web site.
  • It can be established to display screen only right after the web page has scrolled further than a certain placement.
  • It can be established to instantly hide if the browser window is underneath a specific width.
  • The properties of all the animations can be customized.
  • Many other choices and capabilities.
  • Ongoing aid and updates.

Have a search above the preview page to see the example templates, default buttons and admin screens with all of the out there settings.

This is the WordPress plugin model of the sidebar. A jQuery plugin variation is also obtainable at the following hyperlink: Super Sidebar.


1.1. (11 November 2019):

  • On the &#8220Most important&#8221 page, extra a new metabox known as &#8220Share&#8221, with 2 new settings: &#8220Personalized URL&#8221 and &#8220Tailor made title&#8221. These let a custom web site URL and/or a customized website page title to be specified and used in the share window as an alternative of the recent web page URL and current page title, in case the place this features is required.

1.. (17 August 2019):

  • Introduced.

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