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Hezecom UltimateSpeed is a powerful tool to increase web development productivity, saves alot of time and increase your profit. Instant codes and report generation with beatiful responsive double output, client and admin interface and database management plugin to manage your entire database.

It is a PHP base code generator which generate classes for each table in your database and forms. This app is full of exciting features.All you need to do is just create your database and the Code Generator will do everything with just a single click.

Please check the difference in the editions below.

Hezecom UltimateSpeed Code Generator Features

  1. Fully Responsive two interfaces are generated instantly
    UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Pro - 1

    Conpactible with mobiles with instant report ready

    UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Pro - 2
    UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Pro - 3

  2. New Improved design and code structure
  3. Ready to use dashboard
  4. Admin Panel with Login
  5. Users Management
  6. Autocomplete search for each table
  7. Visitors area without Login
  8. Ability to choose between full Ajax forms and none Ajax forms
  9. Well organized codes and documented
  10. Different validation option: HTML5, AJAX and PHP validation
  11. Now have HTML 5 lite Edito
  12. SQL analysis page for each table
  13. Conpactible with mobiles
  14. Database Management. Backup, Restore, Import and Export CSV…
  15. Table Truncate (Empty database table at once)
  16. Modernizer library plugin for older browser compactibily with HTML5 and CSS3
  17. Ajax activity loader
  18. Language file support
  19. Stylish form design with different output
  20. SQL editor. Create comprehensive SQL including table join and generate php codes
  21. Plain and WYSIWYG text editor
  22. WYSIWYG text editor image uploader
  23. Enterprise base conding structure
  24. CRUD Generated
  25. Well arranged folder(MVC format)
  26. HTML, classes, objects and controllers in seprate folders
  27. The arrangement enables you to plug anything into your application
  28. Instant code preview after generating
  29. Bootstrap 3 Support
  30. Jquery notification message
  31. Simple steps (Database Settings, Project Name, Select Tables, Generate and Preview) everything on one page
  32. Generate PDO data objects class for each table
  33. Generated code support multi database connection
  34. Four database operation are generated for each table which include
  35. Option to select between the (Deault Contructor Class / Get and Set Class)
  36. Option to Enable or Disable HTML5 form validation
  37. Detect Date Field from database (Support date picker when the field is date)
  38. Detect Enum field from database (e.g ‘Male’, ‘Female’) and use as Select Field
  39. Detect (TEXT,MEDIUMTEXT,LONGTEXT,BLOB…etc.) and use as textarea
  40. Detect primary key (AUTO_INCREMENT)
  41. Responsive HTML table
  42. LIVE Search through database
  43. Support LIVE pagination
  44. Export data to Excel spread sheet
  45. Export data to CSV
  46. Export data to PDF
  47. Export data to PRINT
  48. Build in self-defined functions
  49. Option to select table you want to generate code for
  50. Generated codes are commented for easy understanding and editing
  51. File Upload
  52. Image upload and resize
  53. Multiple Image upload and resize
  54. Multiple File upload
  55. Full Documentation

UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Pro - 4


Super Admin

Username: admin
Password: hezecom


Username: admin2
Password: hezecom


  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5+
  • PDO Driver Enabled
  • GD Library Enabled

    =====  12/01/2018 - VERSION 3.2 =====
    - Compatibility with PHP 7.x
    - Now uses dompdf for reporting
    - Better password security
    ===== 03/07/2015 - VERSION 3.0 =====
    - New Improved design and code structure
    - Ready to use dashboard with database statistics
    - Auto generate charts summary based on record on each table
    - Autocomplete search for each table
    - Ability to choose between full Ajax forms and none Ajax forms
    - Different validation option: HTML5, AJAX and PHP validation
    - Now have HTML 5 lite Editor
    - Select with pagin
    ======= SOME CODE SAMPLE ============
    HDB::hus()->Hselect("invoices LIMIT $startpg , $limit");
    - no pagin
    - count
    - select all with where and paging
    $bind = array(":id" =>$id);
    HDB::hus()->Hselect("invoices","invoice_id=:id LIMIT $startpg , $limit ",$bind);
    - select one
    $bind = array(":id" =>$id);
    - Search
    $bind = array(":svalue" =>"%$qstring%");
    HDB::hus()->Hselect("invoices","invoice LIKE :svalue LIMIT $limit",$bind);
    - Delete
    $bind = array(":id" =>$id);
    - Insert
    $values = array(array( 'val1'=>$val1,'val2'=>$val2));
    HDB::hus()->Hinsert('invoices', $values);
    - Update
    $sql = "  val1 =:val1,val2 =:val2 WHERE id = :id ";
    $data = array(':val1'=>$val1,':val2'=>$val2,':id'=>$id);
    - and more
    ===== 13/05/2014 - Version 2.0 =====
    - Admin Panel with login. Users management system, create unlimited users with roles.
    Export header_error fix.
    - Better code structure to meet MVC standard
    - Validation made easier with example on how to on controller page with error handling generated automatically.
    if (post('slug')=='')
    $errors[] = 'A value is required!';
    - Better pagination structure to accept more gets.
    - You can now export only one record on detail page and all on viewall page
    - Jquery library updated to v1.10.2
    - Bootstrap library updated v3.1.1
    ===== 22/12/2013 - Version 1.5 =====
    PHP pagination to handle big data.
    Jquery pagination
    Secured Directory

    UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Pro - 5

    ===== 07/11/2013 - Version 1.0 =====
    First release

    UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Pro - 6

    UltimateSpeed PHP Code Generator Pro - 7

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