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You are a blogger who would like to receive some further funds by which includes advertising and marketing into your posts or your sidebar? An individual who wishes to setup adverts in a uncomplicated and efficient way?

Wordpress Advert-Supervisor delivers you a very simple alternative to employ promoting into your posts, your blog or any other Wordpress page. You can use shots and visuals or HTML snippets like Google AdSense to integrate promoting in an effortless way. You are capable to pick out ads by using Ad Zones, to re-sizing them or to limit the top or the width. Wordpress Ad-Supervisor also delivers data for the internet site admin.

On the other hand, Wordpress Advertisement-Manager&#8217s best characteristic is its simplicity. It&#8217s easy to established up and also arrives with a widget. What more could a single want?

Online video Preview

You can find a demo-video clip of this script on YouTube.


If you want to include a random of your uploaded adverts into a publish or site, use this shortcode:


To limit the width/height of the exhibited ad, use w/h followed by the volume of pixels, e.g.:

[ads w500] Boundaries the width to 500px
[ads h200] Limitations the top to 200px
[ads w500 h200] Limitations the width to 500px and the top to 200px

To contain a unique advert, use the following shortcode and substitute ### with the precise ID of the advertisement you want to screen:

[ad ###]

You can use the very same parameters as higher than to limit the width/top, e.g.:

[ad 25] For reference: Embed advert with id 25
[ad 25 w500] Boundaries the width of the ad with id 25 to 500px

You can embed an Advertisement-Zone like this (when ## is the id of the zone):

[ad z##]

Again, the exact parameters to limit the width/peak:

[ad z5] For reference: Embed ad-zone with id 5
[ad z5 h200] Limits the peak of the shown advert to 200px
[ad z5 w500 h200] Limits the width of the exhibited advertisement to 500px and the peak to 200px

Template Tags

As a developer, you can put into practice adverts through our Template Tags, way too.

There are three capabilities to get both the code of a random advertisement:


a unique advertisement by id, e.g.:

adManager::precise_advert( 5 )

or a random ad out of a zone, e.g.:

adManager::advertisement_zone( 'z2' )
adManager::advert_zone( 2 ) // New syntax considering the fact that 1.1

Note that this will get the code of the advert, if you want to output it, you will need to established an further parameter to legitimate (Readily available considering the fact that v1.1):

adManager::random_advertisement( real )
adManager::particular_advertisement( 5, true )
adManager::advert_zone( 2, true )

Aid directions

Owing to the fact that we have lots of other projects at the minute, we gained&#8217t provide aid anymore for any of our solutions right here on CodeCanyon. They operate high-quality for hundreds of customers, if you have a challenge this is most very likely for the reason that of an incorrect server setup. Thank you for your being familiar with.

To make certain we can help you swiftly if you really should encounter any challenges, be sure to mail the ask for by using our profile web page and make confident to involve the subsequent facts:

  • URL to the installation
  • Wordpress admin username and password
  • FTP qualifications


1.1.2 &#8211 7th September 2013

  • Deal with difficulty with some Wordpress installations where the &#8220Insert into submit&#8221 button wouldn&#8217t operate

1.1.1 &#8211 27th February 2013

  • Deal with error that breaks the adManager::advert_zone() code

1.1 &#8211 25th February 2013

  • Likelihood to keep track of inbound links in just HTML adverts
  • New syntax for adManager::advertisement_zone()
  • Replaced all shortags in the script to lessen server prerequisites
  • Improvements

1..3 &#8211 13th December 2012

  • Fix &#8220Lacking argument 2 for wpdb::get ready()&#8221 error

1..2 &#8211 24th June 2012

  • Correct very little error

1..1 &#8211 26th Sep 2011

  • Fixed an mistake in the documentation

1. &#8211 24th Sep 2011

  • Initially launch

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